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  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Grace & Peace to You Steve Cobb, Pastor

    Grace NotesPlease step up to lend ahand, to participate, and toinvite others to share in theblessings of Grace Cove-nant.

    The Summer of 2010

    The emphasis this year, asit is every year, is to pulltogether as a congregationto bring people beforeGods throne of grace.Recalling the Holy Spiritinspired words of the apos-tle Paul, I planted, Apol-los watered, but only Godcan give increase. 1 Co-

    rinthians 3:6, we seek toplant and water the peopleof Richmond. As the Bodyof Christ at 1627 Monu-ment Avenuewe are blessed to commu-nicate Christ to the world.We do this by allowingroom for people, many ofwhom we do not evenknow yet, to worshipalongside us as we glorify

    God. In seeking to fulfillthe Great Commission, ourfocus must be first andforemost on others and noton ourselves. As Chris-tians, we are simply beg-gars who have found aneternal source of bread anddesire more than anythingto share it with those whoare still hungry.

    Vacation Bible School

    June 20-24

    Vacation Bible School is aterrific way to introduceyoung people to Jesus. Weare called, as the church ofJesus Christ, to reach theworld as his ambassadors.One of the wondersbrought to light throughVacation Bible School isthat God often uses chil-dren to awaken their par-ents to the beauty of Jesus.

    Our theme this year is SonQuest Rainforest. Asour week together unfoldsour children will learn theParables of the Sower, TheLost Sheep, The Good Sa-maritan, The Friend atMidnight, and The Talents.They will discover, or insome cases rediscover,these parables of Jesus

    taught through rainforestanimal friends- a frog, ajaguar, a monkey, a toucan,and a butterfly. JimMcCullough and Julia Pop-pell are leading us this

    year. I emphasize us be-cause this is a ministry ofthe whole church. GraceCovenant is a faithful ser-vant, and like the Parableof the Faithful Servant weknow that, whommuch is given, much is re-quired. Luke 12:48 Wehave been blessed with arich history, a powerfulpresent, and have been

    equipped for a formidablefuture, in short we havebeen given much.

    God has planted us here tofulfill His purpose. Thatpurpose is to share Christwith the world and oneanother. Please come outand experience kidsclasses for the heart, andadult classes for the mind,

    body, and soul. Come be apart of the Holy Spiritfilled acts of breakingbread together, laughingtogether, and learning theWord of God together for 5nights. The opportunity todevelop and to strengthenour sense of community isbeing offered; lets takehold of this gift from God.

    invite people we know toworship. At the risk of writ-ing the obvious, the mosteffective inviting happensbetween people whoalready know one another

    (when we have an extraticket to a ballgame or thea-tre event who do we think offirst?) When the question isasked: Why did you visitour church for the firsttime? somewhere between 75and 90 percent of the answersare, Because someone invitedus. The summer months arethe time we are around people,some we havent even met yet,who become our strongestfriends. This is the time thatwe take the time to grow inrelationship with others.Summer is the season we mostspend enjoying leisure activi-ties with the people we mostcherish. What better way toshow just how much we cher-ish them than to make themaware of this wonderfulchurch.

    As the summer season beginsplease remember:

    God never takes a vacationfrom loving us, so please donttake a vacation from praisingGod.

    In His Love,

    Grace Covenant Presbyterian ChurchJune 2010

    Volume 40, Issue 6

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Page 3Volume 40, Issue 6

    Chancel Choir


    Betty Appich

    Katherine BairdJacquiline BowlesLisa Edwards-Burrs*Leslie Hartman*Dottie-Ray KochCaroline LeithJennifer McCluskey*Lynne Norris*Candace PiepgrassAudrey TillackKaete UnterzuberCarol Wood


    Loretta AlbertisJean AppichStephanie Auld*Kari CraigDawn GillisLynn LaBarre*Janet MillerRuth ShaverSuzanne SizemoreEvelyn Tower


    Peter AlbertisWayne CaseyBitaseme MboeJessie NunnRob TurnerDawson WatkinsTracey Welborne*Benjamin Williams


    Bob Brooks

    John Ford*Matt GillisDana McKnightJim McCulloughJohn Tyndall

    *Candlelight 2009

    Handbell Choir

    Cameron BairdBrian BairdMary Beth Bird

    Wayne CaseyBeth ColtrainNell DickensonJulia KernsSophia KernsReagan McCulloughDana McKnightBakoma MboeJanet MillerRick NochtaRuth ShaverRob TurnerKeya Wang

    Junior Choir

    (grades 1-6)

    Cameron BairdColin BarrasRoman ChenowethGrace ClarkePhilip ClarkeCamden CobbHollis CobbAndrew KennedyCharlie KennedyJulia Kerns

    Sophia KernsReagan McCulloughEoghain Thomas

    Child Development

    Center Choir

    Carol Choir, ages 3-K)

    Milo BenedettiMaggie BothwellAdam BreedDominic BrownZamel Carter

    Cabell ChenaultVirginia GriffinCole HaferAsher JaffeWalker LloydNorah McCullaghTallulah MacIvan OutkinVirginia SniderEmily Tromly

    Carol Choir (Grace

    Covenant, ages 3-K)

    Declan BarrasBetsy Clarke

    Callan HartmanMary Reid McCulloughJack SchooleyEmi ThomasAnna Thomas

    Mothers Together

    (Carol Choir, ages 3-K)

    Chloe AbramsAnn-Cason BlanchardLeland BonkovskyAdrian ChenowethLeo Chenoweth

    William CrawfordCharlotte GardnerEva GardnerCampbell JeboAllie MackayEllias MillerMary Grace RotterMaris SmutzMia SmutzFinn Whipple

    Summer Musicians

    Alana Carithers, violinLisa Edwards-Burrs,

    sopranoMike Davison, trumpetMatt Gillis, baritoneMarilyn Goff, sopranoAnastasia Jellison, harpJennifer McCluskey,

    sopranoDana McKnight, handbell

    quartetJanet Miller, handbell


    Anne OByrne, sopranoGeorge Pavelis, oboeAudrey Tillack, sopranoJohn Tyndall, baritoneTracey Welborne,

    tenorBen Williams, bassoon

    and handbell quartetTiffany Williams, flute

    Grace Covenant

    Music Ministry


    The 2009-2010 season

    was one of the

    strongest program

    years in the pastdecade for Grace

    Covenants musicministry.

    Our music ministry

    would not be possible

    without the dedicatedcommitment from the

    individuals listed to

    the left.

    Even though some of

    these individuals didnot participate in themusic ministry for the

    entire season, all

    names appear inrecognition of their

    service to the church.

    I am grateful to allthese musicians who

    make Grace Covenants

    music ministry possible.

    - Christopher Matin

    Director of Music

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Clerk of Session Matt Johnson, '10Mission Elders: Kent Cardwell '12, Joy Nevin '10;Deacons: Susan Farrell '12, Betty Appich '11; Mem-bers: Jack Corley, Cherry Corley, Patrise Sears,Susan Pillsbury, Dawson Watkins; Ex officio: SteveCobb, Chris Thomas

    EvangelismElders: Steve Clarke '10, Brian Baird'11; Deacons: Sam Lowe '10, Lauren Corby '10;Members: Matt Gillis, Ashby Price, Carol Wood,Elizabeth Russell; Ex officio: Chris Thomas, Steve


    Christian Education Elders: Jean Appich '11, TomMiller '12; Deacons: Julia Poppell '11, Cherry Corley'12; Members: Carson Price, Mary Gray, Bill Jacobs,Erika Tabor; Ex officio: Chris Thomas, Steve Cobb,Rachel Butler

    PropertyElder: Cal Gray; Deacons: Pat Ball '12,John Lootens '10; Members: Logan Moorhead, Rob

    Rosebro; Members & Caretakers: Bob Brooks, DickCardwell; Caretakers only: Hampton Harris, PeteSizemore; Ex officio: Steve Cobb

    Finance/StewardshipElders: Dana McKnight '11,Everett Reveley '12; Deacon: Dawson Watkins;Members: Jordan Ball, Ashby Price, Jack Corley, JimLondrey, John Nevin; Ex officio: Steve Cobb

    AdministrationElders: Laura Leigh Savage '10,Kaete Unterzuber '10; Deacon: Derek Rogers '10;

    Members: Bob Copeland, Candace Piepgrass,David Martin; Ex officio: Steve Cobb

    WorshipElders: Caroline Leith '11, Cheryl Jacobs'12, Stephen Piepgrass '12; Deacons: Pat Aldridge'11, Sid Yates '12; Members: Dana McKnight,Wayne Casey, Dottie-Ray Koch, Charlene Mahurin,Jane Londrey, Phil Coltrain; Ex officio: Chris Martin,Steve Cobb

    PRESBYTERIANOLDER ADULT MINISTRYRev. Mr. Charles E. SuttonIf you were born near the close of World War II, sayaround 1945 to 1950, you are a Baby Boomer. AndBaby Boomers are beginning to enter another stageof living - retirement. The question is, Will the con-gregation help them be happier, healthier, and moreproductive in the days ahead? This is somethingwe need to begin considering soon. Of course there

    is no single answer. Someone will just have to takean interest in this and get something started.

    Our Presbytery of the James has an active purposegroup (a new title for committee) dedicated toassisting churches to conduct this type of ministry.Each year they stage an event at Camp Hanover.This year it will be held on October 14. Put that datedown somewhere.

    In recent years attendance has been at camp capac-

    ity; therefore, in April of 2011 the same programagenda will be repeated at Massanetta Springs to in-terest churches in that end of our Presbytery. This isa new endeavor for our Purpose Group.

    Good newsMore and more conferences about agingare including topics on spirituality, as ours will bedoing, and in American medical schools, medicalstudents are taking courses that deal with spirituality.

    To ENSHRINE your lifeseek the counsel of God,

    not your GPS: Show me your ways O LORD, teachme your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me,for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in youall day long.Psalm 25:5

    To ENTHRALL your lifedont stop playing be-cause you are growing old; you grow old becauseyou stop playing!

    Grace Covenant Ministries, 2010Page 4 Grace Notes

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    these shows. Check your

    community newsletter for

    dates and times. Janet prom-

    ises you will love this 40 min-

    ute comedy produced by the

    Bifocals Theatre Company.

    For more info call 804-278-


    Janet Chenoweths hilarious

    play, A Thorn Between Two

    Roses, will be performed at

    several venues this June. The

    first two shows will be at The

    Barksdale Theatre in Willow

    Lawn on Thursday, June 3, at

    1:00 p.m. Tickets cost $10.00

    and you may bring a bag

    lunch if you like. After that the

    play goes on the road to vari-

    ous retirement communities in

    and around Richmond, in-

    cluding Westminister Canter-

    bury and Imperial Plaza. Usu-

    ally there is no charge for

    Adult Sunday School Classes:

    Attention All Theatre-Lovers

    CONGRATULATIONS!We join with the Peters family;

    Jason, Sarah, and big brother

    Liam in thanking God for the

    birth of Cullen John Peters.

    Cullen was born at 4:37 p.m.

    Wednesday (May 5) at St.

    Mary's Hospital. He weighs 8

    pounds 1 ounce and is 21.5inches in length.

    During the summer monthsour regular Sunday School

    Classes, (Forum Class, Grace

    Bible Class, Vanguard, and

    Connections) do not meet.

    However we will have one

    church wide Sunday School

    Class that will meet in the Fel-

    lowship Hall. Steve will intro-duce the summer session and

    lead them for several weeks.

    Other favorite teachers and

    guests teachers will share on

    Sunday mornings as well.

    Please join us at 9:30 a.m. Cof-

    fee will be served.

    News and AnnouncementsPage 5Volume 40, Issue 6

    Baby Cullens first photo in the hospital

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    William Byrd Community House

    Stewardship Corner and Five Cents Per Meal

    Work DayProperty and Maintenance is scheduling a work day on June 12 from 8:30

    a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We will be doing the normal general clean up tasks

    plus some specific maintenance needs. Many hands make work light!

    Your participation is encouraged. Please advise Dick Cardwell or Bob

    Brooks if you plan to join the party.

    Contributions in April totaling $28,400 continued the lackluster levels of thefirst quarter of the year. So far this year the total is running almost 22% below that ofthe same period last year, which had been up 10% from the preceding years fivemonth total. With normal expenses, the operating deficit for the five month periodstood at $61,000, a little over twice the level of last years deficit at this time.

    During April $4,487 was disbursed for the Honduras Medical Mission and$1,884 for Haiti earthquake relief. Our Five Cents per Meal offering in April was$268, somewhat lower than the $409 total in March.

    Next time you go to the grocery store pick up a couple extra canned goods. Food donations

    are needed. A few suggestions are canned fruit, tuna, boxes of macaroni and cheese, boxes of

    pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, and other non-perishable food items. Dona-

    tions may be left in the basket in the Glass Office (near the back doors, on the main floor of

    the Education Building). Please consider giving and being a blessing!

    Page 6 Grace Notes

    Christian Education Appreciation SundayTo honor Grace Covenants teachers and volunteers we will be having an apprecia-

    tion luncheon on Sunday, June 13, after the worship service. All members and

    visitors are invited to join in the celebration and enjoy Lees Fried Chicken and

    Potato Salad.

    Sign ups will be in the Narthex and the Glass Office. Please make sure you sign

    up and RSVP so we can plan accordingly. We are also in need of desserts, rolls,

    salads and sides. Please indicate what you will be bringing when you sign up.

    Jean Appich, Cheryl Jacobs and Tom Miller

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    By Chris ThomasTakeaways

    Many of you know I recently returned from a week-long study trip to Tacoma, Washington. It was a remark-able experience in so many ways. The legendary tales about rain and Seattle were proven untrue, at least forthe week I was there. Blue skies, 65 degrees, amazing. And have you ever seen how massive Mount Rainieris?!? You have to see it to believe it. But the most memorable and heartening part of my time away was what Iwas able to study and learn about our identity and call as Gods people. Here are a couple of highlights thathave really rocked my world:

    Discipleship: God continues to impress upon me just how central the Great Commission is for who we are asthe church and all that we do as the church. Our highest calling is to be disciples of Jesus, people who love andlisten to him in all that we do, and a large part of following Jesus means discipling others, coming alongsidepeople to help them know the Lord and grow in maturity. I believe the call to discipleship/disciple-making ismeant to be THE organizing principle of the church, and if we fail here, we will fail everywhere else.

    So, how can we be faithful to this call?

    Gospel: A big piece of the discipleship process, perhaps the most important piece, is the ongoing transitionfrom seeing ourselves primarily through the lens of our cultures story to seeing ourselves as a part of Godsunfolding story, as described throughout the pages of the Bible. This isnt an easy thing. Were bombardedwith the conflicting narratives of our culture all the time, so we need to rehearse Gods story, the Gospel story,and let it sink into our bones. As pastor Tim Keller likes to point out, the Gospel isnt the ABCs of the Chris-tian life, its the A-Z. And its only when the Gospel story becomes the A-Z for us that well be able to helpothers see the beauty of it.

    Community: We really cant know or rehearse this Gospel story if were living in isolation from other fol-

    lowers of Jesus. God has given us to each other so we can help each other grow and lean into Christ. We weremade to build each other up, to pray together, to remind each other of how good God is, and to reflect onGods word together. Take some time to flip through the New Testament sometime to notice how often thelanguage of familial relationships is used. We are Gods new family, we are blood-relatives in Christ, and weare called to commit our lives to one another, for the sake of the Gospel.

    Mission: Finally, as we learn the gospel story and grow to love each other as family, we are also called to goout into the world to reveal Gods good news in what we say and what we do. We become disciples and wehelp others do the same in a community of people actively engaged in Gods missionary enterprise. And wheredoes that work primarily take place? Right here in our neighborhoods, where God has planted us.

    The questions raised are good ones.How well do we know the content of the Gospel story, the story of Godsgrace as seen throughout the Bible? How deep is our love for one another in Jesus Christ? Are we actively

    engaged as Gods people in his work of revealing the good news about Jesus, both in what we say and whatwe do, right here in our neighborhoods and city?

    Its my prayer that each year, even each month or week, we will recommit ourselves to this central call to be

    disciples and make disciples. Beyond that, do you know what I really want? I want for God to move so power-

    fully in our hearts and lives that others would take note, and would come to say, Hmm, they sure seem to love

    -continued on page 8-

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    each other, and a lot more than my family ever did. And they dont seem to worry about life as much as I do, in

    fact, they seem to be pretty joyful. And look, they even love my annoying neighbor! I wonder why they do all

    that?Then we will be able to tell them the reason we hope, the reason we forgive, the reason we love wehave been loved, we have been forgiven, and we have been given hope in Jesus Christ, the risen one.

    Associate Pastor Chris ThomasCongratulations Graduates!Hats off to you graduates!

    We would like to congratulate the following class of 2010!

    Eddie Cardwell Douglas Freeman High School

    Bitaseme Mboe Varina High School

    Rachel Butler Union Theological Seminary andPresbyterian School of ChristianEducation

    Emily Cobb Union Theological Seminary

    of New York

    Youth GroupSunday, June 6 @ Grace Covenant

    Friday, June 11 Party for Diana Dankova @The Bairds (1704 Hanover Ave.Richmond, 23220)

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Page 9Volume 40, Issue 6 June Church Calendar















    2 5:00and6:30




    4 Community
































































































  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Katies Lessons in Living Page 10 Grace NotesThe following are remarks presented by John H. Harris at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia,

    during the funeral service for his mother, Katherine Kraft Harris, on April 27, 2010.

    Life is jolly:

    You never know what life is going to bring, so be prepared and have a hobby.

    Do the best with what youve got.

    Money doesnt mean that much. It should not mean that much.

    You get a job by knowing somebody.

    Be sure and take advantage of every opportunity, because you never know when something good is going tocome out of it.

    When you make your reservations to go on your honeymoon, be sure that they have a double bed.

    I dont drink, but I do drink milk.

    I advise you all to take up painting. Everybody can do it. Just do it and have a good time. Thats what I did.

    Life is wonderful, it really is. Just grab these opportunities and go with them.

    Childcare UpdatesOn Sunday, June 6 after our Wor-

    ship Service we will be having a

    meeting about the improvements

    we are moving forward with our

    Childcare Rooms. Come to the

    Fellowship Hall immediately fol-

    lowing our worship service.Lunch and childcare will be pro-

    vided. We will then be prepping

    the rooms to get ready for painting

    that week. We are very excited

    about this transformation taking

    place and hope you can join us.

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    This summer, bring your kids to SonQuest Rainforest VBS - an ex-perience of discovery they'll never forget! Based on five key Bibleverses that will change a child's life-including John 3:16- SonQuestrainforest VBS-transports young minds into a vivid rainforest envi-ronment of jungle sounds, sights and smells, where they'll dig into theBible and meet Jesus in every day's story. Your kids will learn Biblestories, fun crafts and new songs while in the rainforest. Even yourlittlest adventurers will be well cared for by our top-notch team ofchildcare workers, so be sure to bring the whole family along for theadventure!

    THERE ARE GREAT CLASSES FOR THE GROWN-UPS, TOO!The great thing about Grace Covenants VBS is that it truly is a family affair. We intentionally plan a sched-

    ule, meals, activities, and classes that are great for the whole family. Interested in growing in your faith?

    Here are the classes we are offering this year for adults

    Apologetics Course: Showing How a Biblical Worldview is Reasonable, Reliable, and Fits Reality as Nothing Else Does

    This worldview and apologetics course is designed to give roots to the faith of Christians, assist seekers in their quest for truth, andgently and respectfully challenge those who hold competing worldviews. The course will be taught by Chris Daniel, Executive Di-rector of the Richmond Center for Christian Study. Topics to include The Bible as a reliable word of God, the Resurrection of Jesusas historical reality, and how to know truth and navigate through competing worldviews.Gospel in Life: In our hearts, in our community, and out into our world

    "Gospel in Life is an intensive course on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life first in our hearts, then in community, andout into the world." Join Dr. Tom Miller and our own pastor, Steve Cobb, as they co-moderate this new video series hosted by TimKeller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. A great class to be inspired and a great opportunity to discussways in which Keller's ideas can be relevant to our fair church in the heart of the Fan. I smell a white paper.Experiencing Prayer through Yoga and Meditation

    Prayer is part of every Christian's daily life. Ok, so some of us would like it to be more of a part of our daily lives. Well, help is onthe way. In this class, Emily Cobb, will lead participants through five different types of prayer using Yoga and Meditation. You'llhave prayer forms for every occasion. That guy that cut you off in traffic. Check. Your kid just came home with a tattoo. Check.Long line at Starbucks. Check. DMV. Ummm, you're on your own. Breathe with me. Amen.Renew

    Love thy neighbor but build a fence? Hardly, Love thy neighbor by serving them. In this class, you will reflect on your call to be agood neighbor and then get out into the Fan and tackle a neighborhood renewal project dreamt up by our very own Associate PastorChris Thomas. Think Gospel (call). Think hard work (sweat). Think iced coffee (hey, this is Chris we're talking about).

    ***You can sign up for all these classes in the Narthex any day of the week. Or go to thechurchs website where are registration form is as a PDF. Detailed registration forms are atthe sign up table with cost for dinner on the nights of VBS as well. If you would like to volun-

    teer in any area for VBS please call the church office.***

    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL IS BACK!Page 11Volume 40, Issue 6

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    June 2 - Chase AppichJim Londrey

    June 3 - Cheryl JacobsTodd McCoy

    June 4 - Madisyn SullivanJune 5 - Ginny Creech

    Shirley FergusonRitchie Holt

    Langdon MossJudy Waldron

    June 6 - Tom GroveDavid Saleeba, Jr.

    June 7 - Ryan Richard Pope- David Horner

    June 8 - Jenny LakeJune 9 - Deloris Crews

    June 10 - Deb GoodloeJune 11 - Ginger NorrisJune 12 - Melissa Kennedy WhitleyJune 14 - Lee FarrarJune 15 - Pat AldridgeJune 17 - Kip MooreJune 18 - Addy LoweJune 20 - Ed Adams

    Kent CardwellJune 22 - Betty AppichJune 23 - Helen Gray

    Suzanne SizemoreYoon Jung Kong Ji

    June 24 - Sid YatesJune 25 - Bill StuartJune 26 - Sharon MichauxJune 29 - Mary Gray

    Mary SwingMary Whitley

    June 30 - Catherine Bayer Horner

    Come join us at Sid Yates for thePeople GroupCookout

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010



    Water View, VASid Yates home away from home

    (see map on reverse side)

    Come early and enjoy the river!

    We will eat around 6:00 P.M.




    VEGETABLE DESSERT(Please bring enough for 10 adults)

    The plan is for sunny skies and NO RAIN!If on June 19 the weather causes a concern or questionas to if we will be able to have the cookout please call

    288-7757 or 516-5349Questions, call Suzanne and Pete Sizemore 288-7757

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Dear members of Grace Covenant,

    Peace be with you! I am writing to share with you about the work God has done and is doing in my liferight now.

    First and foremost, God brought me here, to Grace Covenant to do my internship. In seminary, thereare two types of internships; one that lasts only a summer, or a full 8 month school year term. I chose thelonger one because I wanted to see the inner workings of a church during all seasons. Several churches whousually hire interns had to forgo the program for the 2009-2010 school year due to the economy and the hits it

    was making in their budget. Further, my graduating class is larger than the previous class, and there were alarge number of us looking for internships. So when I had the opportunity to meet with Chris Thomas andRichard Haney back in September of 2009, I was very excited. When I realized I would get to intern at achurch going through a transition from interim to permanent pastor, my opportunity became even more excit-ing as my look at the inner workings of a church would be even more in depth!

    Clearly the interview went well and here I ampreparing to say goodbye to a congregation that I havegrown to love. Some of you know a little bit about my background; I am a member at Northside Presbyterianin Chattanooga, TN. This is the only church I have ever called home, the only church that has ever supportedme, and the only church that I have ever really loveduntil now. The welcome I received upon coming toGrace Covenant was overwhelming. Everyone was so warm and friendly. It almost sounds clich to say so,but I have visited my fair share of churches and I can honestly say that GCPC is one of the friendliest congre-

    gations around! You were supportive of my endeavors; teaching Sunday school classes, emceeing Wednesdaynights, leading worship, and even preaching. You invited me to your homes, you invited me to teach yourclasses, you encouraged me in times I needed it most. You were quick to learn my name and to tell me yours,you laughed when I attempted humor, and you appreciated the work I put into any part of worship that I wasleading. You were able to constructively criticize me when it was necessary, you asked questions that mademe dig deeper, and you allowed me to try on a new identity as a seminary intern. For all of these things andso many more, thank you. Thank you for loving me, and please know that I have loved you back wholeheart-edly.

    I want to say a special thank you to Chris Thomas. Since we knew Richard would be leaving beforemy internship was over, we decided that Chris would be my supervisor. He has put in numerous hours, fillingout stuff for school, listening to me as I brainstormed out loud, or just talking theologically with me. He has

    challenged me on some ways of thinking and whether or not I changed my mind, the challenge was always agrowing opportunity. Steve Cobb has been equally wonderful and Ive enjoyed working with and learningfrom him! Steve, along with Chris Martin and Chris Thomas have been an excellent team to work with whenit comes to planning weekly worship services. I have learned so much from each of them and I want to thankthem publicly for being so patient with me, for helping me to learn, and for showing me a model worship plan-ning team.

    Ive only been with you for 8 months, but goodbye is still difficult. As a lot of you know, I have ac-cepted a position at the Medical Center of Virginia as a chaplain resident. This is a program through VCU thatallows me to earn a second masters degree in patient counseling. It is a year- long program so I will definitelybe in Richmond until at least July 2011. In that time, I hope to visit, run into you in the community, and comeback for some special occasions. Should you acquire another intern, he or she will

    be the luckiest seminary student in Richmond, and I wont mind letting him or her know it!Thank you for your support and your prayers; in fact I hope you will continue both! Please know I will

    always keep Grace Covenant in my prayers and I look forward to seeing what God has in your future as achurch and as a pillar in our city.

    Peace and love,

    Rachel M. Butler

  • 8/9/2019 Grace Notes June 2010


    Worship Support Duties and DatesOpeners/Closers

    June 6: Cal GrayJune 13: John LootensJune 20: Jeff Londrey

    June 27: Kent CardwellNursery VolunteersJune 6: Samara Grinnan, Lauren

    Corby, Carson Price, Caroline Appich

    June 13: Leslie Hartman, RebeccaHorner, Jo Garber, Beth Coltrain

    June 20: Stephanie Thomas, Ann

    Hubbard, Katie McCullough

    June 27: Katherine Arthur, JuliaPoppell, Nikki Hazelgrove

    GreetersJune 6: Bob Copeland, Everett

    Reveley, Leslie Hartman

    June 13: Lewis Rosebro, DavidMartin

    June 20: Kent Cardwell, EverettReveley, Leslie Hartman

    June 27: Brian Baird, StephanieThomas

    Childrens Worship KitsJudy Waldron

    Host/Hostess for The Fellowship TimeJune 6: The WinstonsJune 13: LuncheonJune 20: Dana McKnightJune 27: The Bairds

    Guest Register AttendantsJune 6: Betty AppichJune 13: Dawson WatkinsJune 20: Everett ReveleyJune 27: Lisa and Cal Gray

    Fellowship HourIf you would like to volunteer to host theFellowship Hour one Sunday, please sign upon the calendar in the Glass Office.

    Deacons FundGrace Covenant has a Deacons Fund to assistmembers who are in financial need. ContactPastor Steve Cobb, or Associate Pastor ChrisThomas, to make a request. All requests arekept confidential.

    Volunteers for Grace Notes are neededto help prepare our monthly newsletter forbulk mail from 9:00 a.m.12 noon onMonday, June 28. If you would like to helpfor part of, or all of that time frame, simplycome to the church library and enjoy somefellowship with other members as youvolunteer in this ministry.

    Grace Notes Deadline: Monday , June 21 isthe deadline for submissions for our Julyedition.

    Flowers: If you are interested in donatingflowers for the sanctuary for Sunday morn-ings, please contact Lisa Gray at 804-673-0587

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    Phone: (804) 359-2463 Fax: (804) 278-6298

    9:30 a.m. Sunday School for all ages in the Education Building11:00 a.m. Worship Service in the Sanctuary12:00 p.m. Congregational Fellowship in the Social Room

    StaffPastor: Steve Cobb

    Associate Pastor: Chris ThomasDirector of Music and Organist: Chris Martin

    Administrative Assistant: Vanessa StraitBookkeeper: Martha Rubin

    Sexton: Willie AlfordChild Development Center Director: Beth Lloyd, (804) 213-0200

    Church Office Hours: MondayFriday, 8:30 a.m.5:30 p.m.

    Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

    1627 Monument Avenue

    Richmond, VA 23220

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