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Technology, Future of computing and Technological advances

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2. God Made Laws ? Invariant Light Speed = 299792458m/s E=MC2 Gravitational Force = 6.67398 x 10-11 m3 Kg-1S-2 These Laws are invariant Planck Constant h= 6.62606957(29) x 10-34 The Eccentricity of the earths orbit is currently about 0.0167; the earth orbit is nearly circular. Dharma = = Law ?2 3. Some laws that govern changeMan Made Laws ?But not invariant Death Murder Assassination Suicide Martyr Non-Vegetarian3 4. Some laws that govern changeSome Laws that govern change Necessity is the mother of invention. Survival of the fittest. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. 4 5. Some laws that govern changeSurvival of the fittest5 6. Some laws that govern changeMost adaptable to changes survives6 7. Moores Law Gordon E Moore published a paper in 1965. The number of transistors on integrated circuits approximately doubles every two years since the integrated circuit has been invented. Moores Law describes a driving force of technological and social change in the late 20th and early 21st century . 7 8. Moores Law Computer Power doubles every 2 Year .8 9. Moores LawHard disk storage Network capacity Pixels per inch Hand held devices Common house hold appliances . MRI CT-Scan machines Space Crafts . Cost 9 10. Moores Law ? Million of transistors are placed on silicon wafers . Chips are made using stencils just like T-Shirts are painted. UV Light is focused on stencils which then penetrates through the gaps of stencil and expose the silicon wafers. The wafer is bathed in acids , which cuts into different depths and patterns, the circuits can be created of enormous complexity . UV Light has wavelength of 10 nano - meter , which is around 30 atoms across.10 11. The Current Limitations Circuits cannot be reduced beyond atomic sizeUV light has a limitation of wavelengthQuantum effects reduce the reliability as size decreasesLithographic techniques become more complex as the size of components becomes smaller than the wavelength of lightSpeed of electrical signals is finiteThis suggests that Moores Law will finally end . 11 12. Some laws that govern changeIf Moores Law was not there ? Internet Computer E- Commerce GPS Facebook ATM12 13. Some laws that govern changeFuture of computers Optical Computers :Iteliminates wires and transistors in favor of lenses , mirrors , and laser beams. DNA computers :Represents the combined power of the bio molecular and computer revolution DNA packs over a 300 trillion times more information stored in current computer. Character used are ATCG. Quantum Computers :Toput information on electrons level. 13 14. Can we observe few more Laws around ?14 15. LAW 1Energy consumption Doubles every 25 years 2.75% compounded growth every year for next 50 years.15 16. Energy consumption forecast Energy consumption doubles every 25 years16 17. Energy Growth Scientist ranks everything even human civilization by the energy it consumes. Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev , in 1964 termed three kind of civilization on universe based on energy consumption . Type 1 civilization Type 2 Civilization Type 3 CivilizationWhen human was living nomadic lives , the energy we were consuming was 1/5 horse power, The power of our bare hands. 10,000 Years back , Ice Age Ended , Agriculture came and with use of horses and oxens domesticated our energy increased to one horse power. The next revolution was industrial revolution about 300 years ago, and power of combustion engine, a person can now command hundreds of horse power. At present we are a type .7 civilizations. We get our energy from coal and oil . 17 18. Three Kind of CivilizationsType 1 Civilization It is one that has mastered all forms of terrestrial energy. Such a civilization can modify the weather , mine , the oceans , or extract the energy from the center of their planet. We can reach this status within two century . 1017 wattsThe Earth 19. Type 2 Civilization It has mastered stellar energy. They have exhausted planetary sources and use their sun to drive their machines. They have also begun the exploration of and possible colonization of nearby star systems. Their technology is barely capable of manipulating the entire energy output of a star.The SunWe can reach this status within in 800 years .19 20. Type 3 Civilization It has exhausted the energy output of single star , and have explored most of the galaxy.The GalaxyWe can reach this status in 10,000 years or more. 20 21. Some laws that govern changeDifferent Growth ? Linear Growth Y=A*X Exponential Growth ( The Kings story ) (Compounded Growth) Y=Ax Singularity Y=Ax ( x is very High) 21 22. Accelerating Growth in Technology22 23. LAW 2Knowledge Knowledge graphs If you count the number of science articles being published ,the share volume of science doubles every decade .23 24. Knowledge Growing liner to exponential to singularityIn 1982 futurist R. Buckminster Fuller estimated that if we took all the knowledge that mankind had accumulated and transmitted by the year One CE , it took about 1500 years for that amount of knowledge to double.The next doubling of knowledge from two to four took only 250 years, till about 1750 CE.By 1900, 150 years later, knowledge had doubled again to 8 timesThe speed at which information doubled was getting faster and faster. The doubling speed is now between one and two years. By March 2010 the world wide web had 20 billion web pages.IBM [cite source] predicts that before 2014, recorded knowledge will be doublingevery 11 hours. there will be a point called The Singularity when knowledge graph will touch infinity . 24 25. You are more powerful than queen ElizabethLAW 3 Every 100 Years the poor most people have some the facilities and technology which the richest have 100 years back. Like : Internet ;Air Travel; TV ; Music; get rid of plague ;TB 25 26. LAW 4Life Expectancy at Birth by 2100 will be 100 Years Life expectancy increase of one year by every year Life expectancy at birth by 2100 will be 100 years26 27. Life Expectancy at Birth ( 1955-2002)27 28. The next revolutionWhat it means ? Opportunity ? Papers Running water Electricity ComputersMOTORSMicroprocessorsBorn Evolve Rise Fall SensorsPrecious ; Available ; Cheap ; Ubiquitous 28 29. LAW ChangePredict the FutureBusiness opportunities 29 30. Q& A? 30