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  • 1. Grade 12 Photography Digital Portfolio KENNY MAC AWQ4U1 13/01/14

2. September Theme: Hands & Eyes In this photo, the hand is positioned so you can see its reflection on the eye while taking the picture of the eye. To make the hand clear to see, light is pointed to the hand. 3. October Theme: Autumn In this photo, a close up shot of a traditional tree in its Autumn stage (before it blooms flowers). It is grown indoors. The shutter speed took was set to really high to brighten the background. 4. November Theme: Colour In this photo, a drawing is shown with different types of the color blue, bright, dark etc. This was a close up shot of the whole painting. 5. December Theme: Winter In this photo, snow is poured onto the models hair and this shot was taken as a close up of the snow on the hair. 6. Scavenger Hunt This was a macro shot of a pen. The pen was position on a school bag so it could be balanced in the middle and be shot. 7. Shutter Speed This image was taken with the schools streetlights. Once the picture was being taken, I quickly moved the camera around to give this effect. 8. Formalism In this photo, I took the picture of the schools stairs from the 3rd floor down. 9. Colourization Photoshop In this photo, the original picture was taken as black and white. Later, color is added my hair, eyes and my hoodie. 10. Reflection In this photo, I went to the pond next to the school for the reflection shots. Unfortunately it was frozen but I happened to find the sewer there and it was still water. So I positioned myself down to take the picture.