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Transcript of Gooding jonathon pp_pslideshow_pcp_1503

  1. 1. woodleywonderworks via Compght cc All great changes are preceded by chaos Deepak Chopra
  2. 2. Broad Bean Media via Compght cc Jonathon Corey Gooding Loyal motivated 3D animator- Mantra
  3. 3. The National Guard via Compght cc I was born into a military family
  4. 4. hjl via Compght cc Never very comfortable from moving a lot
  5. 5. Kevin Dinkel via Compght cc Even when I was little being a loner was easier than looking for friends
  6. 6. MattyGregs via Compght cc N64 and early computer games became my outlet
  7. 7. Cubmundo via Compght cc Closed gamer lasted till high school, when I joined the band
  8. 8. jaceyOphotos via Compght cc high school racing to an end, no idea what do do with my life
  9. 9. expertinfantry via Compght cc I looked at the military first for answers on what to do
  10. 10. Larry Johnson via Compght cc Heard about Fullsail before committing to the military
  11. 11. Gateavisa via Compfight cc Chose school. Enter crazy, busy, awesome life. I love everything about it.
  12. 12. Karen Roe via Compght cc Time to heat things up and show some skill and art!
  13. 13. My Photo Clay charter sculpting
  14. 14. Clay Environment Sculpting My photo
  15. 15. Shading and lighting My Photo
  16. 16. My Photo More Shading and Lighting
  17. 17. Overcoming setbacks My Photo
  18. 18. To make something amazing My Photo
  19. 19. jonny goldstein via Compght cc Unfortunately I cant show you what I want to do for my career
  20. 20. HJ Media Studios via Compght cc I want to be an animator.
  21. 21. westconn via Compght cc This will be my career. I will animate
  22. 22. I am an amateur, but I know if I keep fighting ill be amazing Jene Kirishima via Compght cc
  23. 23. HowardLake via Compght cc THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!
  24. 24. Breanna Tindle ME Contact me Facebook: Jonathon C. Gooding Primary Email: [email protected] Secondary Email: [email protected]