Godfrey Daniels Archives

Godfrey Daniels 35 years of fine Folk Music


Godfrey Daniels Coffeehouse, archives program for MARAC_Bethlehem, October 22nd, 2011

Transcript of Godfrey Daniels Archives

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Godfrey Daniels

35 years of fine Folk Music

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Godfrey’s Archives ProgramGraphic arts: 1. Posters2. Caricatures3. Photos4. In-house history5. Newsprint

Audio, video and internet:

1. Live recordings on cassette, DAT, CD and computer files

2. Radio - Live at Godfrey’s 3. Video 4. Web site5. Facebook

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…. from the street…

.. to the stage…

Godfrey Daniels, 7 East Fourth Street, Bethlehem, PA

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Godfrey’s In-house archives

Page 5: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Godfrey’s newspaper ad (1976)

Lehigh University’s Brown and White, Gene Mater (1976)

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Godfrey’s monthly posters

Godfrey’s monthly calendar, used as a poster and as a

mailer/ flyer.

Front fence, and first Gene Mater picture with GD performer (1976)

Brick fence, and more caricatures (1977)

Page 7: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Gene Mater’s caricatures

Eric Frandsen

The Village Squares

Christine Lavin

Lo Jai, from Quebec

U. Utah Phillips, Golden Voice of the Great


Clay BucknerRed Clay Ramblers

Gatemouth Brown


Skyline bluegrass

Page 8: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Godfrey’s Photo Archives

Martin Carthy, British folk/rock musician


Canada’s Stan Rogers with brother Garnet (1982)

Elizabeth Corrigan, NYC

Cabaret folk performer, with Bruce Carver on guitar (1977)

Norman Blake, Americana flat-picker from Nashville (1992)

Mark WennerBlues harpist with

The Night Hawks (2011)

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Godfrey’s has live shows archived on cassettes, DAT tapes, CD-Roms, and, more recently, wave files on digital media. Unfortunately, the reel-to-reel tapes of the early years have deteriorated and are not available.

Page 10: Godfrey Daniels Archives

RadioGodfrey’s has ties to WDIY, WXLV, WMUH and WXLR, with a weekly show on WDIY 88.1 FM in Bethlehem, featuring a one hour set from Godfrey’s archives, as well as upcoming performers. This is a great way to exercise archival skills and edit archival material for better use.

Page 11: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Archives in the works1. Newsprint archives – we have

lots of newspaper previews, reviews and feature articles that should be scanned and saved. We plan on an office space dedicated to audio, graphic and newsprint archives, dehumidified.

2. Video – we have relatively little video of shows, but have several nice TV ‘magazine’ features, but still need to catalog and save.

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Web Sitewww.godfreydaniels.org

continues to be our main connection with our patrons

Our present site…

Our brand new site…

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Godfrey’s continues to use the Facebook network to promote the history of the club (as well as current events and concerts) by posting vintage posters, performer pictures, caricatures., archival building pictures and other historical visuals. Historical postings are early week teases, followed by the more timely informational marketing towards the weekend.

Page 14: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Brenda Brown’s

Quiltwith ‘How

Legends are Made’ by John

Gorka embroidered into

the tapestry.

Page 15: Godfrey Daniels Archives

Thanks for the opportunity….

Godfrey Daniels

7 East Fourth StreetBethlehem, PA 18015