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Transcript of Gingerbread Run 5k Team Leader Kit - Give Kids the World ... Gingerbread Run 5k Team Leader Kit What

  • Gingerbread Run 5k Team Leader Kit What this kit includes:

    Role of the Team Leader

    Step-by-Step Instructions for Team Leaders: How to Recruit Winning Teams!

    Letter Writing Keys to Success

    How to Hold a Successful Company Rally

    Fun Fundraising Ideas

    Matching Gifts

    How to Register your Team Online

    Online Fundraising

    Give Kids The World Information Sheet

  • Role of the Team Leader Build a team of runners/walkers made up of employees, family members and friends. All types of people can be great team members. Be sure to include anyone in your life who has had a child with a life- threatening illness. Be sure to emphasize that the Gingerbread Run 5K is an opportunity for them to make a difference in the life of a sick child and seek people with different connections to widen the circle of donors. Team members do not have to live in Central Florida, or be available the day of the event. We offer a Virtual Runner option in which we will mail the medal to each participant. Your biggest supporters could be from anywhere around the world, so include everyone in your team efforts.

    Equip your team to achieve intended goals. Give background information about Give Kids The World to all of your team members and show them a Give Kids The World video. Make sure you understand how to use your online participant center and explain the benefits of it to your team members. We have provided email templates for participants to use or customize in asking for donations and thanking their donors. If you ever have any questions, please contact Meredith at 407-396-1114 Ext. 4538.

    Develop a vision/plan for your team. Set financial goals for your team. Make your goal challenging, but realistic, and try to set your goal higher than the previous year’s goal (if you are a returning team). Share with the team the incentives for reaching different levels of fundraising. Work with individuals to set up their individual fundraising goals and fundraising pages. Show them how easy it is to setup their fundraising page and to send emails through their participant center.

    Communicate with your team regularly. Hold meetings or touch base via phone or email to discuss fundraising ideas and keep your team informed about your progress. Share inspiring stories about Give Kids The World with them. Make sure to share with your team any promotions or contests Give Kids The World has announced through Facebook or email. Hold wrap up meetings after the event to debrief and discuss plans for next year.

    Raise money online through the Gingerbread Run website at

    Maximize company revenue through matching gifts, department challenges, vendor sponsorships; recognize the top fundraiser by department as well as an individual within the company.

    Coach and motivate your team for success. Challenge your team members; maintain a competitive spirit and a desire to be the #1 team at the event. Make sure you share with them the incentives for top team fundraising as well as individual prizes. Having your own team tent is a great incentive!

    Thank your team for their participation. Consider ways in which you might recognize each person for his/her contributions at the end of the event. For example, you could send personal thank you notes or develop your own awards to honor team members. Remember to recognize your own contributions and keep in mind that each dollar raised provides a week’s worth of magical activities, unforgettable moments and, most importantly, re-instilling hope for our precious wish families who are unable to afford this special vacation on their own.

  • Step by Step for Team Leaders… How to Recruit Winning Teams! Get Organized • Set a team goal and goals for each individual

    • Find some people to help you—people in different departments, offices, and/or neighborhoods who can encourage their co-workers, families and friends to participate.

    Plan Fundraisers • See if your company has matching funds. Contact your human resources department and ask whether

    or not they will match your team’s pledges.

    • Include an article about Give Kids The World Gingerbread Run 5k in your company newsletter.

    Spread the Word • Place registration information in central, well-traveled locations and let co-workers know where they

    can go to register. Be sure that participants can contact you directly so you can keep track of your team members.

    • Hang Gingerbread Run 5K posters around your place of work. Add your name and business phone number so people can contact you to join the team.

    • Think of ways to get people excited about running/walking! Promote friendly competition between departments or plan an informational meeting at your next company event.

    • Contact your HR department about how the 5K fits into your company’s wellness plan. Some companies are able to cover registration fees for team members.

    Use your Network • Use Facebook, LinkedIn email, voicemail, memos, paycheck stuffers, bulletin boards, and word-of-

    mouth to let everyone know about the Give Kids The World Gingerbread Run 5K.

    • Promote personal fundraising pages and online donations.

    • Put extra flyers in your co-workers mail boxes. Invite them to bring a friend or family member.

    • What meetings are coming up? Try to get on the agenda.

    • Set up a Gingerbread Run 5K information table near the cafeteria to sign up walkers during lunch. You could also sell gingerbread cookies to fund-raise for your team.

    Keep in Touch Hold team meetings to get energy flowing and to brainstorm ideas to get more teammates.

    • Set aside a few minutes each day to call or meet with one or two people who have promised to participate.

    • Remind them of the urgent need to collect their pledges.

    • Share fundraising ideas with your team.

    Build Team Spirit • Plan a fundraiser with friends and family.

    • Coordinate team shirts to wear for the race.

  • Please send any Gingerbread Run 5K donations to:

    Give Kids The World/Gingerbread Run 201 South Bass Road

    Kissimmee, Florida 34746

    Rounding the Bend • Are your key team partners helping you meet your goals? Share more fundraising ideas. Get together

    and plan one last big fundraiser.

    • Continue to encourage online fundraising.

    • Highlight how close to goal your team is as well as individuals to their goals and help to encourage that last effort.

    The Home Stretch • Send last minute reminders- Facebook, Linked In, email, voicemail, or flyers. Review the location of

    your meeting place at the event, and remind all participants to bring their donation envelopes.

    • Encourage teammates to attend packet pickup and bring their donations with them.

    • Make copies of the directions to both parking locations for your team members and make sure they know to prepare time for riding the shuttles.

    Congratulations! You Made a Difference! • Send a press release with your team photo to your company newsletter.

    • Send out thank you notes to team members for a job well done!

    • Collect any contributions that were not handed in on event day and mail to the address below.

    • Check to make sure that all team members’ matching gift forms have been filled out correctly and mailed.

  • Letter Writing Keys to Success

    Fast Fundraising…How to Raise Lots of Money with a Letter Writing Campaign

    Compose a one page letter. Write your letter as if you are sending it individually to a close friend. Use a computer. Copy it twice. Adjust one copy to be sent via email: the other for regular mail. Include a preface that, as a friend, you thought they would be interested in this important cause.

    Send it to EVERYONE who has ever sent you something! For the emails, blind copy (bcc) them all. That way they don’tsee who else is receiving your note. This can result in more than 100 emails.

    Balance fact with feeling. Include what the Gingerbread Run is and what Give Kids The World is (fact); why you are involved and what it means to you (feeling); where and when your event is (fact); remind them to seek a company gift-match if offered.

    Early on, make the ask. Don’t limit your donors, but ask for a specific range. Ask for $10, $20, $50 or whatever your budget will allow.

    Give a 10-day deadline for response. People respond when there is a sense of urgency. Tell them to write the check to Give Kids The World and send it to your address.

    Write up envelopes for everyone who will not receive an email. This is a great activity to do in front of the TV.

    Copy the letters before stuffing into the envelope; handwrite the person’s name in colored ink, with a quick line, “Hope you can support me.” Sign it to add the personal touch.

    Mail the letters. (Yes, you will be out-of-pocket for the postage and copying costs, but they are minor compared to the return and, of course, the cause.) Send the emails.

    Share sample letters with your team members to help them get started (see sample letter example). Now sit back and watch the checks roll in. And they will. Send a brief handwritten thank you to everyone who responds immediately upon receiving the check.

    Make sure to follow up with anyone you haven’t heard from. It takes an average of 3 asks for someone to write a check.

  • Sample Solicitation Letter To reach your fundraising goal, try sending a letter like thi