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Grandmas games

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  • Project Coordinator: Vlora Ademi Author: Marina Vasileva IT Coordinator: Dobri Jovevski



  • Grandmas games 1


    Dear Teachers,

    The aim of this manual is to present you the grandmas games with computer animations that

    children from 5 to 15 years old can play in the schoolyard, classrooms, parks, and at any other

    play field, all with an aim to realize the learning and teaching aims.

    The effects of playing the traditional grandmas games are multiple in child development,

    achieving the curriculum objectives, development of children thought processes, physical

    development, motivation development for learning, teaching performance, creative and

    innovative teaching and learning.

    The role of "Grandmas games" in carrying out the teaching, the role of computer in "playing

    and teaching", and that of communication: student-student, teacher-student, parent-student,

    teacher-teacher, is described here in within each single game.

    Application of Microsoft tools and technology is the link, the link between past and future, the

    authors of the project and interested teachers for professional development dynamics, in

    traditional and modern environment in teaching.

    The essence of grandmas games cannot be felt through reading, observing and listening the

    video and audio recordings. Instead, it took away all who can play and apply in teaching

    therefore we as authors strongly recommend it.

    This manual was developed by teachers from the schools Sv. Kiril and Metodij Centar, Skopje,

    "Ilinden" village Konopnica, Kriva Palanka, Zivko Brajkovski Butel, Skopje, "Koco Racin" village

    Ivanjevci, Bitola.

    A great acknowledgment to the teachers who contributed to the overall success of the project:

    Vesela Bogdanovic, Zaneta Shumkoska , Bojana Bachoska, Fatime Alli, Zivka Stoilkovska,

    Jasminka Stankovska. A great appreciation to the teachers who contributed to the manual

    translation: Maja Butleska, Sanja Jovanovska and Daniel Spasovski.

  • Grandmas games 2



    st C


    ry S


    Development and enforcement of 21st century skills throughout all project cycles

    Collaboration: peer learning and teaching, reflection, in-outside classroom/school boundaries, collaboration and skilled communication

    Knowledge building: Student mentorship, shared responsibilities, pedagogic and cross-curriculum approach, peer assessment

    Innovation and Creativity: generate/develop new ideas, problem-solving, research, innovative use of ICT for learning

    Critical thinking

    Project Brief Description

    This project is a cultural journey of traditional

    symbols and authentic values with new

    teaching methods which develops a unique

    approach of the lifelong learning. The overall

    aim of the project is to recognize the meaning

    of a game as a great transfer knowledge tool

    and a form of personal development cycle of

    our kids. The difference we brought was that

    we use IT devices as a tool for learning while

    grandmas games as a working method.

    Grandmas games and their stories are a major

    source of our tradition, but unfortunately

    nowadays we give them no meaning. Through

    this project, we not only give them a meaning

    but use and disseminate this knowledge and of

    course the technology is a key facilitator to this.

    We also believe this project to highlight the

    benefits of technology but in a different way

    where students not only learn but found the

    learning enthusiastic. The project brought I can

    do that- a spirit of the liveliness in all schools.

    The grandmas games are holistic approach while working with the K9 students at at all ages, all of this in correlation with the curricula. The project introduced new ways of learning which focused on learning by doing and all participants of the project were driven by the motto Lets play games, lets be friends, lets learn together!

  • Grandmas games 3

    C O N T E N T

    Grandmother floss and fingers of children do magic triangles with

    different angles, geometric shapes and parallel lines.

    We throw precisely and we compete with a computer, with Zavor and Kinect we can

    convert meters into centimeters, watch it yourself, who is the smartest.

    Touch me, Bzzz developing senses, do

    you know who touched you?

    The steel will help you, learn and play, throw precisely and learn the

    measurement units

    Painting pebbles and writing numbers, sum with ease with

    grandmas five stones.

    Mosque, church buildings are old, while stacking rocks castles can be


    We jump and hop and have fun, janinooooo, janinooooo

    The matchbox spin with various numbers, if we do sum, you can too.

    Measuring the perimeter and area are easy with Hop Scotch. Play it, the formulas will

    remain in your memories

    Hide and seek we do play, we form sets of elements, smart children, we develop the

    senses, we socialize together.

    We Explore, have fun, are happy and learn interesting things ...

    Vertical and horizontal lines are not a problem anymore, play Laddy and learn


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  • Grandmas games 4


    Key learning: Interview, creating a research instrument


    Subject and contents: Native language

    Students Grade: 5th Grade

    Time of realization: Two hours 40 min

    ICT: Bing search, Microsoft Office, MSN

    Methods and Techniques: Web Quest and Brainstorm


    - to gain knowledge/skills about the concept and way of implementing the interview by

    creating Questionnaire- a research tool;

    - to enrich vocabulary through appropriate use of speech in the written text with the

    formation of open and closed questions.



    The teacher tells the following story to the students: This morning I saw a close friend who has

    a son grade 3. He sits all day long on the computer, no way to go outside and play with friends,

    and lately he is getting fatter. My friend does not know to tell and teach him any of children's

    games, but she heard that in the past grandmothers played a lot in the lawn. Will we try to help

    my friend to discover Grandmas Games? Lets play, have fun and learn.

    2nd step TASKS FOR STUDENTS:

    Click on indicated links, read carefully, consider how you will help in discovering the childrens games; Write criterias for conducting research; Create a questionnaire in a text document on your computer; Select the best questionnaire.

  • Grandmas games 5


    Search on Bing

    Link to word survey

    Link to word interview

    Link to word game

    3rd step PROCESS:

    - Students discuss, reflect, analyze and bring a

    conclusion on how to help the friend to find (How to guides)

    Grandma games (do research and ask their own


    - Concept interpretation of key words - teacher serves

    students with various types of prepared bent sheets with one

    written word at each (interview, game, survey, rules). The

    number of sheets with words is same to the number of

    students in class.

    - Students divide into groups according to the extracted

    word (interview, game, survey, rules).

    - With Bing browser they check their links according to

    the words.

    - Mutually agree and choose the leader of the group.

    - Students brainstorm in groups - associations of the

    word write on a paper and design a mental map (time 5


    - Leaders of the groups present their mental maps of

    words associations.

    - The tacher gives directions to each group on how

    students can creatively link the written words by using


    - Students think and discuss, made the conclusion that

    they need a prepared instrument - the questionnaire, discuss

    how to look and what to include in itself.

    - Prepare independently on a computer a tool for


    - Students evaluate their own and choose the best

    instrument on a grade level.

    Curriculum context: Native Language - Students will learn to properly express themselves orally and in writing - use grammatical rules -enrich the vocabulary -use of punctuation marks,

    Project outputs: e-products

    e-survey link to survey

    Video - Grandmas meeting

    21 st

    skills acquired:

    Research Skills

    -define the problem

    - setting the research goal

    -preparation of the questionnaire

    -data collection

    Presentation Skills

    -analysis of data

    -synthesis of data

    -evaluation of data

    -oral presentation of the video

    ICT competencies

    -communication through MSN and e-mail

    -using advanced features in MS Word

    -video publishing in Win Live Movie Maker

  • Grandmas games 6

    4th step CONCLUSION:

    Students made the conclusion that they succeeded to find a way and help the friend of their

    teacher. Throughout this, they learned how to conduct a research, alone discovered the key

    words, created an instrument to do the research - questionnaire. While working they used the

    Microsoft Office Word t