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ideas for implementing year 9 Depth Study Making a Better World in the Australian History course

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  • 1. Gold Changed EverythingYear 9 Depth Study 1: Making a Better World?Marion LittlejohnEducation Officer Sovereign Hill MuseumsHTAV Middle Years Conference, October 2012

2. Depth studiesThere are three depth studies for this historical period.1 Making a Better World?2 Australia and Asia3 World War IFor each depth study, there are up to three electivesthat focus on a particular society, event, movement ordevelopment.It is expected that ONE elective will be studied in detail. 3. Depth Study 1Making a Better World?Students investigate how life changed in the period indepth through the study of ONE of these majordevelopments: 1. The Industrial Revolution (1750 1914) 2. Movement of peoples (1750 1901) 3. Progressive ideas and movements (1750 1918)The study includes the causes and effects of thedevelopment, and the Australian experience. 4. Progressive ideas and movements (1750 1918) The emergence and nature of key ideas in the period, with a particular focus on ONE of the following: capitalism, socialism, egalitarianism, nationalism, imperialism, Darwinism, Chartism The reasons why ONE key idea emerged and/or developed a following, such as the influence of the Industrial Revolution on socialism The role of an individual or group in the promotion of ONE of these key ideas, and the responses to it from, for example, workers, entrepreneurs, land owners, religious groups The short and long-term impacts of ONE of these ideas on Australia and the world 5. Key inquiry questions (same for all Depth Studies) What were the changing features of the movements ofpeople from 1750 to 1918? How did new ideas and technological developmentscontribute to change in this period? What was the origin, development, significance and long-term impact of imperialism in this period? What was the significance of World War I? 6. Inquiry question How did new ideas andtechnological developmentscontribute to change in thisperiod? Gutenberg Printing Press, c. 1440 7. The Industrial RevolutionInquiry question How did new ideas and technological developmentscontribute to change in this period? 8. Inquiry QuestionWhat was the origin, Queen Victoriadevelopment, [ 1819-1901 ]significance and Bylong-term impact ofFranz Xaverimperialism in thisWinterhalterperiod?1837 Victoria crowned Queen of Great Britain and Ireland 9. British Empire in 1886 (Inset shows British Territories in 1776) 10. Inquiry question How did new ideas and technologicaldevelopments contribute to change in thisperiod?From the "Bertoloni Album," 1839[The Oriel Window, SouthGallery, Lacock Abbey], 1835 or 1839William Henry Fox TalbotWilliam Henry Fox TalbotPhotogenic drawing(British, 18001877)Album of 36 photogenic drawingsMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 11. Replica of Richard Trevithicks 1804 locomotive at the National WaterfrontMuseum, Swansea. 12. 1808 Trevithick charged one shilling at his Steam Circusto view his Catch me who can steam locomotive 13. Isambard KingdomBrunel 1806-1859by the launching chainsof the Great Easternby Robert Howlett, 1857 14. Brunels Great Western railway linking London to Bristol included this two-mile-long Tunnel at Box; then the longest railway tunnel in the world. Construction began in 1836 and the tunnel opened in 1841. 15. The Vulcan, the first steam locomotive on the Great Western Railway. It ran on a short stretch of completed track on 28 December 1837. 16. By 1846 5,000 miles of railway track are laid in Britain 17. Launch of Great Britain at Bristol, July 1843. Painting by Joseph WalterLaunch of the Great Britain by HRH Prince Albert in 1843 18. 1838 Publication ofThe Peoples Charterstart of Chartism 19. 1840 The Penny Post is introduced in Britain 20. 1842 end of first Opium War Britain gains Hong Kong 21. Inquiry Question How did new ideas and technological developments contribute to change in this period?Edward Jennerby James Northcote1840 Smallpox vaccination - using cowpox - provided free in Britain- other treatments of smallpox banned 22. Reenactment first use of ether Massachusetts General Hospital1846 23. 1854 John Snow links contaminatedwater to the spread of choleraFlorence Nightingalec. 1860 24. A ward in the hospital at Scutari, 1856 (Crimean War) 25. The Chartist Demonstration on KenningtonCommon, 10th April 1848,by William Barnes Wollen1848 Major Chartist demonstration in London 26. The Great Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common, London, April 10, 1848, photograph taken by William Kilburn. Black-and-white photograph with applied colour.Original at Windsor Castle. 27. "The Declaration of Independence"by John Trumbull (mural in the Capitol Building,Washington D.C.)We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are createdequal, that they are endowed bytheir Creator with certainunalienable Rights, that amongthese are Life, Liberty and thepursuit of Happiness.4th July, 1776 28. Inquiry QuestionWhat was the origin,development, significance andlong-term impact ofimperialism in this period? 29. The Emigrants 1844 by Elizabeth Walker 30. Poole, P.F. The Emigrants Departure, 1838 31. Ercildoune1835 1851 The Port Phillip District of NSW was developing as a Squattocracy 32. The Great Exhibition of 1851The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London. 33. Gold Changed Everything? 34. The Forest Creek Diggings,Inquiry Question Mount Alexander,What were the changing features of the movements of people London Illustratedfrom 1750 to 1918?News, 1852 35. S.T. Gill, The Rush 36. Ford Maddox-Brown, The Last Of England, 1854 37. Inquiry Question What were the changing features of the movements of people from 1750 to 1918?Port Phillip Society 1835 - 1851Victoria changed by gold 1851 38. S.T. Gill. Butchers Shamble, F. Creek 39. S.T. Gill, Diggers Hut, Canvas & Bark 1852 40. Samuel Brees, Flemington Road, 1856 41. 1883 the 100th steam locomotive to be built in Ballarats Phoenix FoundryPhoenix Foundry, Ballarat 1873Inquiry questionHow did new ideas andtechnological developmentscontribute to change in thisperiod? 42. Ballarat - view from the Town Hall, 1872 43. Charles Darwin,aged 45 in 1854, by then workingtowards publication ofOn the Origin of SpeciesPublished 1859 Inquiry question How did new ideas and technological developments contribute to change in this period? 44. Inquiry questionWhat was the origin,development,significance and long-term impact ofimperialism in thisperiod? 45. The Industrial RevolutionWikipedia has an excellent overview Educational websiteBritish online encyclopaedia created to provide free education materials for teachersand students in the UK. Has an excellent section on the Industrial Revolution dividedinto easily searchable topics of the Great Western RailwayA good site for train enthusiasts Great Britain Museum web page of Photography quick link to all digitised resources held in Australian museums, libraries and culturalinstitutions.Includes books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more