Getting Started with VinTank Tips, Best Practices and Workflow.

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Transcript of Getting Started with VinTank Tips, Best Practices and Workflow.

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  • Getting Started with VinTank Tips, Best Practices and Workflow
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  • Welcome to VinTank You have chosen the most powerful social media software to help you Manage all your social activity Engage with customers on social media and 1:1 email (soon to manage all of your customer engagement across all channels) Measure results Organize ALL customers (DTC, in-market consumers, Trade, Press, and more) Gain unprecedented and meaningful insights Help you find new customers using social context
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  • What does VinTank Do? We deliver signal with context to a social media mission control center called VinTank: Unlike other SM platforms we specifically deliver conversations to you, about you and with you (signal) Or organic social media conversations you choose to add to saved searches (e.g. your wine maker, competitors, marketing campaigns)* And let you know key contextual insights (how many times have they engaged with your brand and what kind of engagement, how much have they talked about wine on social media and what wines, who are they on other social media platforms, and if you use Vin65, if they have ever bought directly from you) *Coming soon
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  • Platforms you can manage directly from VinTank VinTank only adds channels that have reached a significant importance to the wine industry into our platform for management. Even if you do not actively create content, we highly recommend you reserve your social media presence because you dont control where your customers choose to talk about your brand, they do. This exercise of creating and connecting every channel takes no more than one hour. Every platform you connect gives you more connections to customers and enables VinTank to help you harness the power of social media all in one place.
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  • Platforms you can manage directly from VinTank Facebook Twitter Instagram Instagram Location Delectable Foursquare Vin65 Platforms coming soon TripAdvisor Platforms to be added in 2015 Google + LinkedIn Yelp Pinterest
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  • About Facebook Over 830 million active users per day. Great place to publish events, offers, links, reviews and media. Easy engagement via likes and comments.
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  • Facebook - Recommendations Like all customer tagged Facebook posts and comment to show appreciation or answer questions. Post a mix of status updates including event info, product info, offers, articles, about your staff and customer visits/reviews. Ask questions to encourage engagement and be sure to respond to replies.
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  • About Twitter Social network that limits posts to 140 characters Easy engagement with favorites and retweet function that allows for 1-click sharing Posts that start with @username are only seen by that person and mutual followers so great for customer service
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  • Twitter - Recommendations Favorite any customer posts about your brand and reply to show appreciation Post a mix of updates including articles, product info, offers, customer visits & reviews. Ask questions to encourage engagement and be sure to respond to replies in a timely manner. Use #hashtags to categorize and for discoverability but be careful not to overuse.
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  • About Instagram Easy engagement via Likes and Comments. Great customer generated content Posts must be made from Instagram app but you can easily comment and favorite from VinTank.
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  • Instagram - Recommendations Favorite any customer posts about your brand and reply to show appreciation or ask about their experience. Post visual content about your products, events, production and activity at your location. Repost customer content after getting permission. Use #hashtags to categorize and for discoverability but be careful not to overuse.
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  • About Foursquare Insight into the customers at your location right now, top customers and past visits. Customer generated content and tips. Recommendation engine for customers to find your business.
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  • Foursquare - Recommendations If you are friends with the customer on foursquare, favorite any customer posts about your location and reply to show appreciation or ask about their experience. Post about your offers, specials, events, or other activity at your location.
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  • About Delectable Delectable is a smartphone app that automatically saves the wines of users that simply snap a picture of a wine label. Among its many users are a very influential community of wine consumers and professionals
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  • Delectable - Recommendations With our Delectable integration, you can view every single time that a customer captures one of your wines to the app.
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  • Delectable - Recommendations If your customers leave a positive comment and/or rate the wine well, like the post and comment to say some form of thanks. If the score is bad and the comment is something negative you can optionally reply to with "sorry you didn't enjoy, hope you try us again...etc. There are many ways you can deal with bad experiences such as when consumers complain about a bad DTC bottle.
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  • Delectable Case Consumer Engagement Delectable provides key insight into the customer experience with the ability to engage with consumers as they are drinking the wines. From simply liking a customers capture to fully engaging with comments, questions or reviews, Delectable provides the feedback loop that businesses cant find elsewhere.
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  • Delectable Case Trade Engagement Delectable has a strong industry presence that allows wine businesses to connect with professionals and develop trade relationships. Businesses can take advantage of captures of their wines by industry professionals as well as organically engage with trade users captures of other producers wines to understand their taste preferences.
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  • Delectable Case Press Engagement Many influential wine writers and bloggers use Delectable to share the wines that they experience everyday. A capture from an influencer can be a great opportunity for businesses to share the review to other channels and to engage with the reviewer. A positive review of a single wine can be a great opportunity to suggest additional recommendations or offer portfolio tasting/samples.
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  • Delectable Case Depletion/Sentiment Producers can monitor delectable captures for key customer depletions in order to market/sell more wine to them through alternative methods. Customer sentiment can be monitored for overall satisfaction and for issues such as corked bottles. Whether captures are positive or negative, businesses can recommend additional selections or replacement opportunities. Measure who is drinking your wine the most or who is engaging with posts about your wine the most (potential new customer or superfan)
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  • Delectable Case Content Creation Delectable captures from customers provide rich visual and descriptive content for brands to share to other channels. Business profiles can be used to capture wines and provide description and insight for consumers using Delectable while browsing for wines. Cross posting of content can be used to grow Delectable business profile followers. Recommendations: Library vintage tastings Food pairings (include link or recipe in post) Moment pairings Unique content (Mike Madrigale) Similar wineries and wines that you like
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  • Best workflow for using VinTank on a daily basis Log in at least once per day and review the most recent conversations to you, about you and with you. Reply or favorite customer activity. Review each customers context before replying by viewing the customer details page. Leverage social media across your team by sharing posts with the most appropriate team member or asking for assistance. Review activity at your location via Nearby-Here. Thank customers, favorite posts and re-tweet positive experiences. Elite VinTank clients should use Nearby-Nearby to look for social prospects using the map/recent posts stream at least twice a day, start off with 11am and 2pm. Engage softly with potential customers.
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  • Managing Conversations To you, About you and With you The Conversations tab contains the three most important types of customer interactions, all merged in one place. Conversations To you include when you are tagged in a Tweet, tagged in a Facebook post or posts to your Facebook Page Conversations About you include organic mentions of your brand found via social listening.* Conversations With you include anytime someone checks-in, Tweets from your location or takes an Instagram photo from your location
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  • Managing Conversations To you When customers tag you, post to your Facebook Page or comment on your Facebook content, you should engage with them in a variety of ways. Like their post if you are tagged and comment to say thank you or reply to any questions
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  • Managing Conversations To you When customers Tweet @ you or re-tweet you, favorite them and reply to say thank you or answer questions Remember that on Twitter, starting a tweet with an @ symbol (the default that happens when you click reply) is only visible to people who follow your profile and that of the person you are replying to