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  • 7/27/2019 Germantown Express News 101213


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    At an event geared to tomorrows workforce, the president ofa local manufacturing firm presented the case for blue collarcareers.

    As a country, you can see that manufacturing is going tobecome more important down the road, Christopher Barnard,president and chief executive officer of Wacker NeusonCorporation, said during opening comments at theManufacturing and Career Expo at Davians in MenomoneeFalls Oct. 9. The company is a leading manufacturing of lightand compact equipment. Its American headquarters are locat-ed in Menomonee Falls.

    The Manufacturing and Career Expo which is organizedby the Menomonee Falls, Germantown and Sussex chambers ofcommerce featured booths from more than 20 area manufac-turing firms. Students from the Menomonee Falls, Germantownand Hamilton school districts attended during sessions on Oct.10. There was also time set aside for the public at large to attendthe event.

    During his opening comments, Barnard said that every $1 inmanufacturing produces a mulitplier of $1.35. Also according todata cited by Barnard:

    If manufacturing in the United States was a country, itwould be the 10th largest country in the world. The manufactur-ing sector in the United States is slightly smaller than Russia but

    larger than Spain, India, Canada and 60 percent the size of

    A focus inmanufacturing

    Wacker Neuson CEO: Developing future

    workforce vital for industry

    Germantown Police Lt. David Huesemann and K-9 unitRambo meet with visitors at the Germantown Fire SafetyFair held Oct. 5. Photo by Thomas J. McKillenTurn to page 4

    Stotts at Schauer:Storyteller and singerStuart Stotts will bring hiscomedic personality to the

    Schauer Arts & ActivitiesCenter on Sunday, Oct.20 at 3 p.m. See page 12.

    Scrap metal event: TheGermantown Youth Futureshas teamed with IndustrialRecyclers, to recycle scrapmetal to raise money andsupply gifts and necessitiesfor local families in need forthe holidays.See page 4.New logo sought: Asthe 5k Candy CaneRun/Walkset forSaturday, Nov. 16 inGermantowngrows into apopular part of the villagesannual Christmas Festival,community input is neededfor a new logo. See page4.

  • 7/27/2019 Germantown Express News 101213


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  • 7/27/2019 Germantown Express News 101213


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  • 7/27/2019 Germantown Express News 101213


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    The following information was provided bythe Germantown School District.

    The Germantown High School "5thAnnual Powder Puff School Sponsored CharityEvent" was held Oct. 2 at Datka Stadium. Insemi-final action, the juniors beat the sopho-mores 30-12 and the freshmen upset the sen-iors 20-0.

    In the championship game, the Freshmenbeat the juniors in a highly competitive gamewith a final score of 32-26. Jenni Poss hadthree touchdowns for the Juniors. FreshmanJade Wahlgren had an electrifyi ng 60 yardpunt return for a touchdown and MackenzieSchmitz had four touchdowns, including a 60yarder with 55 seconds left in regulation. She

    also had a 38 yard touchdown reception on afourth and 27 play.

    Congratulations to the Freshmen team andspecial thanks to Senior Katie Shebesta whohelped to organize the event and to the staffmembers who donated their time to help withthis event. Thank you to all players, coachesand students for good sportsmanship andappropriate behavior during the event!$1,160 was raised in gate receipts with 80%of the proceeds going to the St. Boniface foodpantry. In addition, proceeds from the con-cession sales, run by Youth Futures, will bedonated to the "Holiday Shopping for theUnfortunate."

    Freshman team wins GermantownHS Powder Puff game

    Members of the Germantown High School freshman powder puff team pose for a

    photo after defeating the senior squad Oct. 2. Photo courtesy of Germantown SchoolDistrict.

    Germany;In the United States, the average value

    added per worker in manufacturing is$118,419. In China, it is $13,266.

    The value added per U.S. manufacturingworker is almost 10 times the value of China,Barnard said.

    Barnard said manufacturing should bethe engine for the future and it should be anarea in which both schools and public policyfocus for such a long period of time.Unfortunately, we dont see that happening.

    According to Barnard, the United Stateshas gone from being an energy importertoward being an energy exporter. By 2020,the United States will be energy independent,he said.

    Seven years ago, you would never, everhave believed that was going to happen, he

    said.The implication of that will be an increasedemphasis on jobs in the manufacturing sector,as there will be 3.3 million new jobs being cre-ated due to energy independence. Also, $468billion will be added to the gross domesticproduct and $258 billion will be added to theannual industrial output.

    The bottom line is we have to continue to

    focus in manufacturing as our future. In thenext five to 10 years, its going to be very clearthat the United States is going to be the pre-eminent manufacturer in the world, Barnardsaid.

    He said the single biggest challenge is

    finding the people to work in the manufactur-ing sector and explained that businesses in themanufacturing sector will have to continue tochange and plan for the jobs of tomorrow.

    If we do that properly, then people willlook at manufacturing not as a plant, not as anold job classification, not as whether youreunion or non-union, as a machinist or anassembler theyll be looking at manufactur-ing as the anchor on which this country isgoing to grow for the next 10 to 15 years,Barnard said. I really mean that because t hatreally is our future.

    Harvey Neu of Neus Building Center

    added that a strong manufacturing communi-ty makes for a strong community strongschools, strong housing market, strong every-thing.

    Neu added that he is amazed what isproduced in the area which is created by thelocal workforce and used globally.

    We want that workforce to continue togrow and support these manufacturers, Neusaid.

    From page 1

    ...Energy key part ofmanufacturing growth

    As the 5k Candy Cane Run/Walkset forSaturday, Nov. 16 in Germantowngrows intoa popular part of the villages annualChristmas Festival, community input is neededfor a new logo.

    The Germantown Area Chamber ofCommerce, which organizes the event, is look-ing to differentiate the T-shirts to mark eachyear. Members of the public are invited to sub-mit logo designs to be considered for use forthe event.

    The name will stay 5k Candy Cane

    Run/Walk. All submissions become propertyof the Chamber for use with this event. Entries

    received may be considered for use in futureyears. Submissions may be altered in order tobe graphically usable in different formats.

    Logo entries shoul