Getting the Most Out of Facebook and Instagram for Your ... Getting the Most Out of Facebook and...

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Transcript of Getting the Most Out of Facebook and Instagram for Your ... Getting the Most Out of Facebook and...

  • Getting the Most Out of Facebook and Instagram for Your Business

    Fremont Main Library November 13, 2018

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  • Cynthia Mackey – CEO, Winning Strategies LLC, – Develop Digital Marketing strategies for SMB businesses – Manage social media, design and build websites and mobile apps,

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    Prior Experience – 10+ years managing Winning Strategies; 10+ years in corporate – Technical Product Manager, telecommunications, and Internet

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  • 1. Why Small Business Should Use Facebook / Instagram - Facts and Stats

    2. Facebook and Instagram Best Practices 3. Measuring the Success of Ads 4. Instagram Shoppable Posts 5. Summary & Conclusion


  • Facebook / Instagram - Facts and Stats

  • Facebook / Instagram Networks for Business

     Facebook  Products/Services with broad appeal to consumers  Approx. 1.9B monthly active users *  Total Facebook audience in US: 214M users*  Daily Users are approx. 66% of monthly active users*  Facebook Ads  Facebook Marketplace  Facebook Messaging

     Facebook survey showed 61% of US daily message app users messaged a business in last 3 months

     Survey showed 69% of US users also felt being able to message a business made them feel more confident about the brand



  • Facebook / Instagram Networks for Business

     Instagram  Products/Services with high visual appeal  Approx. 1B monthly active users *  Total Instagram audience in US: 105M users*  28% of online adults use Instagram  72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram  Instagram Ads  Instagram Shoppable Posts  IG Stories, Highlights, and IGTV  Tools to create engaging posts


    *Pew Research

  • Facebook / Instagram Networks for Business

    Facebook and Instagram  Top the charts  Instagram is growing

  • Facebook / Instagram - Best Practices

  • Facebook Business Page - Gather potential customers from across Facebook - Can create ads - Detailed page insights - Can create a group associated with a Business Page

    Facebook Group - Better engagement - Can be open to public or private - Group Insights data is available - Can create Group Events

    Facebook Business Page vs. Facebook Group

  • Facebook Business Manager - Designed to manage multiple ad campaigns over multiple pages - Ideally designed for agencies and large companies

    - To Remove Page from Business Manager: - Login to Business Manager (or go to your Business page and

    select Business Manager from the top) - In upper rate select ‘Business Settings’ - From LH-side navigation select “Pages” - On upper RH-side select “Remove Page”

     Learn More: business-manager-works

    Facebook Business Manager

  • Facebook Business Manager

  • Facebook Business Manager

  • Facebook Insights: Group

  • Facebook Insights: Group

  • How Will Your Ad Be Viewed? Mobile or Desktop Newsfeed, Righthand

    Column Facebook Ad Guidelines

    Don’t Get Overwhelmed Marketing is about experimenting to find

    what works Allow yourself the time (and budget) to do


    Create an Ad on Facebook - Guidelines

  • Easiest Ad: Boost a Popular Post Determine budget Strategy: Experiment with low budget then

    slightly increase – note results Create an Ad with Ad Manager What do you want to say? Photo ready to go with your text/copy? Target demographics that match your


    Create an Ad on Facebook

  •  Use the Event tool for more than events (e.g., webinars, classes, pop-up, exhibits, etc.)


     Facebook Events make it easy for others to share or a visual reminder

     Can also sell event tickets, etc., by including a link to your website

    Facebook Events

  • Can “broadcast” from Facebook directly Best Practices from Facebook

     Tell people ahead of time  Make sure you have a good connection  Write a clear and compelling description  Ask viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live

    again  Can see commenters - say hello by name!  Go Live, Stay live - recommended to stay live longer to reach more

    people; minimum of 10 min. recommended. Can go up to 4 hours. ; Find more How to’s and tips at

    Facebook Live

  • Know Your Customer (or Audience) Understand your customer - who buys from you? Use a social media network They like and you like

    Create a Content Strategy Relevancy - posts should relate to what your customer cares about. This is represented thru written words, illustrations, video, photos, slide shows, videos, audio, etc. Produce the best quality that you can Don’t know where to start? Observe your competition’s social media.

    Create a Posting Strategy How frequently can you post Use tools to help you schedule

    Create a Social Media Strategy

  • The Key to Great Content and Engagement is Knowing Your Customer  The Customer Buying Criteria and Behavior Analysis can be used to formulate

    the language (i.e. “The Sales Pitch”) appropriate for your Website (and Social Media) Content

     The Customer Demographics can then be used to identify superior marketing channels for the internet marketing campaign

    Marketing ChannelsCustomer Demographics

    Behavior Analysis Customer Analysis

    Buying Criteria Website Content

    Customer Analysis

  • Create an Advertising Budget Before it was newspaper ads. Now its social

    media ads! How do you plan to draw clients/advertise?  Remember - these tools are only going to

    give you so much for free

    Create a Social Media Strategy

  • Commit to Strategy  At least 3 months (one quarter); 6 months or longer if you

    don’t post often  Use analytics to evaluate success  Consider discounts and promo codes to track

     Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work GOAL: Increase Engagement

     Get your your fans to like, comment, share, or click on your posts or ads

     The more engagement, the more valuable your content, the faster you build followers and sales lead opportunities

    Create a Social Media Strategy

  • Facebook / Instagram - Measuring Success of Ads

  • Facebook Business Pages

    Why have a Business Page instead of Personal Page � Access to Facebook Insights (performance analytics) � Ability to schedule posts � Abilit