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Family caregivers, learn all about compassion fatigue and why its important for anyone taking care of a loved one for an extended length of time to know about it and be proactive.

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  • 1.A glimpse into 1 Compassion Fatigue

2. Topic Menu Page 2 Tell me about Compassion fatigue Tips to overcome Compassion fatigue I know what compassion fatigue is 3. Compassion Fatigue is O The emotional, social, and spiritual exhaustion that causes a decline in the desire, ability, and energy to feel and care for others. Page 3 Return to Menu 4. 5 How does one develop compassion fatigue? From being a lot of overs O INVOLVED O IDENTIFYING O SENSITIVE 5. I know a little about what compassion fatigue is Page 6 Return to Menu 6. O Did you know that if left unchecked, and without a therapeutic break compassion fatigue is harmful? Or O That its common for caregivers, whove been involved a year or more to experience compassion fatigue. Page 7 Return to Menu 7. Compassion fatigue is acute, reversible, and preventable. Page 8 8. Tips to combat Compassion Fatigue Page 9 Return to Menu 9. Tip1 Pace yourself honor me time 10 10. Tip2 Create a Personal Relaxation Space 11 11. Tip3 ENGAGE in Healthy self-care activities 12 12. Tip4 MAINTAIN Constructive boundaries 13 13. Caregivers, be informed, be EMPOWERED! Visit us at