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  • Grace United Methodist Newscaster (USPS 581-930) is published

    monthly (except July) by Grace United Methodist Church, 400

    Field Avenue East, Venice, FL 34285-4035. Periodicals Postage

    Paid at Venice, FL 34285, and additional mailing offices.

    Grace United Methodist Church

    400 Field Avenue East

    Venice, Florida 34285-4312


    Postmaster: Send Address Changes to:

    Grace United Methodist Church Newscaster

    400 Field Avenue East , Venice, FL 34285-4035



    Kenneth Carter, Florida Conference, Resident Bishop

    Rinaldo Hernandez, District Superintendent, SW District

    All Members of the Church, Ministers

    Robin Hager, Pastor

    Suzanne Berndt, Organist/Director, Traditional Music

    Mary Jeanne Moorman, Pianist

    Anddrew Toepfer, Praise Team Leader

    Youth Director

    Vicki Mackey, Childrens Director

    Tia Fishburn, Office Assistant

    Frank Hall, Custodian

    Karen Bowles, Housekeeper



    VISION: Living in Grace

    VISION STATEMENT: G Grow in our faith through our

    personal relationship with Jesus.

    R Respond to Chr ists love by shar ing our time,

    talents, gifts and resources.

    A Accept everyone with open hear ts, open minds

    and open doors.

    C Connect with God and one another to

    experience the love of Jesus.

    E Equip followers to serve and make

    disciples in our community and world.


    At Grace United Methodist Church,

    We welcome each person.

    We share the love of Jesus.

    We spread His grace to the world.


    Grace Preschools 1st Annual Golf Tournament

    at Waterford Golf Club was a huge success!

    Thank you for all of your support!

    Thank you to the Venice Lions Club for the

    free vision screenings that were assessed to

    the children in October!

    Precious Portraits will be at the Preschool

    November 7th & November 8th for our won-

    derful picture day!

    Come Support the Scholastic Book Fair during

    November 13th-17th!

    Grace Preschool will be Closed November

    22nd24th for Thanksgiving. Have a safe and

    Blessed Thanksgiving with Family and Friends!

    Grace United Methodist Church


    These are exciting days in the life of Grace United Methodist Church and our fall ministries are in full swing. God has truly

    blessed us with a faith community where lives are being changed and where Gods grace is making a difference. Our weekly

    worship services are vibrant and uplifting, and we are excited to see the growing number of children in Sunday school and

    daily at Grace Preschool. Youth and adults of all ages are growing in their faith through Sunday morning classes, Walk to

    Emmaus, our Lenten Study Series and other small groups. Again this year, we will offer food, shelter and hospitality to those

    who are most vulnerable in our community through Community Dinner and Family Promise.

    Our involvement in the life and work of the church is an outward expression of our commitment to God and our call to

    shared ministry. God has called each of us to be good stewards of all we are given. We have been blessed and it is

    periodically helpful for us to reflect on and prayerfully consider how we will live out our commitments to love, serve and

    give in response to Gods call and blessings. You may recall that we ask those joining the United Methodist Church to make

    the five commitments of prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to God through the local church. On Sunday,

    November 5th we will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, rededicate the Chapel that has been newly remodeled,

    and remember the saints whose faithfulness has been rewarded as they have gone on ahead of us to the Fathers House. On

    Sunday, November 12 at 3:30 in the afternoon we will welcome our District Superintendent, Dr. Rini Hernandez, the pastors

    and lay representatives from a dozen neighboring United Methodist Churches for our Annual Charge Conference. We will

    worship together and celebrate the power of our connection and shared ministry in southwest Florida and each church will

    hold their annual meeting. Then, on Sunday, November 19, at both of our morning worship services we invite you to make

    commitments expressing what you believe God is calling you to do as together we connect, grow, and serve in Jesus name.

    Next week, you will receive a letter in the mail with an invitation to make a commitment to supporting our work together as

    a church in 2018. This will also contain a financial commitment. On November 19, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we ask

    you to bring your card indicating your commitments of prayer, presence, gifts, service and witness for 2018 with you to

    worship. We will lift prayers of thanksgiving and we will ask God to bless and use our commitments to further His kingdom

    work through Grace United Methodist Church in the coming year. Please make a special effort to attend worship this month

    as we celebrate all that God is doing in and through us here at Grace United Methodist Church.

    Rich and I look forward to making our commitment and we will pray for you as you discern what God is calling you to do in

    2018 and beyond.


    Pastor Robin




    NOVEMBER 2017 This month we will be exploring about King Solomon. As David lay

    on his death bed, he advised Solomon about these two thingshow to

    live in a relationship with God and how to deal with Davids enemies

    (who were many). These were both practical admonishments. After his

    fathers death, Solomon encountered God. God offered Solomon a

    favor. At this time, Solomon confessed his inexperience in leadership

    and humbled himself before God. After all, God had always been faithful

    to the promises made to King David. Solomon was determined to act as

    Gods servant on behalf of the people of Israel, regardless of his

    inexperience. Solomon asked for wisdom and understanding so that he

    could govern Gods people well. For this reason, God rewarded Solomon

    for what he asked for, but God also gave Solomon that which he did not

    ask forlong life, power, and great wealth.

    We will learn that we can ask God for what we need.

    Blessings and Thanksgivings - Vicki




    KIDZ CLUB AT 6-7:15



    NOVEMBER 2017

    Thanksgiving lessons are great opportunities to teach students

    what the Bible says about giving thanks to God. During this

    time of year, everyone is thinking about the concept of

    thankfulness. For many people Thanksgiving seems more

    synonymous with food, family events, and time off from

    school than it does an attitude of thankfulness. Even Christians

    sometimes struggle to separate the secular holiday from the

    Biblical call to give thanks to God. We will learn both why

    they should thank God and some ways they can show their

    thanks to Him.

    The youth will continue to meet for Sunday School after the

    9am service upstairs in the youth room. We will not have the

    Sunday evening meet ups at this time, but look forward to

    adding them back in the future! Wednesdays, the youth will

    have group study with Allen P. You are always welcome to

    bring friends!

    Anchored in ChristVicki



    SNACK SUPPERS @ 5:15.

    STUDY @ 6


    DID YOU KNOW? Children and Youth need to exper ience the same Bible stor ies and Chr istian concepts at several stages of their

    faith journey, because their ability to understand the concepts continues to evolve as they grow!


    DATE PICK-UP TAKE HOME 5 Bob Bainbridge Bob Bainbridge 12 Terry Winfrey Steve Boone 19 Bob Bainbridge Bob Bainbridge 26 Robert Waldron Robert Waldron

    Harry Beeck Diane Silkas

    Phyllis & Mel Johns

    1 Bryon Clinger 2 Shane Toepfer 3 Carol Erb 4 Janet Cavallo 5 Susan Haines 6 Nikki Curry 7 Robert Koehler 11 Blake Thompson 12 Jon Allen 13 Doug Fingles

    14 Marge Buchanan Brett Stelmok 15 Bob Brown Marlin Boruff 16 David Levan Richard Hofmann Matthew Cary 17 Shellie Matosky Freddie Alban Terry Winfrey Scott Waite 18 Thomas Whittaker 19 Lee Baur

    20 Dorothy Behm Janet Roberts 21 Harold Dore William Burroughs 24 Suzi Mills Lois Probst Kiersten Stelmok 26 Jim Tallman 27 Arla Henthorn 28 Louis Karasek

    7 Richard & June Kagy Clint & Tammy Dreyer 8 Eric & Joanna Eckberg 13 Ed & Teri-Jo Scott 18 David & Suzanne Cron 20 David & Beth Levan 22 Lamont & Linda Andrews 24 Bill & Janie Ewell 27 Bryon & Toni Clinger

    Date Front Door Back Door

    Nov 5 Lori Bibeault. Carole Simpson

    Nov 12 Linda and Jay Burnside Nancy Johnson

    Nov 19 Paul and Diane Cline Russ and Pat Johnson

    Nov 26 Bob Bansky Jean Needham and Doris Smith


    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC


    9am UMW


    Crafting, PH/WW

    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC

    6pm Rotary Club

    Dinner, PH



    1pm Pancake

    Breakfast Set Up,



    8am Pancake

    Breakfast, TFEC

    9am New

    Member Class,





    Memorial Brick

    Dedication Service

    3pm Cub Leader

    Meeting, PH Conf.



    2:25pm SLA




    8am Precious

    People Portraits/

    Picture Day, TFEC


    9:15am Preschool

    Chapel, Sanctuary


    8am Precious People

    Portraits/Picture Day,

    TFEC Lobby

    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC

    6:30pm Stephens

    Ministry, Library


    9am UMW


    Crafting, PH/WW

    10. 11.

    9am Life Group,


    9am New

    Member Class,



    Mission Sunday

    11:30 Your turn SS

    Class gathering, PH

    3pm Hosting

    Annual Charge

    Conference Cluster,



    Info DUE

    2:25pm SLA





    Dinner, PH


    8am Finance

    Meeting, PH back

    Conf. Rm

    9:30am UMW

    Meeting, PH/EW

    11:30am UMW

    Lunch, PH

    6pm Board of

    Trustees meeting,



    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC



    Quilt Sale Setup,


    9am UMW


    Crafting, PH/WW

    6pm Scout

    District Meeting,



    1pm Pancake

    Breakfast Set Up,



    8am Pancake

    Breakfast, TFEC

    8am Piece

    Makers Quilt

    Sale, PH/WW/



    Coin Ministry

    New Member



    2:25pm SLA



    6:30 Suncoast

    Emmaus Grp


    Meeting Rm C


    9:15am Preschool

    Chapel, Sanctuary

    11:30am Grace

    Preschool Thankful

    Feast, PH

    6:30pm Staff Parish

    Meeting, Parlor


    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC

    6:30pm Stephens

    Ministry, Library


    9am UMW


    Crafting, PH/WW

    24. 25.


    Children's Home



    2:25pm SLA




    6pm Church

    Council Meeting,



    2:25pm SLA

    Basketball, TFEC


    9am UMW


    Crafting, PH/WW


    8:30 Coffee Time, TFEC

    9:00 LifeJourney Worship, TFEC

    9:00 Childrens Church, Rooms 106, 108 9:30 Adult Sunday School, Wesleyan, WW; Christian Encounters, EW

    10:00 Kidz Club Class, RM 205/206/207

    10:15 Youth Sunday School, Room 200

    10:15 LifeJourney Adult Sunday School: Kingdom Kids, Room 108; Relevance, Room

    103; YourTurn, Parlor B

    11:00 Traditional Worship, Sanctuary

    EVERY MONDAY 11:00 Piano, Music Rm

    12:45 Preschool Dance, TFEC108

    6:00 Prayer Group, Chapel


    10:00 Staff Meeting, PH Conf RM

    11:00 Dance Lessons, TFEC 5:30 GraceTones, Music Room

    6:00 Cub Scout Pack #77, PH

    7:00 AA, Meeting Room C 7:00 Emmaus Mens Meeting,



    9:00 Piecemakers Quilting, EW & PH

    10:30 Preschool Gymnastics, TFEC

    5:15 Snack Super, TFEC 6:00 Kidz Club, TFEC

    6:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal, Music Room

    6:30 Boy Scout Troop #77, PH/EW/WW 7:00 Al Anon, MR-C


    9:00 UMW / Chrismons, PH

    10:30 Preschool Gymnastics, TFEC

    6:00 Girl Scouts Troop 198,TFEC 203 6:30 LJ Praise Team Practice, TFEC

    7:00 AA, Meeting Room C

    EVERY FRIDAY 9:00 Threadcatchers PH, EW

    10:00 French Club, Meeting Rm C 11:00 Martial Arts, TFEC

    Calendar Events That Occur on a Regular Basis


    We need at least 3 more volunteers to keep this ministry

    running. Sunday pick up and take home ministry is a

    great outreach to our homebound and shut-ins and we are in

    need of drivers! This ministry enables them to come to

    church to worship God with their fellow Christians in faith.

    We are flexible with your schedule! If you are interested in

    volunteering in this ministry outreach, please call 488-1374.

    Venice and Englewood Lions Club

    Vision Program provides free eye care and glasses. There is

    a large box located in the front office (main building) where

    you can donate your used glasses, cell phones and hearing


    For more information there are brochures located in the front

    office or you can call: 941-486-6065.

    Sunday Morning Team We have seven volunteers that open and lock up the church

    on Sunday mornings. This is saving GUMC funds because

    we do not have to hire someone to do it. Many thanks to the

    folks volunteering in this ministry. If you are interested in

    joining this ministry, please contact Jay Geerdes at


    MINISTRY, MISSION, GROUP Every active person in our Grace Church

    Family is encouraged to have a M, M, and G!

    MINISTRY At least one ministry within the church

    MISSION At least one mission to those outside the church

    GROUP At least one group during the year for spiritual growth and accountability

    Do you have a Ministry, a Mission, and a Group?


    We sometimes hear through casual

    comments of church members who are

    in assisted living, rehabilitation, or are

    home bound. Then it begs the question:

    How many are there that we dont

    know about?

    Please, if you know of someone in assisted living,

    rehabilitation or homebound (even if they have a caregiver),

    call the church office with their name and location. We want

    to make sure we are not missing anyone and we want to do a

    better job in reaching out to our homebound members.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Grace is a Stephen Ministry congregation.

    A Stephen Minister is equipped to provide

    high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care

    to people who are hurting. If you are called to

    be a Stephen Minister or are in need of a

    Stephen Minister, please speak to the


    Greeters 11 AM Service We need Greeters to help welcome people to Grace

    before the Traditional Service at both the front door and

    the back door. The time is from 10:30 to10:55.

    Everyone can greet, whether you're a new member or a

    long time member, come regularly or not so often.

    Also, if you attend the Contemporary Service and want

    to mingle and greet at a particular time, let us know.

    To volunteer, call Betty Jo Shiell 497-7854 or

    Mary Chambers 493-9644.



    NO experience necessary; we will train you. Volunteering

    consists of answering the phones, greeting and directing

    people to the correct staff member. There may be some light

    filing and copying. You are welcome to bring a book to fill

    the quiet moments.

    If you are interested in volunteering please call the office

    at: 941-488-1374.




  • Saving Campbells Soup Labels AND

    Box Tops for Red Bird Mission

    For soup labels: the whole coupon needs to be cut out,

    including the code on the label and the red part that says

    1 coupon.

    For Box Tops: its the little label that says Box Top

    including the expiration date. Turn them in at the front

    office. Henderson Settlement uses the box tops for school

    supplies for the two schools that are part of the mission. On

    some snacks, there is a note on the front of the bag that a

    box top is there. It is usually very small on the back.

    This is a mission that is part of the Red Bird Missionary

    Conference located in a very poor section of our great

    country in SE Kentucky. With labels that we might just

    throw away, this mission is able to get items that help the

    children and adults they serve. For other information

    contact: Dorris Ann Wasson 941-412-0847.



    United Methodist Men

    News Flash..

    The UMM met on October 2nd for dinner, fellowship and

    planning for the future. We have decided that instead of

    dinners we will meet for breakfast at 7:30 AM on the first

    Monday of every month. After breakfast and fellowship

    those that are willing will do some projects around the


    We are still planning to have an evening Christmas program

    in December and a Sweetheart Dinner in February.

    The Pancake Breakfast will continue to be our primary fund

    raiser and will start on November 4th. We always need

    volunteers. See or call Larry Bender (941-809-5264) if you

    are interested.

    Most of you know that Gary Beck has stepped down as

    President so if you have a call to leadership we have a spot

    for you.

    The programs of the connected United Methodist Men are

    designed to strengthen mens faith through fellowship and

    prayer. I sincerely hope you can find a way to join in.

    Piecemakers Fall Open House

    Friday, November 17th 8 am - 1 pm

    Saturday, November 18th 8 am - 1 pm

    The quilters have been busy creating many new handmade

    items for our fall sale. We have a wonderful selection of fall

    and holiday decor, many quilts in all sizes, gifts for children,

    a variety of aprons, purses, household items, and much

    much more.

    Please plan to come, browse, enjoy some refreshments,

    and visit with the Piecemakers.

    Proceeds will benefit our church and missions in the


    The Piecemakers News

    New members are always welcome. We meet in the East

    Wing on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Our mis-

    sion is to support each other in fellowship and love as we

    create quilts for our

    babies, shut-ins, and friends of Grace United Methodist

    Church who need comfort; and to make items for sale to

    assist our church financially.

    GUMC Travel Group

    Our plans for 2017-2018 are taking shape. They will


    Sign up now for 5 days Branson Christmas

    Tuesday-Saturday 9 Shows, Air fare, Hotel and

    ALL meals included December 5-9, 2017 / $1669

    per person (DO)

    See LIVE Manatees at Apollo Beach. Lunch and Mote

    Marine tour of Sarasota Bay January 17, 2018. Sign up

    will start soon.

    Sign Up 5 Day Cruise. Tampa, Grand Cayman, Cozu-

    mel, Belize City, Costa Maya, man cultures and reef cul-

    tures. $599 plus Fees. Feb 4-11, 2018 out of Tampa on

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

    Baseball- March 2018

    And a few more to be determined. Come with us!

    See our Brochures in the hallway of the Narthex and



    Finance Meeting: Tuesday, November 14 at 8:00am

    in Punch Hall Back Conference Room

    Board of Trustees Meeting: Tuesday, November 14

    at 6:00pm in Parlor

    Staff Parish Meeting: Tuesday, November 21, at

    6:00pm in Parlor

    Church Council Meeting: Tuesday, November 28, at

    6:00pm in Chapel


    Please submit all articles by November 13 for inclusion in

    the December Newscaster. Thank you!

    POLICIES: These policies are in place to ensure space and equipment will be available to you and your ministry and

    applies to everyone, including the congregation & staff.

    1. Room Reservations: Any time you wish to use any

    rooms or equipment on Campus the schedule needs to be

    checked and paperwork filled out for the office and


    2. Groups currently using rooms: If your group needs a

    larger space, a different date, time, or is not meeting, we

    need to know so we can be sure your needs can be met.

    3. Table/Information Reservations: If you wish to have

    tables or easels in the TFEC lobby or Narthex,

    paperwork is required.

    4. Bus/Van reservation: If you wish to use the bus or

    van for your ministry, please get with the office

    manager. Insurance paperwork must be submitted 10

    business days pr ior to dr iving and the schedule needs

    to be checked.

    Due Date Information:

    1. Sunday bulletins information is due 10 days prior to the


    2. Newscaster schedule is located on the bulletin board in

    the staff hallway or in the work room on the bulletin


    Please contact the church office for any of these




    Venice MainStreet

    Grace has a membership with Venice MainStreet which

    gives us the opportunity to advertise at the Centennial Park

    Kiosk, their weekly e-newsletter, and social media. We

    also have a free listing on their website directory. IF your

    group/ministry would like to take advantage of this


    opportunity please follow the guidelines below. Please

    keep in mind we dont have a staff member for

    marketing, I will do my best to get this information

    submitted. Best to send in early

    1. Please email the church office your flyers or announcements.

    a. I cant make up your flyers or type up announcements.

    b. I will need it by WEDNESDAYS at noon so that I can meet the deadline for submission..

    Suggestion: have one person from your group/ministry be

    the marketing contact.


    Dear Grace UMC Family,

    Thank you so very much for your many expressions of love

    as you walked with us through Roy's journey with pancreatic

    cancer over the last 18 months. You have been there to

    encourage and support us along the way and we are so very

    thankful for your love. The cards, memorial gifts and Caring

    Bridge comments have been such a blessing. We knew God

    was surrounding us and you were too. We will be forever


    In Christian Love,

    Kayline, Brett, Kara and Dan

    Roy Lowe's Family

    Hurricane Benefit Relief Concert Update

    Through the prayers and musical efforts of many people,

    nearly 400 attended the Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert on

    October 23, 2017. A donation of over $3600 was sent to

    UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). Thanks

    to all who came to support this effort and to the very talented

    people who gave their time and talents.


    Kindly consider enhancing the beauty of our

    worship areas by placing flowers on the altar. Flowers can

    be given IN MEMORY OF or IN HONOR OF loved ones or

    friends. Bouquets are $35.00 each or $65.00 for two and

    yours to claim after the 11:00 AM service. Sign up on the

    flower calendar in the hallway or call the Church office with

    your information..

    The Pancake Breakfast and Country Store sales will be the 1St & 3rd

    Saturday of each month beginning in November through April.

    Donations always accepted. If you need help packing up

    items or need them picked up contact

    Judy Johnson 941-488-6929.


    In the Hospital? If you or a loved one goes in the

    hospital, please call the church office at 488-1374 and

    notify us. Clergy no longer have access to the patient

    listing.This means that our church and Pastor will not know

    if one of our church family is in the hospital unless someone

    calls the church office and notifies us. Thank you for your


    Bricks may be engraved in memory of loved ones. In order

    to maintain consistency throughout the walkway, memorial

    bricks will be engraved with your loved ones name, year of

    birth and year of death. Money received from the purchase

    in excess of memorial bricks cost will be used for the

    continued maintenance and upkeep of the Memorial Garden

    and Walkway.

    Orders for bricks will be batched in increments of no less

    than five so it may take some time for your brick to be

    placed in the walkway. A dedication ceremony will be held

    quarterly. We will notify you of the date and time should

    you wish to attend. Forms are located in the Church front

    office. Return the completed form and check in the amount

    of $100.

    Family Promise Dream Walk

    Family Promise of South Sarasota County will be hosting its

    first annual Dream Walk on November 11th at 9 AM starting

    at Venice Presbyterian Fellowship Hall and following a route

    in Downtown Venice going by some of our Host and

    Support Churches. We are looking for Walkers and Team

    Captains for the Dream Walk. Please visit our website, and go to the Dream Walk page

    to get more information and to download forms. There is a

    link there to Participate or Donate for the Dream Walk where

    people can register. If you are interested in helping with the

    Dream Walk, please call or email

    Jennifer Fagenbaum at 941-497-9881,

    [email protected]


    We have started making Chrismons on Thursdays at 9 am in

    Punch Hall West Wing. Chrismons are Christmas tree

    ornaments for a tree that is on display during Advent and

    Christmas in the sanctuary. Help is needed to create a

    beautiful tree for this special season of the church. The

    ornaments are symbols of Christian history. Come join us

    at 9 am on Thursdays. If you have any questions please

    contact Nancy Vanderwall at [email protected] or


    Freda Boone Scholarship For Grace Summer Camp has

    been set up for boys and girls to attend our Grace Summer

    Camp. We were blessed by Freda for so many years at our

    church. She was a charter member of Grace. Because of her

    love for children, it is our honor to have this scholarship in

    her name. If you find it in your heart, funds can be added to

    the scholarship in Fredas name.


    Grace United Methodist Women

    * United Methodist Women Meeting Tuesday,

    November 14th

    The Program of prayer and self denial will be looking at the

    special health needs of women and girls around the world.

    We will discuss how we as women of faith can help women

    in other parts of the world meet their needs of being a

    women while living in poverty.

    Come join the women of Grace United Methodist Women

    organization at their monthly luncheon meeting in Punch

    Hall. Lunch is at 11:30am with a program following.

    We Encourage You to Give Through Online Giving

    Here are some options to choose from:


    BANKING - Set up your weekly/monthly giving via your local bank just as you would your mortgage

    payment or your utility payment


    TRANSACTION - This method will need an authorization

    form signed at the church office. Please contact the church

    office for the authorization form.

    We do NOT have a building fund. This would imply we are

    gathering/saving funds to start a new building project.

    We do currently have a loan from building the Preschool

    and renovation of TFEC. IF you plan to give directly to pay

    the loan please note on check LOAN REDUCTION and

    we will know these funds go to the principle of the loan.

    Thank you!


    The quilting circle meets every Friday 9am to Noon in

    Room A8. For information call Lorry Stover at



    Grace Book Lovers

    Grace Book Lovers will meet on Tuesday, Nov.28 at 10:00 in the

    church parlor. Sidekicks will be the aspect of The Detective

    Novel this month. For the Sake of Elena by Elizabeth George is

    the featured novel. Helen Boruff will lead the discussion. All are


    Music Notes:

    As we all step to the music of our times, we find the

    increased pace of the holiday season with all its joys

    approaching. The first sign of things to come is our

    beautiful pumpkin patch. Isn't it nice to take a

    hayride? Now, Chrismoms are being made. Our choir and

    handbells are into music for Thanksgiving, and very soon

    it will be time to sing and ring Advent and Christmas

    songs. If you are musically inclined, come and join the

    fun! Save the date for two concerts which are happening at

    our church in December. On Sunday, December 3rd, we

    will host the Lemon Bay Chord Company, at 3:30

    p.m.; and on Friday night, December 8th at 7:00p.m.,

    Eirren Abu, saxophonist, will be back to play a Christmas

    concert. We so enjoyed his concert last April. I am

    looking forward to his return to our church with his

    beautiful music and moving testimony of faith.[email protected]