Gethsemane Lutheran Church Join with the whole Gethsemane Community to tell the story of the birth...

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Transcript of Gethsemane Lutheran Church Join with the whole Gethsemane Community to tell the story of the birth...

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    The LeafThe LeafThe LeafThe Leaf – a monthly publication of GLC

    Gethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran Church The LeafThe LeafThe LeafThe Leaf

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    Rev. June A. Wilkins

    Music MinistriesMusic MinistriesMusic MinistriesMusic Ministries

    Dr. Timothy E. Guenther

    Mission DeveloperMission DeveloperMission DeveloperMission Developer

    Rev. Ipyana Mwakabonga

    Child Care CenterChild Care CenterChild Care CenterChild Care Center

    Brenda Weilbacher

    Children’s MinistChildren’s MinistChildren’s MinistChildren’s Ministry Assistantry Assistantry Assistantry Assistant

    Julia Wiebe

    Seminary InternSeminary InternSeminary InternSeminary Intern

    Joel Wildermuth

    Parish SecretaryParish SecretaryParish SecretaryParish Secretary

    Diane Gutgesell


    Brian McLean

    In this IssueIn this IssueIn this IssueIn this Issue

    From the Pastor—P. 2

    Adult Education—P. 3

    Small Groups—P. 4

    Play & Learn—P. 5

    Prayer Concerns—P. 6

    Council Highlights—P. 7-8

    Serving Schedule—P. 9

    Calendar—P. 10

    Saturday, Christmas Eve, 7:30 pm Sunday, Christmas Day, 9:30 am

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    The Senses of Advent

    If someone asked you to describe the Christmas

    Season, you probably wouldn’t automatically talk

    about the miracle of God coming to us in the

    incarnation (well, maybe if you’re a seminary student

    you would!) You would probably talk about the smell

    of Christmas trees, the look of the lights, the taste of

    your favorite food, the feeling of being with family and

    friends, and the sound of Christmas carols.

    Christmas is one of the times that fills all of our

    senses. Our senses help us to live in the present to be

    attentive to the world around us. Staying attentive

    and experiencing our world helps us to notice God in

    the reality of the present moment.

    God fills us with the presence of Christ now with our

    families, friends, and in our worship, but Christmas

    was at a real time and place in first century

    Bethlehem. The senses of the original Christmas were

    very different from our experience now.

    During Advent, our season of preparing for Christmas,

    our theme will be The Senses of Advent. We will talk

    and experience a few of the senses of that time. The

    time when the savior of the world was born to us.

    Please join us for our Advent worship and prepare for

    Christmas by filling your senses with the birth of our


    Rev. June Wilkins

    Christmas Caroling

    We need your voices! Not for the TV show

    “The Voice”, but to sing Christmas carols to

    GLC’s homebound. Please join us on Sunday,

    Dec. 11, following worship for a late morning

    of caroling.

    Bring along a plate of goodies to share with the

    people we visit as well as each other after our


    Questions – contact the church office


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    LIFETIME LEARNING Christian Education about life, for life, and for a lifetime

    SUNDAYS at 10:45 AM

    December 4

    Listening to Handel’s Messiah as an Advent Devotion

    led by Sharon Walton.

    Most of us have heard the music of Handel’s Messiah

    many times in our lifetimes and some of us have sung

    the entire work or many of the familiar choruses. We

    hear the Hallelujah chorus sung in grocery stores, films

    and in advertisements!

    However, have

    you ever taken

    the time to

    listen carefully

    to hear how

    the music

    enriches the

    beautiful texts?

    Handel uses

    musical “word painting” to emphasize the meaningful

    Biblical language. Careful listening will enrich your

    experience with this great music. On this Sunday we

    will listen to portions of Messiah with the emphasis

    being on how this George F. Handel masterpiece can

    be a meaningful Advent devotion.

    Lifetime Learning Hour will meet in the Sanctuary at

    10:45am for a quiet Advent meditation and listening


    December 11

    G.I.F.T. – Generations in Faith Together

    Christmas Caroling to our homebound members.

    We will gather after worship take Christmas cookies

    and sing to our homebound.

    December 18

    Improvised Christmas Event

    Join with the whole Gethsemane Community to tell

    the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. No acting

    experience necessary! No rehearsal! All ages are

    needed! Be whatever character you want! Bring a

    favorite costume. Penguins in the nativity? Let’s see

    how that looks! (We will also have a slew of traditional

    costumes here!) Preparations begin at 10:45 in the

    Great Hall and our show begins whenever we’re

    ready. And if you’d rather watch, we need an

    audience to sing carols and people to decorate the

    sanctuary for Christmas. Join us! Bring cookies to

    share afterwards.

    December 25 & January 1

    Christmas and New Year’s Day – No Classe

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    Small Group


    First Reflections

    Monday Bible Study

    Paula Sauer

    Brown Bag Bible Bunch

    Dick Lyndes


    Faith at Work

    Judy Reuning

    Book Group

    Sharon Walton

    Barbara Ford

    Men’s Breakfast

    Bob Davis

    Thrivent Builds

    Bill Darlage

    LWR Quilts

    Terri Siebert

    Prayer Shawls

    Emilie Hagerdorn

    Every Monday at 8:00am

    at La Chatelaine-Worthington

    Second Saturday of the month

    at 8:00am at TeeJaye’s

    Every Wednesday at 12:00pm

    in the church library

    Every Tuesday, Thursday, and

    Saturday from 8-3:00pm.

    First Friday of the month at

    7:00am at Bob Evans on

    Olentangy River Road

    Last Saturday of the month

    from 9-12:00pm in Trinity Hall

    Last Wednesday of the month

    at 7:30pm in the church library.

    Third Monday of the month at

    7:30pm in the church library.


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    “Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ”

    ― Mary Ellen Chase

    Oh the magic and wonder of December! The children and teachers

    at P&L are busy practicing special songs for their Christmas

    program, which will be presented at 6:30pm on Thursday,

    December 8 in the sanctuary. The joy, pageantry, love and parental

    pride are palpable at these events. And because these could very

    well become some of the children’s first memories of a Christmas tradition, how blessed we are at Gethsemane to

    have them here praising God. A cookie reception will follow the program that evening and, because it is a much

    later than normal night for everyone, the following day will bring another special P&L tradition – the center-wide

    Pajama Day for children and staff! Then, after the last of the children are picked up that evening, the P&L Staff

    will be treated to an Appreciation Dinner at a local restaurant, made possible by contributions from the P&L

    Parents. Thank you to all our P&L staff who work so tirelessly each day with the children to ensure each feels

    loved, safe and accepted and has fun learning while they play.

    In observance of Christmas, the center will be closed on Friday, December 23 and Monday, December 26 so that

    everyone can spend time with their families celebrating, resting, and marveling at the Bethlehem birth of our

    Savior. From P&L to our extended GLC family, “Merry Christmas”!

    “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

    ― Hamilton Wright Mabie

    Play & Learn Christmas Program 2015