Global Search Marketing - BrightEdge Share 14 - Dave Lloyd - Adobe

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How Search, Content, and Localization teams can perform together best. What does it mean to align to the customer journey. How to develop a content optimization plan. Develop SEO localization workflow. Case studies from localization & content optimization.

Transcript of Global Search Marketing - BrightEdge Share 14 - Dave Lloyd - Adobe

  • 1. Dave Lloyd, Sr. Manager, Global Search MarketingAdobe

2. Global team of 6 delivering Organic & Site Search strategies for all Adobe productsDeliver industry best practicesDrive KPI-focused resultsShowcase Adobe Marketing Cloud productsPersonally,14 years in Search & Digital [email protected] Charter 3. Ownership of, Support, TV, and Blog subdomansMonitor 20,000 SEO keywords, 80 languages, 250 subdomains or regional sites, & 210 competitors+15% YoYVisitor & Conversion from an SEO perspective#6 most linked-to web domain 4. How Search, Content, and Localization teams can perform together best 5. Content available throughout buying process improves Digital Shelf SpaceAlign to the customer journeyLearning intent (Adobe TV section)Support intent (Help section)Consideration intent ( Search alignment 6. Content Optimization Plan1.Identify keywords2.Organize content3.Optimize content4.Create content5.Localize content6.Link to content7.Launch process & QA of Recommendations6 7. Regional SEO coverageAll countries receive:CMS improvementsXML and HrefAlternate Language SitemapsTechnical SEO & redirect mappingTier 1 (8 countries)Support all products with keywords, content, linking, and QATiers 2-4Support on-page keyword optimization based on regional priorities 8. 1.In-country keyword research2.Each keyword mappedto preferred landing page3.Content localizedusing keywords (content, video, images, links)4.Reviewedby GlobaWeb & SEO teams5.Localized & optimized content goes liveSEO Localization FlowSEO Keywords/PLPsContent localizationSearch/Geo reviewPage Launch 9. Marketing Digital 1600 - Marketing numrique 70cross-canal 1900 multicanal 1000web analyste 70 - analyste web 40spcialiste du Digital Marketing 0 - spcialiste du marketingnumrique 0web marketing 1900 - marketing web 260call center 1900 - centre d'appel 1600 call centre 70One challenge of Keyword Demand + Translation9 10. Detailed SEO Localization ProcessStepTaskDescriptionOwner1BusinessUnitinitiates Web ProjectProject scope defined.Search, Editorial Localization notified project has kicked offSEO Analyst2NorthAmericaSearch Team defines keywords and submits formSEO Keyword/Page recommendations including keywords, link names are finalized. Spreadsheet with terms handed off to Operations Team for budget verificationSEO Analyst3Keywords localization initiatedOps team verifies budget and submits request to Translation teamSearch Operations4Vendors validate keywords for demandKeywords are localized and validated (using Google AdWords tool) for in-country search demandTranslation team5Vendors & Regions select keywordsVendors and Regions review /approve keywords based on good search demand and/or choose alternate keywords for terms with low demandTranslation team6Keywords sent to Translation & Search teams for review and approvalKeywords are sent to Translation team and Search team for final review/approvalSEO Analyst7Final reviews are collected and submitted to GlobalWeb teamAll emails tagged Final submission arecollected then submitted to Global Web teamSearch Operations8GlobalWeb applies full SEO recommendationsFull SEO Recommendationsimplemented on pages (keywords/ Title/ Meta Descriptions) by Global WebGlobal Web Team9SEO QA/Pages Go LivePages are Qadby Search team and Global Web so SEO Content cango live for Launch.SEO Analyst 11. Timely, Relevant, & Localized SEO Ad Copy 12. Results19% global traffic increaseacross all 3 subdomains 13. Lessons Learned from Title & Meta Description updatesUse localized message (spelling variations, abbreviations, punctuation, currencies) and have local reviewers verify.Paid alignmentUsing historically best performing CTA (try, buy, free) and date format (offer ending soon, limited time, ending on a specific date)Meta Description update processWork with web team to push live on promo start date & use Google Webmaster Tools Fetch feature to re-index. On promo end date, ensure MDs are reversed, and fetch for Google again and QA.SEO meta descriptions must contain full branded terms for the Meta Description to be displayed in SERPs for branded queries and to improve CTR 14. StrategyImprove consistency of keyword optimization through locassignments by language not productIdeal if Locvendors work on all Loccollateral (documents, white papers, etc.) beyond Search contentLong-term investment (small pool of vendors who average 5 years of experience with Adobe)Always think about Effort vs. ImpactPartnershipLocalization team coordinates vendors, regions, reviewers, the Adobe Search team and the Global Web teamsInvest in success by doing vendor and reviewer training on Search & keywords in regionSEO is not an afterthought plan ahead, respect deadlines, share info broadly between teamsReview & QASEO team should drive QA process for Titles & Meta DescriptionsIndependent linguistic reviewers for targeted regionsRegional Marketing Managers sign off on content ultimatelyInvolve Regional reviewers early in the North America Campaign planningSEO + Localization Learnings 15. Thank YouDave [email protected]://