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Transcript of Gold First 2015 Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

  • Gold First 2015 - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

    Gold First 2015

    Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

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    Unit 1

    6 live adj lav live en live, en direct in direttaHe prefers going to a live concert instead of listening to the

    album at home.

    6 gig n gg Auftritt, Gig concert concerto The band are doing a gig in Sheffield on Nov 12.

    6 fan n fn Fan fan, admirateur fan, tifoso He's a big fan of Elvis Presley.

    6 particular adj ptkjl besonders, speziell exact, prcis particolare In this particular case, no one else was involved.

    6 computer n kmpjut Computer ordinateur computer The information is stored on the computer.

    6 DVD n divdi DVD DVD DVD The film is now on DVD.

    6 have friends round phrasal v hv frends rand Freunde zu Besuch


    avoir des amis la

    maisonavere dei amici in visita I had some friends round for dinner last night.

    6 guitar n gt Gitarre guitare chitarra Her brother plays the guitar in a band.

    6 theatre n t Theater thtre teatro We went to the theatre to see The Lion King last week.

    6 yoga n jg Yoga yoga yoga She does yoga every Monday.

    6 relax v rlks sich entspannen se dtendre, se relaxer rilassarsi I just want to sit down and relax for a bit.

    6 close adj kls nah, eng, innig proche stretto, intimo My brother and I are very close.

    7 tend v tend neigen zu avoir tendance tendere a People tend to need less sleep as they get older.

    7 switch off phrasal v swt f abschalten dconnecter distrarsi I switch off by listening to music.

    7 bring up phrasal v brng p aufziehen, groziehen lever allevare He was brought up by his grandparents.

    7 activity n ktvti Aktivitt activit attivit My free time activities include hiking and climbing.

    7 vary v veri wechseln varier mutare My taste in music varies, depending on my mood.

    8 subculture n sbklt Subkultur sous-culture subcultura The article is about music subcultures.

    8 like-minded adj lakmandd gleichgesinnt de mme espritche ha affinit di vedute

    e interessiThe festival was a chance to meet like-minded people.

    8 bond v bnd eine Bindung aufbauen nouer des liens creare un legame New mothers need time to bond with their babies.

    8 on its way out n phrase n ts we atbald der Vergangenheit

    angehrentendre disparatre

    appartenere al passato


    I think buying music on CD is on its way out - I download

    everything now.

    8 average adj vrd durchschnittlich moyen mediocre, medio He's an average student.

    8 reaction n rikn Reaktion raction reazione What was Jeff's reaction when you told him about the job?

    8 impression n mpren Eindruck impression impressione I got the impression that she wasn't very happy with her job.

    8 behaviour n bhavj Verhalten, Benehmen comportement comportamento It is important to reward good behaviour.

    8 base something on phrasal v bes sm n beruhen auf reposer sur fondarsi su, basarsi su Their impressions were based on the clothes they wore.

    Pearson Deutschland GmbH, 2015

  • Gold First 2015 - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

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    SpeechPronunciation German French Italian Example sentence

    8 mod n mddie Mods (Londoner

    Modernen)les Mods i mod The mods used to listen to soul music.

    8 style-conscious adj tal kns stilbewusst soucieux de son style conscio di stile The style-conscious mods of the 1960s dressed very neatly.

    8 roam around v phrase rm rand herumstromern vagabonder andare in giro The dogs are allowed to roam around.

    8 scooter adj skut Motorroller trottinette, scooter (moto)scooter The mods rode around on their scooters.

    8 passing adj ps vorbeifahrend qui passe passando Michael watched the passing cars.

    8 rocker n rk Rocker rockeur/euse rocker The rockers used to fight with the mods.

    8 identify v adentfa identifizieren identifier identificare The aircraft were identified as American.

    8 grease v gris pomadisierenappliquer de la

    pommademettere gommina The rockers used to grease their hair.

    8 punk n pnk Punk punk punk Punks would dye their hair pink.

    8 terrorise v terraz Angst einjagen terroriser, terrifier mettere paura My dog likes terrorising rabbits when we go out on walks.

    8 granny n grni Gromutter grand-mre nonna My granny made me this jumper.

    8 come across phrasal v km krs wirken apparatre comme qn.sembrare, dare

    l'impressione diHe comes across as a very intelligent sensitive man.

    8 be associated with v phrase bi sietd w einhergehen mit li accompagnarsi There are some problems associated with this type treatment.

    8 cultural adj kltrl kulturell culturel culturaleThere are very real cultural differences between our two


    8 tribe n trab Sippe, Gruppe tribu clan, gruppo Tribes today are looser and broader than before.

    8 loose adj lus locker libre, lche libero, sregolato The tribes today are looser than before.

    8 broad adj brd breit gefchert large largo, ampio, vasto The show aims to reach the broadest possible audience.

    8 access v kses zugreifen auf accder accedere a Music is accessed very differently these days.

    8 stream v strimabspielen (von einem


    transfrer sous forme

    de flux continu

    fare lo streaming,

    mettere (su),Today records are streamed or downloaded.

    8 download v danld herunterladen tlcharger scaricare The games can be downloaded free from the internet.

    8 explore v kspl entdecken, erkunden explorer esplorare, scoprire Nowadays it is easy to explore all kinds of music.

    8 openness n pnns Offenheit ouverture d'esprit franchezza An openness to music is now a natural part of being young.

    8 observe v bzv beobachten observer osservare Scientists have observed a drop in ozone levels.

    8 participate v patspet teilnehmen prendre part, participer partecipare Some members refused to participate.

    8 pride n prad Stolz orgueil orgoglio He wore his medals with pride.

    8 aggression n gren Aggression aggression aggressione Television violence can encourage aggression in children.

    8 statement n stetmnt Aussage dclaration affermazione The type of car you drive makes a statement about you.

    8 odd adj d merkwrdig trange, bizarre strano It was an odd thing to say.

    8 mass adj ms Massen- masse di massaEmail has made mass mailings possible at the touch of a


    Pearson Deutschland GmbH, 2015

  • Gold First 2015 - Wordlist English / German / French / Italian

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    SpeechPronunciation German French Italian Example sentence

    8 undergound adj ndgrand Underground- d'avant-garde undergoundThe most underground metal or hip-hop can be found not just

    on the internet.

    8 metal n metl Metal mtal metal He likes listening to heavy metal music.

    8 hip-hop n hphp Hip-Hop hip-hop hip-hop The kids in the area are all into hip-hop.

    8 restricted to adj ristrktd t beschrnkt auf restreint, limit ristretto aThe biggest change to pop tribes is that they are no longer

    restricted to young people.

    8 audience n dins Publikum public, audience pubblico The show attracts a regular audience of about 20 million.

    9 expand v kspnd (an-)wachsen, ansteigen augmentercrescere, accrescersi,

    aumentareSydney's population expanded rapidly in the 1960s.

    9 consequence n knskwens Folge consquence conseguenzaMany believe that poverty is a direct consequence of


    9 mainstream n menstrim Mainstream courant dominant mainstream All kinds of music are now found in the mainstream.

    9 make up for phrasal v mek p f wiedergutmachen se faire pardonner qc riparare, compensare I'll buy you dinner to make up for being late.

    9 taste n test Geschmack got gusto He asked about my taste in music.

    9 stage n sted Stufe, Phase, Abschnitt tape fase, periodo He's doing really well at this stage in his career.

    9 adulthood n dlthdErwachsensein,

    Erwachsenenalterge adulte

    et adulta, l'essere

    adultoIt's a stage people go through before adulthood.

    9 experience v iksprins erfahren, verspren ressentirprovare, fare

    l'esperienza diIf you experience any fever or dizziness, contact your doctor.

    9 track n trk Titel, Stck morceau, chanson titolo, brano There are ten great tracks on their new album.

    9 cassette n kset Kassette cassette cassetta My parents used to listen to music on cassettes.

    9 lack n lk Mangel manque mancanza There is a lack of information available about climate change.

    9 visible adj vzbl sichtbar visible visibileThe outline of the mountains was clearly visible through the


    9 overlap v vlp sich berschneiden concider avec sovrapporsiYoungsters are finding that their music taste overlaps with

    their parents'.

    10 overtime n vtam berstunden heures supplmentaires straordinari We're working overtime to get the job finished.

    10 editor n edt Redakteur/in rdacteur/rdactrice redattore(-trice) The music editor is on sick leave this week.

    10 sick leave n sk livKrankheitsurlaub,

    krankgeschrieben seincong maladie essere in malattia I'm going on sick leave this afternoon, I'll be back next week.

    10 appear v p (zu sein) scheinen sembler que sembrare, apparire It appears to be time for us to go.

    10 appear v p erscheinen, auftreten apparatre apparire She has already appeared in a number of films.

    10 think about v nk bat denken an penser pensare a I think about my ex-boyfriend a lot.

    10 think v nk denken penser pensare I think you're being unfair.

    10depend on

    somebodyphrasal v dpend n smbdi