Get Involved in Mozilla (Contribution Ways)

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Transcript of Get Involved in Mozilla (Contribution Ways)

  1. 1. Get involved with Mozilla Created By A.Mohammed Adam FSA @Mozilla
  2. 2. contribution ways
  3. 3. Helping Users Mozilla Support is a community of volunteers and employees whom are trying to give supports to their users around the globe .It is used by more than 400 million people .If you Contribute in helping users your contributions will reach millions of users worldwide.
  4. 4. Quality Assurance Quality assurance testing is a great way to get familiar with Mozillas tools . You can Ensure the quality of : l Mozillas applications. l Mozillas web applications. l Firefox for Android.
  5. 5. Coding If you know C++, you can contribute to Firefox OS, and other Mozilla products. If you know JavaScript or HTML/CSS, you can contribute to the front-end of Firefox . If you know Python, you can contribute to Firefox Sync or Persona. If you know C, you can contribute to a number of low-level and third-party libraries
  6. 6. Spread the Word You can help Mozilla to spread the word about how Firefox and other Mozilla projects are building a better Internet and share your love of Firefox and other Mozilla products
  7. 7. Localization Get involved with Mozilla by making those Products available in your language : Firefox Thunderberd Firefox OS Mozilla Support Official websites Webmaker MDN .............
  8. 8. Web Development If You know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python then You can get involved with making Mozilla's web sites even better.
  9. 9. Add-ons If you've used Firefox add-ons before, you know that they're capable of some pretty impressive features. You can get involved with Mozilla by making Add-ons .
  10. 10. Visual Design Get involved with Mozilla by telling the Mozilla Firefoxs story through visual design, copywriting and general awesomeness . Also You can cover the web and people with designs inspired by Mozilla .
  11. 11. Documentation and Writing You can help Mozilla in makeing their documentation better by providing comprehensive , accurate, and up-to-date information about Firefox & Mozilla
  12. 12. Education You can teach others how the web works . Teach People to Explore what the Mozilla Webmaker project is or you can teach others by setting up an event in your community and University.