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  • Global Investments Limited

    FY2013 Financial Results

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    In addition, the information contained herein contains projections and forward-looking statements that reflect GIL’s current views with respect to future events

    and financial performance. These views are based on a number of estimates and current assumptions which are subject to business, economic and

    competitive uncertainties and contingencies as well as various risks and these may change over time and, in many cases, are outside the control of GIL,

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    exempt from registration.

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    1. Key Financial Data for 2013

    2. 2013 Overview

    3. Portfolio Composition

    4. Outlook

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    1. Financial Highlights

    FY 2013 FY 2012 % Change

    Net Profit after Tax S$28.8M S$19.1M Net profit after tax grew by 51.0% on a year-on-year basis to

    S$28.8 million from S$19.1 million.

    Total Revenue S$35.9M S$18.4M Revenue surged 95.3% to S$35.9 million for the full year

    2013 due to the one-off sale of the aircraft, sale of listed

    equities and higher interest income received.

    Total Expenses S$11.8M S$5.4M Increase in total expenses was mainly due to impairment

    expenses, net foreign exchange losses, higher management

    fee and the first time incentive fee payable to the Manager.




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    1. Financial Highlights

    FY 2013 FY 2012 % Change

    Return on Equity 12.5% 11.2% Return on Equity rose to 12.5% in FY2013 (based on average Total

    Equity of S$229.84 million) from 11.2% in FY2012 (based on average

    Total Equity of S$169.79 million)

    Earnings per Share S$0.0282 S$0.0245 Earnings per share increased by 15.1% to 2.82 Singapore cents in

    FY2013 (based on the weighted average number of shares of

    1,020,153,378 after taking into account the additional shares issued

    pursuant to the scrip dividend scheme and rights issue exercise) from

    2.45 Singapore cents (based on the weighted average number of

    shares of 776,469,132) in FY2012.

    Net Asset Value S$269.7M S$190.1M Net Asset Value (“NAV”) increased by 41.9% to S$269.7 million in

    FY2013. If the dividend was paid and the shares relating to the scrip

    dividend scheme and rights issue had been issued before 31

    December 2012, the increase in NAV would be 14.1% for the year

    ended 31 December 2013.

    Dividend Distribution S$17.9 M S$12.4 M Dividend distribution per share totalled 1.5 Singapore cents (based on

    larger 1,191,982,617 shares) in FY2013. The total amount of dividend

    to be paid increased by 44.4% to S$17.9 million in FY2013 from

    S$12.4 million in FY2012.





  • 1. Financial Highlights








    Expenses Composition for the Year ended

    31 December 2013

    Management fees (13.3%)

    Management incentive fee (10.3%)

    Net foreign exchange losses (29.7%)

    Others (7.4%)

    Net impairment expenses (23.4%)

    Other operating expenses (15.9%)






    Revenue Composition for the Year ended 31 December 2013

    Dividend income (6.6%)

    Interest income (37.8%)

    Rental income (4.4%)

    Net gain on sale of investments (39.2%)

    Others (12.0%)

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    Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

    Income Statement

    For the Year ended

    31 December 13


    For the Year ended

    31 December 12





    Dividend income 2,368 1,435 65%

    Interest income 13,543 8,772 54%

    Rental income 1,577 4,724 (67%)

    Net foreign exchange gains - 100 n.a

    Net gain on sale of investments 14,065 3,307 325%

    Net gain on financial assets designated as fair value through profit or loss 472 27 1,648%

    Other income 3,847 - n.a

    Total Revenue 35,872 18,365 95%


    Management fees (1,573) (1,065) 48%

    Incentive fees (1,216) - n.a

    Net foreign exchange losses (3,512) - n.a

    Depreciation (429) (1,286) (67%)

    Finance costs (448) (1,165) (62%)

    Net impairment expenses (2,770) - n.a

    Other operating expenses (1,876) (1,887) (1%)

    Total Expenses (11,824) (5,403) 119%

    Reversal of impairment in associate - 4,936 n.a

    Share of profit of associate (net of tax) 5,224 1,654 216%

    Profit before tax 29,272 19,552 50%

    Income tax expense (498) (495) 1%

    Profit after tax 28,774 19,057 51%

    Other comprehensive income / (loss)

    Items that may be reclassified subsequently to profit or loss

    Available-for-sale financial assets

    - Fair value gains 9,417 4,329 118%

    - Reclassification to profit or loss (9,066) (2,105) 331%

    Currency translation differences arising from consolidation

    - Gains/(losses) 4,289 (5,400) 179%

    Other comprehensive income/(loss) for the period after tax 4,640 (3,176) 246%

    Total comprehensive income for the period attributable to shareholders 33,414 15,881 110%

    Basic earnings per share (cents per share) 2.82 2.45 15%

    Diluted earnings per share (cents per share) 2.82 2.45 15%

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    Statement of Financial Position (Group) As at 31 December



    As at 31 December






    Cash and cash equivalents 20,346 24,508 (17%)

    Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss 54,867 8,777 525%

    Available-for-sale financial assets 102,983 58,753 75%

    Loans and receivables 92,410 79,925 16%

    Investment in associate 9,393 4,555 106%

    Aircraft - 28,707 n.a

    Other assets 1,063 257 314%

    Total Assets 281,062 205,482 37%


    Interest bearing liabil