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girls leading girls in science

Transcript of Girls leading girls

  • 1. Girls Leading Girls In Science Belmont Abbey College Dr. Judith McDonald

2. Girls Leading Girls in Science

  • 1992 Government Doc (Dept of ED) Nothing can stop us now
  • well.
  • 1996 AAUW Report How school shortchange girls

3. Girls Leading Girls in Science

  • Decided our target group Title 1 5 thgrade girls
  • Matched them with female STEM majors as mentors
  • Mentors sent email messages
  • Invited them to Belmont Abbey College

4. Girls Leading Girls in Science

  • November 4, 2009
  • 35 Girls and their teachers came
  • Education students did lesson on conservation
  • Toured the campus
  • Attended college
  • STEM class
  • Luncheon

5. Education Science Lesson

  • Lead a hands on inquiry science lesson to the girls and their mentors
  • Lesson on recycling using materials found in their trash at home and school
  • Challenged students to lessen their carbon footprint.

Lesson was taught by education majors in their senior year prior to student teaching. 6. Tour Campus

  • The girls and their mentors toured the campus.

7. Attend a college STEM class

  • College algebra
  • Cellular biology
  • Psychology
  • Genetics
  • Physical science
  • All girls attended a college STEM class with their mentor.

8. Luncheon

  • Attended al luncheon with several women from the community who are in STEM careers
  • Asked questions and learned about careers and what it takes to get there.

9. Local News Get in the news 10. Research

  • Conduct research with the girls and the boys.
  • Go into the classroom and have the students collect data and share with another group of students.