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Prepped & Polished, LLC shows you the steps one needs to take to get ready for college.

Transcript of Get Prepped & Polished and Ready for College

  • 1. Get Prepped & Polished and Ready for College! Prepped & Polished, LLC Wayland, MA 01778
  • 2. About the Speaker: Alexis Avila Founder of Prepped & Polished, LLC: Tutoring,College Counseling, Test Prep Bachelors in Science from University of MichiganMasters in Counseling Psychology from University ofWisconsin Certified Guidance Counselor Pre K-12A full-time Private Tutor since 1999Tutored and counseled over 500 Boston-area studentsSAT, ACT, and GRE Test Prep tips featured in
  • 3. What to do Freshman and Sophomore Year Take Challenging Courses Join Clubs and Extracurriculars Volunteer Plan Productive Summers Take SAT Subject Tests
  • 4. What to do Junior Year Fill up holes in your portfolio Take challenging courses and keep grades up Come up with a school list Take the SAT and AC Visit Colleges
  • 5. What to do Senior year Do well in school still! Re-take standardized testsWrite your essay before school starts Apply earlyVisit your guidance counselor weekly
  • 6. How to choose a great school FORYOU: Geographic Preference Large or Small College? Single Sex or Co-ed Special Services? Will it be academically challenging Are your Grades and SAT/ACT scores good enough? Does it match up well with your interests
  • 7. Three Myths about Small Colleges Myth 1 "I wont have enough alumni connections" Myth 2 "Small schools are less efficient" Myth 3 "Ill have fewer opportunities at a small school"
  • 8. Consider a small college if ...You crave a sense of communityClose relationships with faculty and professorsSmall Class SizesConsidering graduate school
  • 9. Three Myths about Big Colleges Myth 1. Big Colleges dont have small class sizes.Myth 2. Big Colleges have an out of control party scene. Myth 3. You wont meet anyone at a Big College.
  • 10. Consider a big college if ...Crowds excite you. You typically reach out to findfriends.Adept at learning in large lecture courses.Wide Variety of majors and coursesWell-funded sports programs
  • 11. 5 Things to do on a Campus VisitTip 1. Visit the college either in the Fall or Spring.Tip 2. Spend the night in a Dormitory.Tip 3. Eat a meal at the dining facility.Tip 4. Take a Class in your academic area of interest.Tip 5. Engage with other college students.
  • 12. 6 Things that make a great collegeportfolio 1. Have a well-written essay 2. Have extracurricular activities 3. Have Volunteer Experiences 4. Have Strong ACT or SAT scores 5. Have Solid Grades 6. Have strong letters of recommendation
  • 13. Common Application: Keep in Mind1. Make the common application your backbone to filling outALL college applications2. If time is of the essence, pick an ADAPTABLE essay3. Keep track of the common application supplementals =more essays?4. Do all of your schools accept the common application?Check!
  • 14. 3 College Application Insider Tips1. Make the most out of your high schoolexperience.2. Dont take the SAT more than 3 X.3. Make sure your application is notconfusing.
  • 15. Early Action vs. Early Decision vs. Regular Decision 1. Regular Decision gives you more time to complete and submit your application. 2. Choose Early Action Schools non- binding to get an answer faster 3. Have a dream school? Consider Early Decision binding
  • 16. Interview Techniques1. Do your research2. Be on Time3. Dress Professionally4. Be engaged and come armed with questions5. Send a thank you note
  • 17. Financial Aid Timeline Fall Senior YearAttend financial aid eventsTalk to your counselor about College ScholarshipServices (CSS) ProfileLook for scholarships and merit aid Winter Senior YearSubmit Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) starting January 1, (can submit CSSProfile earlier) Spring Senior YearCompare your awardsTalk to financial aid officers
  • 18. Helpful Financial Aid Sites Fin Aid: Fast Web: FAFSA: Pin Number Needed for FAFSA: CSS Profile:
  • 19. ACT vs. SAT ACT = A Candid Test because it has a morestraightforward format The SAT is more coachable because you canlearn strategies to help overcome the guessingpenalty obstacle
  • 20. ACT, SAT: The Gameplan1. The earlier you take it the better. Start latewinter or early spring Junior year.2. Take it multiple times because mostcolleges offer score choice or willsuperscore your best results.3. Remember to give yourself time to study inbetween tests.
  • 21. SAT Subject Tests: The InsideScoop1. Take the SAT Subject Tests to demonstrate subjectmastery and strengthen your college portfolio.2. Take SAT Subject Tests at the end of 9th, 10th,11th grade3. Take a practice test for different subject tests todetermine which ones are best for you to take.
  • 22. SAT/ACT Materials Must Buys:1. SAT Official Study Guide by College Board2. Official Guide for All SAT Subject Tests byCollege Board3. ACT Official Study Guide4. Word Smart 1 and 2 by Princeton Review
  • 23. Take home tips 1. Apply Early 2. Try to get SAT ACT testing out of the way by May 3. Stay organized 4. Stay motivated for all four years5. Reach for the stars = apply to dream colleges
  • 24. If you have ANY questions ...We are here to help you EVERY step of the way! Prepped & Polished, LLC Tutoring and Test Preparation 781-753-9951