Glassdoor Summit: Katie Burke

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Katie Burke VP of Culture & Experience HubSpot

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Transcript of Glassdoor Summit: Katie Burke

  • Katie BurkeVP of Culture & Experience!


  • We believe that culture is to recruiting what product is to marketing.

    (Customers are attracted to a great product; Employees are attracted to a great culture. )

    H A T T I P T O H U B S P O T C O - F O U N D E R D H A R M E S H S H A H

  • When looking for answers on how to become a best place to work, most people look outside their org instead of within it.

  • Fact:Metrics and growth go hand-in-hand.

  • But, how can we measure culture?

  • Employee Retention

    Glassdoor Ratings (Candidate & Employee)

    Employee Happiness

    How We Measure Culture at HubSpot

  • Once upon a time, recruiters held all the power.Today, the candidate is in control

  • 75% of job seekers consider an employers brand before even applying for a job.

  • Put yourself in the candidates shoes: How remarkable is your experience?

  • Culture isnt relegated to your employee experience.







  • Okay fine, but where the heck do we start?

  • Want to know what your employees think?

    Ask them.

  • Write down what matters.

    Netflix wrote down the things they expect in people.

  • Dont assume your C Suite has the best ideas on Culture

    *Most of the time, the opposite is true

  • Talk regularly about what isnt working alongside what is.

    Introduce the Elephant in the Room

  • Many companies start out being exceptional.

    As they grow, there is a dark, powerful force that pulls them towards the average.

    Its your culture that fights the temptation to be average

  • Make culturean HR businesspriority.

  • Humility > Hubris

  • Hire remarkably smart people who are passionate about your mission and

    care deeply about the people you employ & the problems you solve.

    Never compromise. EVER.

  • @katieburkieVP of Culture & Experience, HubSpot

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