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How to improve organizational innovation and productivity. How to overcome obstacles of growth.

Transcript of Gosei - to next level

Gosei-To Next Level growth companies


To The Next Level


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We have a growing business, but its not growing so fast any


A lot of things is going on, but how can I make sure we focus on

the right things.

The amount of people has increased, and its becoming messy.

Dealing with customer complaints is taking more and more


How can we sustain the good spirit of early days when there are

more people

How do we make sure we improve continuously and learn

systematically 2

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Facing a plateau

Growth stalls when internal

capabilities meet their limits

with external conditions


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What is required to move to the next level?

Discovering where we can be the best

and focusing to it

Organizing work wisely to manage

increasing complexity

Cultivating the culture of learning and


Ingraining a systematic way of


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What makes this challenging?

Organizational habits are based on what worked in the past

These habits limit our capabilities to see new possibilities

Habits are based on our deep beliefs and assumptions, that we

are not even aware of

Without a clear, systematic way, we cannot overcome the

power of these habits 5

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And, of course

People resist the change

because they are the objects,

not the actors of the change


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How Go&See changes that?

It makes people on all levels actors of the change

It gives them a systematic way to innovate and explore in a safe



The key to new innovations is Deliberate Experimentation


Design Experiments

Measure Work


Validated learning

Build experimentData

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Go&SeeTM Experiment Makes your thinking explicit, which allows improving it

1 State your assumptions of how things work could work better

2 Dene experiments that test your most important


3 Run experiments

4 Validate the results versus expectations

5 Conrm or reformulate assumptions9




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Go&SeeTM Experimentation Example


Assumption What to experiment How to validate Validation resultBusiness value

Focusing and limiting WIP improves the Time-To-Market

Abandon all but most promising 3 games from all the queues. Do ONE games per a team at a time.

Measure the delivery times (should be 4 times faster). Eliminating queues should cut > 1 year of waiting time.

Queues eliminated (buered). Time to complete a game takes now 4 months. (6x improvement)

20 months revenue (one time write-o of queue)

Cross-functional teams enhance collaboration and are faster than specialized teams

Combine graphics design, development and deployment people in teams

Measure the output from the team and compare it to previous results. Check that the 75 % of the wait times are gone.

50% waiting time was cutProductivity increase expecetd

Balancing demands to capacity improves throughput

Limit the number of selected ideas based on system capacity

Measure the games produced / year (should increase). Check improvement in customer satisfaction.

Queues eliminated. 3x times more games got produced. Customer more involved and satised. More time to get WOW-eect to graphics. Time to complete a game takes now 4 months. (6x improvement)

20 months revenue


Go&SeeTM in Practice

Go&See Step - Experimentation Guide

Title Boundaries


What do you want to learn and why?

Frame the experiment

How this experiments leads to learning and decision making, how is this useful, is this the riskiest/important enough to be done?

Hypothesis to test


Describe the experiment

How are you going to try this out?


How this experiment is safe to run and how do you recover / mitigate the risks

Risk How to mitigate

Measures (Qualitative / Quantative)

Positive: How do you measure that the hypothesis was valid?

Negative: How do you measure that the hypothesis was invalid?

Safety: How do measure if it is (still) safe?Experiment backlog (Tasks to be done)

Task Size

Experiment results and learnings

What did you learn and did you (in)validated the hypothesis?

Next steps (Given what you learned, what's next?)

All Right's Reserved 2013 Gosei Oy - Go&See Step Template Version 2.1

Systematic Improvement

By people who know the work

Supported by a Go&See coachAssume-Experiment-Validate-Learn

Gosei Oy all rights reserved.

Go&SeeTM takes you to the next level

Connects improvement to day-to-day work

Creates new thinking while solving real problems

Challenges current thinking in a safe way

Gives measurable results that make fact-based

decision making possible

With time becomes a habit and creates continuous


12more information: [email protected]