GOLF. Preparation Must have equipment Must have equipment Clubs Clubs Balls Balls Tees Tees...

download GOLF. Preparation Must have equipment Must have equipment Clubs Clubs Balls Balls Tees Tees Shoes-barefoot not allowed Shoes-barefoot not allowed Recommend

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Transcript of GOLF. Preparation Must have equipment Must have equipment Clubs Clubs Balls Balls Tees Tees...

  • GOLF

  • PreparationMust have equipmentClubsBallsTeesShoes-barefoot not allowedRecommend golf shoes, but not required.NO METAL SPIKESCall course make a tee timeWhat to wear?Collared shirtBlue jeans not allowed on many courses

  • When arrive at courseGo into club housePay all feesSign inBeverages wantedPick up a scorecardLook over course rulesGet equipment & yourself ready to golfGo to first tee

  • Basic format of golfTee the ball hitHit ball with either woods or irons until on the greenPutt ball into holeRetrieve equipmentGo to the next tee areaWrite score on score card for previous holeDo it all over again!

  • Teeing the BallDetermine who hits firstHonorTee TossTee up from behind the markersTee up from within 2 club lengths behindHow to tee the ballQUIET

  • THE IDEA IS: Your

  • What could go wrongWhiffSwing & barely touch ball stays on teeSwing & barely touch ball off teeSwing & hit ballWhite stakesRed stakesBlue stakesWater

  • Shots hit to try to reach greenAway always hits firstReplace your divot pleaseHit shot into White stakes areaRed stakes areaWhiffWinter rules10 second ruleWhere do you put your equipment?

  • Near the GreenApproachClubs to useWhat to do about the pinPull it?Tend it?Leave it?

    Where do you put your equipment?

  • Once all Balls are on the GreenPin must be pulledRepair your ball marks tool usedMarking your ball button, coinBalls in your lineAwayPutting out Gimme putts

  • Result of holeReplace the pinImmediately leave the greenUse the backsideRetrieve equipmentGo to next tee areaWrite score on score card

  • Scoring of holePar-what a good golfer would need to reach the green plus two puttsBirdie-one under parEagle-two under parBogey-one over parDouble bogey-two over par

  • Symbols used to identify scoresPar simply leave it aloneBirdie use a circleEagle use a triangleBogey use a squareDouble Bogey use a double square

    434ParMy Score4244546

  • Other points of interestQUIET - while someone is hitting or preparing to hitStay out of golfers line of vision distracting!When playing on course be aware of your speed of play to insure enjoyment of other players allow faster players to play throughMarkers on course for distancesBlue 200White 150Red 100

  • Usual Golf GamesMatch play Each hole is a separate contest. The winner is the one who wins the most holes.

    Stroke play Also known as Medal play. The total strokes for the round determines the winner

  • Golf Games that could be playedScrambleBest BallBingo, Bango, BongoDouble ParScotchOthers?

    *This is the choice of the golfer.If it is coming fast Ill pull the pin, if it is coming slow Ill leave it in.Abuse the pin