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Presentation by Mona Abinader on global collaborative projects.

Transcript of Global Collaborative Projects

  • 1. Multicultural Literacy with Global Collaborative Projects ITC 5260 Appalachian State University October 9, 2014 Mona Abinader Paul Wallace

2. Goals and Purposes Design curriculum and create opportunities to interact with individuals from other cultures. To open your classroom to global inquiry and learning. Identify collaborative global projects that would meet the standards and needs of your classroom and schools. 3. Games from Around the World 4. Grocery Bag Project 5. Teddy Bear Project 6. Freerice Project 7. Google Docs in Teaching 8. This is the Way We Go to School 9. Read Across the Globe 10. Ecosystems of the World Project 11. Sing to ME and Ill Sing to YOU 12. To do: As an individual or in a group, develop a global collaborative project that could be used in your classroom (school or library, etc.). You can create a new project, or join one of the existing global projects. In a website (Weebly, Google Sites, etc.), outline your: rationale, student outcomes, project plan, timeline, resources, perceived benefits (addressing standards when possible). Due: November 6 13. Your Name(s) School Name School Address Grade Level / Subject Class Size Technology Access Language / Proficiency Describe your project interest Special Request Need ideas? Check out links on the bookshelfNeed ideas? Check out links on the bookshelf