Gourmet Footwear - 2016/8/31 Du Jour ¢â‚¬â€œ Gourmet Footwear...

download Gourmet Footwear - 2016/8/31 Du Jour ¢â‚¬â€œ Gourmet Footwear ... We teamed up with Boston-based sports

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Transcript of Gourmet Footwear - 2016/8/31 Du Jour ¢â‚¬â€œ Gourmet Footwear...

  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du­jour 1/6

    Introducing The UBIQ x Gourmet 35 Lite TX

    We have collaborated with UBIQ once again to bring you this exclusive 35 TX... READ THE ARTICLE →

    Introducing the GRMT x '47 Collection

    About Stockists Du Jour

     Gourmet Footwear

    s 

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/51600964-introducing-the-ubiq-x-gourmet-35-lite-tx http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/51600964-introducing-the-ubiq-x-gourmet-35-lite-tx http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/50023428-introducing-the-grmt-x-47-collection http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/pages/the-house http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/apps/store-locator/ http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/ http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/search http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/cart

  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du­jour 2/6

    We teamed up with Boston-based sports lifestyle brand label ‘47 for our newest collaboration Gourmet X ‘47.  This collection represents another timeless sportswear look showcasing both brands to their Italian-American heritage.  We feel like this collection is very special and will truly be respected and admired.  This collab drop carries hats, beanies, t-shirts, and very exclusive pennants for the collection.  Take a look at the gallery, these products are available for purchase on 09/24/15.   READ THE ARTICLE →

    Babylon Cartel White Pack

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/50023428-introducing-the-grmt-x-47-collection http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/35908612-babylon-cartel-white-pack

  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du­jour 3/6

  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du­jour 4/6

    Babylon Cartel's Gianni Lee has been making huge strides in fashion, music and art over the past 5 years. Here he adds his own spin on the white pack in some of favorite hide outs in downtown Los Angeles. 


    ANON presents The ANON Store

    There isn’t much the creatives at A Number of Names can’t curate beautifully. Add a ᠚﫭ag ship shop to their resume. The newest venture from our UK distro features a season of ANON branded clothing pieces along with some seasonal o廐ىضerings from heavy list of distribution partnerships. If you’re in London this Saturday, make sure you pop into the shop as were sure product will move fast.


    ANON Presents SP15 at Lina Italian Market

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/35908612-babylon-cartel-white-pack http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/34510788-anon-presents-the-anon-store http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/34510788-anon-presents-the-anon-store http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du-jour/34511236-anon-presents-sp15-at-lina-italian-market

  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

    http://www.gourmetfootwear.com/blogs/du­jour 5/6

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    A Number of Names has curated Gourmet Footwear beautifully over the years. Placing the brand in some of the most prestigious accounts, executing memorable in-store activations, as well as designing incredible cobranded footwear styles. This particular piece is another 븱�ne example of their representation of the Gourmet vision. Lina Italian Market in the Soho section of London imports and sell authentic Italian produce. This segment takes Spring 15 through the unrivaled selection of meats, cheeses, and antipastas with a narrative by Greg Lucci. Filmed and edited by Joseph J Marshall.


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  • 2016/8/31 Du Jour – Gourmet Footwear

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