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Transcript of Gosh Darn!! - Blue Dogwood Designs · PDF file Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs...

  • Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs www.BlueDogwoodDesigns.com

    March 2016!! Edited March 7, line 1, Thanks Pat Thompson and April 10, line 7-8-9 Diane Russell.

    Order your line drawn canvas on the website $31 plus shipping/handling.

    Gosh Darn!! an original Needlepoint project from Blue Dogwood Designs

    Gosh Darn!!

    The new 2016 monthly project!

    March uses Pure Palette Soy Luster and the first of

    4 Vicki Day Designs hand-dyed silk ribbon. Be sure to read all tips for stitching with ribbon!!

    Finished size is 6.5 in x 8.5 in on 18 count.

    Draw your own from January's Stitchguide or

    order for $31 plus tax/S/H (where applicable)

    here: https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/elements/pages/stitchguides/

    Vicki Day Silk Ribbons can be ordered here: https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/featured_item/goshdarn/

    March is area #3. Our first stitching with the silk

    ribbon! See notes on how to use every inch!!


    12 Pure Palette Soy Luster (Yes, really... Soy!!) from Dream House Ventures DO NOT CUT THREADS... WIND ON SPOOL

    4 of Vicki Day Designs 4mm Hand-dyed silk ribbon - serious colors - dyed using River Silks so you know the quality is the best!

    https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/elements/pages/stitchguides/ https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/featured_item/goshdarn/

  • Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs www.BlueDogwoodDesigns.com

    March: Soy Luster Acid Green #400, Phosphor #398, Blue Bonnets #278, Egyptian Lapis #280 and Vicki Day Silk Ribbon 4mm Water Lilies. Start with lighter green Phospor #398 and long double loop start for the green vine line from left to right. Stitch the light green on the diagram below. The first stitch on the left does not share hole with white border but the last stitch on the right does. Second with darker blue #280 Egyptian Lapis and 3 20" lengths in the needle, darn the dark blue top banner only on the diagram below with a running stitch the top row of single stitches all the way across left to right. Come back darning the next row from right to left - that row is over 3 and under 1. Follow with the rest of the pattern of Egyptian Lapis across and back to complete that top pattern. Those dark blue in the middle will be stitched AFTER the ribbon! Third with lighter blue #278 Blue Bonnets, 3 strands in the needle long length, begin the bottom pattern. There are 3 rows - going back and forth darning the running stitches. You can see from the diagram which share the white border on the left and right. Now let's talk about ribbon!! We are going to use every inch of this ribbon, so follow this advice on starting, stopping and locking onto the needle. Every inch counts!! Vicki Day uses River Silks ribbon is very strong and high quality. The edges do not fray and ends will not unravel. Read the whole next page before cutting into the ribbon! First, lock the ribbon onto the needle. This prevents the ribbon from coming off the needle as you stitch... one less thing to think about. Thread the ribbon through your needle and then pierce the end of the ribbon about a quarter of an inch. Then pull on the long end and the ribbon will lock onto your needle with

    a very tiny tail at the eye.

    p.s. Dark blue at line 7-8-9 and 11-12-13 were corrected to match all other diagrams, Thanks, Diane R.

    Locking ribbon on your needle. Thread needle, pierce 1/4 " from end, pull on long end.

  • Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs www.BlueDogwoodDesigns.com

    Lock ribbon onto canvas. Make your first stitch on the pattern with the ribbon and turn over to the back side. Pull the ribbon through leaving only 1/2". Pierce that 1/2" and then pull the ribbon till it locks. That will lock the ribbon to the canvas. No need to make a waste knot, no need to hold 1-2 inches behind to catch. The key to ribbon is keeping it slightly loose and flat. Adjust that first stitch snugging the lock on the back and flip over to the front and make sure the stitch is flat.. slightly loose... might have to put the needle under it and futz* to puff it up slightly. Then stitch the pattern across the canvas - keeping the ribbon flat and not too tight. Follow the directional arrows as shown in the diagram. To end with ribbon. Flip to the backside and pierce one of the ribbon stitches - easy so as not to disturb the front. Then make a back stitch close by and that will lock the ribbon and you can cut off by trimming short. You save 1.25 inches at the start... 1.25 inches at the end. For every length of ribbon that is 2.5 inches and if we cut from the spool 4 times, you have saved 10 inches!! Like gold!! The ribbon will not ravel or fray, so your locks and backstitches are secure. Thank you, River Silks, for great quality ribbon! Thank you, Vicki Day, for the fabulous hand dyed color changes! Next page is how long to cut ribbon and begin to stitch!!

    Make first stitch of pattern Flip to back, pierce end Pull end to start the lock

    Back side - snugged Front first stitch *Futz? It's a technical term!

  • Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs www.BlueDogwoodDesigns.com

    Now.... cut a length 20 inches of 4mm Water Lilies for the pattern. You will have plenty to go all the way across and save what is left. Start at the left side and stitch in the number order and follow arrows for the direction. The first 4, then drag your ribbon on the back up to #5. The drag on the back between #8 and #9 is shorter. Continue across the block as shown on the diagram on page 2.

    Next is to add those dark blue stitches of #280 Egyptian Lapis in the middle band pattern with 3 ply in your needle. Start on the left and work to the right of the area. Lots of stuff on the back to cover up when you move from the first top 3 to the lower 3. Careful to not disturb the ribbon on the back/front.

    French Knots with darker green #400 Acid Green. Take a long length (25 inches after it is doubled over) for a Loop Start. Single wrap French Knots starting at the left and moving right. You can stitch the lower ones then drag thread on the back to the upper ones, lower ones, upper ones etc. The French Knots are marked in red on the diagram to be easily seen. Looks like a tent stitch on the diagram to show direction over the thread... but it is a single wrap French Knot.

  • Gosh Darn!! ©2016 Blue Dogwood Designs www.BlueDogwoodDesigns.com

    Best, My best friends are stitchers, Kay @ Blue Dogwood Designs 425 931 3111 Questions? Email me at [email protected]

    Final Vine Leaves with darker green #400 Acid Green. Another long length doubled over for Loop Start on

    the left and stitch the top leaf, bottom leaf, top leaf ... across the band. They are marked red on the

    diagram below. Top ones a different shape than the bottom ones.

    p.s. correction made to dark blue line 7-8-9 and 11-12-13 to be consistent with previous diagrams. Thanks, Diane R.

    mailto:[email protected]