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The Victory, Defeat and Revenge of World War 2.

Transcript of Great battles: World War 2

  • 1. The battle for power begins Copyright 2010
  • 2. Prologue: Victory, Defeat and Revenge Introduction The Beginning: World War II begins The Conquerors: Striving for Power The Defenders: Striking Back at Japan The Heroes: Surviving the war The Conquerors: The Empire starts to fall The Defenders: Going Nuclear The Heroes: The new era The end of the war
  • 3. You are now the German leader, as you stare up at your flag going down, reminding yourself of your defeat, you force yourself to look upon the peace treaty in front of you. You took full responsibility for the war and you would pay for the damage caused as well as to give your territory to the Allies. Unwillingly, you pick up the pen and quickly sign your name. Soon, all those who suffered during the war started cheering. One day, you tell yourself one day I will get revenge!
  • 4. In the end, he didnt get to have his revenge, instead Adolf Hilter replaced him and created the Nazi Party, a society that aimed to restore the power and wealth to the Germans. Soon, he started stocking up on military items (cannons, guns, exploding rubber ducks etc.) that made it seem that he was preparing for a war. Meanwhile, Italy had also suffered a great defeat during World War I. Soon, there was also a change of leadership, and again there was a party who aimed to make Italy. They saw a need to capture colonies to strengthen Italy. And as for Japan, well
  • 5. You are now the government of Japan, Yamashita. You are looking down at a nearby Japanese village as they go upon their daily activities. A normal peasant would look down and see a modernized, happy city. But not you. All, you see is a small, constrained island of buildings. Sure it was modern, but it was still small, constrained, not showing its full potential. Looking upon the horizon you then see your geographical neighbour, China, thinking about Japan, when a sudden flash of brilliance comes before you. Looking down on the village again, you think, contained, small and constrained. You smile. Not for much longer.
  • 6. Before the war, Japan saw its neighbour China defeated by other westernnations, after that it vowed to strengthen its military and modernize itself.Finally, when it needed more territory to support its people, it attackedChina, Korea and it soon advanced through Meanwhile, in Europe, Germany had a surprise in store for Poland. Invasion of China in its later stage
  • 7. Youre the German government again, except now youre Hilter, and youre launching a surprise attack on Poland. Then, there is a stomp, your soldiers getting ready. Then, daylight breaks, and then you shout a furious war cry, signaling your soldiers to attack, and the ambush begins Meanwhile, in Japan, the invasion of Korea had ended, you are now Yamashita, and you smile to know that you have won. You plant a Japanese flag for effect and then you shout a victory cry, echoing over the island of Korea
  • 8. You are the British government, and you have just heard of the war on Poland and the invasion of Korea. Your worst fears have been confirmed. You have known for months that Japan was planning an attack on China, and that Germany and Italy have been building their armies, but a full fledged war no it wouldnt come to that, you had to believe that, after World War I. Then suddenly there is the sudden report on the radio about things like war and Germany and Russia which you can guess really quick. You sigh and then hurry to inform your major governments that a new world war has started
  • 9. There was indeed a bombing at the edge of Russia by Germany. It was oneof Germanys biggest attacks, the objective being to take Leningrad,Moscow, Stalingrad and Caucasus. Operation Barbarossa. Immediately,Russia was changed from an Axis power to an Allied power. Anybody, whowas being attacked by an Axis power would receive help, but not so soon,as Russia was fighting its own war. However, Germany had three allies onits side, space, time and snow. Being the largest country, it would takeweeks , even months, before it was fully captured.
  • 10. Youre a local vacationer at Hawaii (to be honest, youre probably sick of being governments of important countries). You look up in the sky, seeing lively blue skies and seagulls. You sigh, feeling strangely disappointed, as if you expected a bit more. You look up, but you see nothing. No flying pigs. No skydiving birds. Suddenly, out of the blue, a large war aircraft flies by. Having been in the World War 1 yourself, you know this is a bomber. Hurriedly, you take out your camera and snap a few shots, then quickly you run, seeking shelter.
  • 11. Bombing at Pearl HarbourPearl Harbor wasbombed on December7th, 1941. As for theattack plan, the mapshows it all. (Blue linesare the first wave, andthe red lines are thesecond wave.)
  • 12. You look upon the filthy surroundings of your prison cell, spotting several rats crawling among the walls. You ask yourself, was it really necessary to rebel against the Japanese? Strangely, your answer was yes, justice had to prevail, and to do that everyone had to play a part. Life was good at first, you started a biscuit factory in Singapore, but when you heard about the war, well, you immediately started to donate funds to help China in the war. Then, when the Japanese took over Singapore, you still rebelled, creating Force 136, a organization that did everything they could to stop the
  • 13. the Japanese, and end the war. Then there was theSook Ching, an evil group created by the Japanese tohunt down non-Japanese supporters. It was like a war,actually, while Sook Ching were capturing Chinese,Force 136 was contacting China. Suddenly, the doorswung open and in came two Japanese soldiers. Oneshouts to you, holding a knife, and soon the other joinsin, demanding information about Force 136. You closeyour eyes, not listening to their threats, and you think,Justice must prevail, and I will die to ensure it. Lim Bo Seng
  • 14. Lim Bo Seng: Hero of SingaporeLim Bo Seng, a Chinese citizen, came to Singapore to start a bread and brickmaking business. Just like the story, he was the leader of Force 136, aorganization intent on stopping the Japanese in their rampage over Singapore.However, once he was caught invading Japanese territory and then tortured todeath. To us, he was a war hero because he refused to betray Force 136,determined that justice must prevail.
  • 15. 4 years 4 years of victory, of glory. Yet this was just the beginning. The beginning of the great empire of power, and nothing could stop them, the Axis Powers would rule the world, and everybody would know of Italy, one of the three masters of the universe. Suddenly, there is the sound of many war planes coming at once. Planes coming back from war, you think. Lets see if I can place it. Then, immediately, he knew that sound, it was the sound of British warplanes. Quickly, you ring the alarm bell, signaling the rest of your army to fight.
  • 16. The Defeat of Germany and ItalyIn the great battle, Italy was defeated on September 8th 1943. Soon, the Alliedpowers, led by Russia, America, and Great Britain, invaded Germany, and Hilter,seeing that he lost, committed suicide. Then, however, there was the threat ofJapan still lingering in Asia, and they still had a great battle ahead of them.America, soon realized that such a battle will make both sides lose much, so theystarted going to a great measure
  • 17. Many of us have celebrated well, after the defeat of Germany and Italy, but we must not let our guard down for a second. There are still the strong armies of Japan, and we must be ready. In order to win, we must be diligent and strong, and we must go to a great measure in using this the government said. Then the slide changed quickly to a small-torpedo bomb. You are one of the watchers, and you gasp in horror, as you find it to be a nuclear bomb, a weapon of pure destruction, that we avoid using your former minister had said. But now, as you stare into it, you cant help but wonder if this was necessary.
  • 18. Nuclear Bombing at JapanThe Story says it all, but there was not only one bomb,not 2 bombs dropped on Japan. The first bomb wasdropp