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Vex: A Living ExperienceOften after a momentous occasion, women will celebrate with a girl’s night or day out. I was curious about the opportunity to design a hotel experience specifically for such an occasion. Rather than a day or a night out, a woman and her close girlfriends can enjoy a weekend together. Vex is a concept hotel. Each suite is composed of old RV’s stacked in curious positions and each is uniquely designed. This particular design is meant to appeal to the “Sex in the City” crowd who tend to be single, working women in their mid-20’s to mid 30’s who really want to retreat.The rendering below is the Marilyn Suite.

Transcript of Girls weekend out2

  • 1. Plans
  • 2. Elevations
  • 3. Lush in the Kitchen
  • 4. Party in the Living Room
  • 5. Girl Talk in the Dining Room
  • 6. Beauty Rest in the Bedroom
  • 7. Conceptual SketchesThe following are vignettes that I created for concept boutique hotels. The first set is for a hotel called Happy a hotel made justfor the Miami Beach Tourist. The second is a concept for a franchise pop up wine bar named The Velveteen. Concept Sketch Happy Hotel Lobby - South View
  • 8. Yellow Living View #1 Concept Sketch Happy Hotel Lobby - South View Concept Sketch Happy Hotel Lobby - South View
  • 9. Concept Sketch The VelveteenLobby - East View Concept Sketch The VelveteenLobby - East View
  • 10. Concept Sketch The VelveteenLobby - West View
  • 11. The Beauty Box The Beauty Box is a Hair and Nail Salon located in Miami, Florida. It is designed as part of a neighborhood improvement initiative. A small one bedroom home was converted into a cozy little hair studio. The salon includes two pedicure stations, two nail stations, two salon chairs and a small retail section for selling hair, and beauty supplies. The project is currently underway. Front Faade Axonometric Views Front Faade iews
  • 12. e