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  • 2. Ardeshir started manufacturing locks in a tiny shed inLalbaug, in Central Mumbai. His brother Pirojsha Godrej joined the business in theyear 1906. Their efforts eventually lead to the foundation of theGODREJ empire. Pirojsha laid the foundation for the sprawlingindustrial garden township now called Pirojshanagarin the suburbs of Mumbai.
  • 3. Presently exporting their products to 30countries. The first company in the world to develop thetechnology to manufacture soap with vegetableoils. The spirit of entrepreneurship, the vision of adynamic tomorrow, and the capacity to build andrealize dreams! This is the essence of the Godrejgroup.
  • 4. Real estate FMCG Industrial Engineering Appliances Furniture Security Agri-Care
  • 6. Fair Glow is endorsed by Godrej.Here companies use both the company brand name andthe product brand; however, the product brand nameis given more importance. The name of the company ismentioned just to tell the customers which company isbehind the product and endorsing the brand.Endorsement signifies the assurance of quality bytransferring certain associations that increase the trustof the consumers.
  • 7. Advantages Increases customers trust in the product. Allows freedom to the brand to get its owndistinction
  • 8. Godrej, which was initially a brand which signifiedlocks and cupboards, later on entered into wholenew product categories like refrigerators, furnitureand real estate Brand Extension is a marketing strategy according towhich, a well known brand uses the same brandname to enter into a totally unrelated productcategory. It is done primarily to leverage on theexisting brand equity
  • 9. GODREJ APPLIANCESIn this approach the company uses the company name itself as abrand for all the products across diverse categories.Advantages of Umbrella Branding There are huge cost advantages since the investment is madeonly in a single brand name. The customers feel comfortablebuying a new product with a familiar brand name.
  • 10. GODREJ CINTHOLDouble branding combines umbrella branding and productbranding concepts. Here the brand name has the name of thecompany as well as that of the product. Both names areaccorded equal importance in the marketing communication.
  • 11. Advantages: The product benefits from both the company name and theproduct brand name The investment in double branding is much less than a stand-alone product branding approach.
  • 12. The strategy adopted by Godrej company. They have introducedmany brands in the soaps and other products so that nosegment is left untouched. It has Godrej No1 Rose, in theultra-premium segment, Godrej No.1 for the economysegement and brands like Cinthol lome, cinthol fresh for theintervening segments..
  • 13. multiple brand strategy helps the godrej to protect its majorbrand by setting up flanked brands. Sometimes the companyinherits different brand names in the process of acquiringother companies and each brand name has a loyal following .
  • 14. EZEE Product flanking refers to the introduction of differentcombinations of products at different prices, to cover asmany market segments as possible. It is basicallyoffering the same product in different sizes and pricecombinations to tap diverse market opportunities.
  • 15. The introduction of Ezee in small sachet has, for example,made them affordable to the lower segment of consumerswho previously could not afford to spend anywhere betweenRs.30 and Rs.40 for a standard bottle of a Ezee..
  • 16. Thank you.