Giraffes By Shannon.

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I did a slide on Giraffes and it tells you how long it takes for a baby giraffe to be born, and more information.

Transcript of Giraffes By Shannon.

  • 1. GIRAFFESBy Shannon Porter

2. HabitatGiraffes live in the AfricanSavanna.Savanna-a hot, treelessplain. 3. What they look likeThey areorange, yellowish, brownish spotted animals. 4. Weight and heightGiraffes can weighup to 800kg.Their height is 5.3metres tall. 5. Running speedGiraffes can runup to 56km/h 6. DietThey eat grass, grainsand other plants. 7. Life spanTwenty six years is thelongest known in the wild;over thirty six years incaptivity. 8. HoovesDid you know that a giraffes hoof is the size of adinner plate which is about 20 centimeters. 9. FamilyThe giraffes family is calledgiraffidae. There are twotypes of giraffes.When there are groups ofgiraffes, they are calledtroops. 10. Special featuresGiraffes are mammals.More than two metres isneck length.The neck is made up of onlyseven bones. Giraffes havehorns. (1 year 92 days)It takes one year and ninetytwo days for a giraffe to beborn. 11. EnemiesGiraffes enemies are cheetahs, lions and elephants. 12. THE ENDBY SHANNON