Gov 1.0 vs. Gov 2.0


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Brief set of slides to describe the difference between Gov 1.0 (high information, low interaction, one website) and Gov 2.0 (high information, high interaction, multiple web locations and tools).

Transcript of Gov 1.0 vs. Gov 2.0

  • 1. Gov 1.0 vs. Gov 2.01

2. 2 3. 3 4. With the new, function-rich infrastructure of Web 2.0, government no longer needs to work on its own to provide public value.-Anthony WilliamsCo-Author, 5. Our generation of public servants strongly believed and still believes that government should work for the people, but we did not really understand that we also needed to work with the people. The truth is todays challenges are too big for government to solve alone. It is time to re-engage citizens in the work of government to solve the wicked problems of our times. -Valerie LemmieNational Academy of Public Administration 6. Ordinary peoplepossess information serious, expert, fact-based, scientific information to enhance decision-making, information not otherwise available to isolated bureaucrats. people are ready and willing to share that information across geographic, disciplinary, and institutional boundaries.- Beth Noveck, Wiki Government 7. Government as platform- Tim OReilly 8. 8 9. Internal ExternalProcesses PolicyRecruitment Regulation Training Security Public Affairs SocialWeb 2.0 Tools = Enablers Blogs NetworkingWikisVideo SharingMicrosharing PodcastsMash-Ups RSS9 10. 10 11. 11