Global Resolutions: a New Year's impact celebration - media overview

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    #GlobalResolutions MEDIA OVERVIEW Global Resolutions - A disruptive New Year's impact celebration event uniting cities around the world in solidarity for sustainable change.


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    The Global Resolutions project is a social impact initiative created to unite global citizens in solidarity for social good on New Years Eve to mobilize a global groundswell of collaborations for a better world.

    Were bringing a feel good responsibility component to the start of the year festivities, leveraging technology, todays social landscape and trending cultures, to usher in a better world.Thats why our tag line is

    Celebrate. Collaborate. Change the World.

    Do Join Us!



  • 1. What is The Global Resolutions Project ?

    Global Resolutions is a social impact initiative and event that will connect cities around the world, in solidarity, activating a groundswell of resolution commitments that usher in a more sustainable world.

    2. What the Global Resolutions Objective?

    Global Resolutions aims to seize the New Years Eve resolution momentum and the spirit of celebration to ignite a global call to action movement. As a platform it serves to unite cities around the world in solidarity; inspiring and celebrating impact actions and:

    I. Further awareness and actions around the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. II. Provide a high profile platform to unite the world in solidarity for social good, activating over

    1billion voices for a better world. III. Drive a 24 hr global gamified fundraiser to benefit Climate Change and Water. IV. A 24 hour global media broadcast capturing Solidarity, Resolutions and the Fundraiser!

    3. How will Global Resolutions benefit the world? Awareness + Unity + Actions for Sustainable world.

    Today, as global citizens living in a socially connected world, we have an extraordinary opportunity to work in together to advance a culture of social responsibility.

    4. When will Global Resolutions officially kick off? Aggressive promotional activities and campaigning will commence the final week of September, aligning with climate group talks and our partnership launch of The Longest Swim & Water Defense.


  • Between September and December, 2015, the campaign will be promoted through its partnership networks, global ambassadors and These events are currently scheduled to take place in Sydney, London, New York and California. More locations will be added in the coming months.

    On December 31st, 2015, New Years Eve, A 24-hour global charity funding challenge (telethon) and global broadcast feed will highlight social impact celebrations all over the world. The wave of global actions will be demonstrated via real-time updates and drive the #WaterResolve funding challenge.

    5. Where will the Global Resolutions event take place?

    Global Resolutions will be experienced in cities around the world from New Zealand to Los Angeles, as a social responsibility component to live events. It will also be shared and broadcast through our media partners and live streaming.

    6. How will crowdsourcing be implemented during the 24-hour world Broadcast? Global Citizens will contribute by sharing their resolutions via social media platforms using #GlobalResolutions hashtag, along with their resolve. #Cause. Global Ambassadors will feature relative content on causes and everyday Heroes engaging in extraordinary actions for a better world.

    7. What is the #WaterResolve Challenge?

    The #WaterResolve Challenge is part of the global #ClimateChange conversation now taking place. We look at WATER as the challenge that touches all critical challenges, and is direct affect of climate challenge. Water is not only a challenge. It is LIFE. As such, Global Resolutions invites global citizens to participate in a tsunami size, 24 hr crowdfunding challenge . Lets start the New Year right by donating to the global #WaterResolve. Lets see how much of an impact we can make in one day!

    8. How will the #WaterResolve funding donations be used?

    A #WaterResolve Trust managed by the WEDO foundation and alliance stake holders. The


  • Water Resolve Initiative Funding will be fully transparent and accountable to global citizens. Alliance stakeholders will participate in sharing media that highlights continues to educate the world on the most pressing water challenges, and the solutions the funding is responsible for providing. 9. How will this event unite cities around the world?

    The broadcast feed will showcase Global Resolutions, social impact and celebration content from global citizens, partners, celebrities, and influencers from around the world. The broadcast feed will offer viewers and participants alike both an online social and realtime solidarity experience unlike ever before on New Years Eve.

    10. How can I as a global citizen, a global city, or as a global influencer participate?

    A global citizen can participate via social sharing of their impact resolutions and/or via donation to the #WaterResolve. Use our social share button and the hashtag #GlobalResolutions along with your hashtaging your identified resolve. We also encourage you make your resolving around the Sustainability Development Goals #SDG.

    A global city can officially partner with #GlobalResolutions, bringing a social responsibility component to their city celebration as an official partner. Official partners will receive an action kit, can leverage our collaterals and be able to participate in the live feed. Any city can freely share in solidarity using our brand collaterals found on our website.

    *To officially partner, please contact us at [email protected]

    Global Influencers (NGOs, Thought Leaders and Celebrities Influencers): Every key partnership plays a unique role. However, as a general rule, we ask our partners to leverage their social influence by sharing their #GlobalResolutions on their social feeds and grant permission to our Thunderclap campaign. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about becoming an official Ambassador.

    http://www.globalresolutions.orgmailto:[email protected]?subject=











    Nine is Mine, Delhi, India

    Mensa, Delhi, India

    Tamana, Delhi, India

    Action For Autism, Delhi, India

    LiveLoveBeirut , Beirut

    Global One Foundation, Kenya

    World Education Foundation, Kenya

    Simpol, London, UK

    What If 360, USA

    There is No Sky, USA

    Under 30 Changemakers, USA

    Hopskoch, New York, USA


    Real Leaders - US

    Visionary . Is

    #Action2015 - Global

    The Longest Swim, USA

    Water Defense, USA

    UN Association, Atlanta, USA

    Empowerment Work, USA

    World Policy Institute, New York,

    USA World Affairs Cncil, Pittsburgh, US

    New Media Foundation, USA

    HarVa, Delhi, India



    Michael Bociurkiw, Intrn. Comm.

    Michael Reyes, CEO of Halo

    Marta Mobley, TV Producer

    Gayle Karen Young, CTCO Wikimedia Fndtn

    Michael P Nash, Climate Change

    Lewis Perkin, SVP, Cradle to Cradle

    Global Ambassadors:

    Monce Abraham - Strategic Advisor- India

    James Parker - Int. Policy Advisor- UK

    Prince Randy Alan Sogan - Africa

    Ruba Al-Zubi, +SocialGood- Jordan

    The Global Resolutions Initiative is launched by Malena Gamboa and Tyler Bel, campaign & brand wizards passionate about disruptive impact for social good.

    Theyre both big collaborators & connectors so they gathered like minded and multi-skilled friends to move forward with a 2015 launch, aligning with the United Nations announcement of the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals.

    Driving Team:

    Malena Gamboa, Chairperson

    Tyler Bel, Co - Chair / Partnerships

    Libby Parella / Project Management

    Paul Flattery / TV Broadcast

    Yangbo Du / Super Connector

    Brooke Emery / Public Relations

    Bill Manning / Communications

    Kim Chandler McDonald, International Strategy