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  • 8/22/2019 Germantown Express News 080313




    Volume 22, Issue 31 August 3, 201(262) 238-6397

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    A 19-year-old Richfield man wascharged in Washington County CircuitCourt with first degree intentional homi-cide July 31.

    Daniel J.H. Bartelt is accused in thecriminal complaint of causing thedeath of Jessie Blodgett,19, at her resi-dence in Hartford on July 15. If con-victed, Bartelt could face life in prison.

    In addition, previous chargesagainst Bartel t in a July 12 attack on awoman in Richfield Historical Park

    were amended to add a count ofattempted first degree intentional homi-cide. If convicted on that count, Barteltcould face 60 years in prison.

    Bail was set at $750,000. JudgeTodd Martens ordered a competencyevaluation of Bartelt by the countyDepartment of Health Services. Thenext court date will be at 1:15 p.m.Sept. 4.

    July 12: An attack inRichfield Historical Park andsubsequent charges.

    According to the criminal com-plaint, a 20-year-old MenomoneeFalls woman reported that she wasattacked by an individual with a knife

    between 10:10 and 10:22 a.m. July

    12 in the park, which is located at4399 Pleasant Hill Road in Richfield.

    The woman told police that thesuspect tackled her to the groundwhile he was holding a knife, and shesaid she thought she was going todie. The woman grabbed a hold ofthe blade end of the knife and did notlet go, as she felt it was a life or

    death situation. The woman ended

    up struggling with the suspect forapproximately a minute, during whichtime she was able to disarm the sus-pect and take the knife. The suspectgot off the victim and tried to take theknife from her but she held on to it.

    The victim sought medical treat-ment and required 15 stitches. The vic-tim sustained six lacerations to herright hand, three of which requiredstitches. She also sustained a cutacross the palm and multiple cuts onher left fingers

    When questioned by an investiga-

    tor, Bartelt initially was unable to pro-vide details of where he was on July12. During further questioning, headmitted that he was at the park onJuly 12 reading a book and drinkinga beer when he saw the victim driveinto the park.

    Bartelt said in a spur of themoment decision he took a knife andwent to scare the victim. He said helost the knife during a fight and ranback to his vehicle.

    Bartelt was originally charged inthe Richfield park attack July 18 withfirst degree recklessly endangeringsafety, aggravated battery and sub-stantial battery, attempted falseimprisonment and disorderly conduct,

    Richfield suspect charged with homicideCharges increased in July 12 park incident

    Daniel J.H. Bartelt, 19, is facinghomicide and attempted homicidecharges stemming from incidentswhich occurred on July 12 and

    July 15. Photo by Thomas J.McKillen.

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    Neighbors AgainstCrime event:

    Germantown PoliceOfficer David Moscheabegins a presentation onhe use of the Taser dur-ng the NeighborsAgainst Crime Night Outevent outside theGermantown PoliceDepartment Aug. 1.

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    bacon, wieners, cheddar-wurst and summerausagefrom the

    American Cured MeatChampionships held inSouth Carolina in July. See

    page 12.

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    all while using a dangerous weapon. Thecharges were amended July 31 to include acharge of first degree attempted intentionalhomicide

    July 15: The death of JessieBlodgett in Hartford and the investi-gation which led to a first degreehomicide charge.

    Blodgett was found deceased by hermother during the afternoon of July 15.According to the criminal complaint, anautopsy later determined that the victimdied of ligature strangulation.

    According to the criminal complaint,Bartelt denied any knowledge or involve-ment in Blodgetts death. When askedabout his whereabouts on July 15, Barteltsaid he was driving all over and endedup at Woodlawn Union Park in the city ofHartford.

    According to the criminal complaint,Hartford police later recovered video sur-veillance which showed Bartelt to be in thepark at around 10:25 a.m. July 15.Evidence that was later linked to the crimescene at the Blodgett residence was recov-

    ered by police in a trash receptacle.In addition, the Wisconsin Crime Lab

    also confirmed the presence of DNA fromthe victim that was found in evidence recov-ered from Woodlawn Union Park.

    Bartelt was taken into custody byWashington County Sheriffs deputies July16 in connection with the Richfield Park inci-dent. During a news conference July 31,Hartford Police Chief David Groves saidthat just over 24 hours from the beginningof the Hartford Police Departments investi-gation of Jessie Blodgett, Mr. Bartelt hasbeen removed from our community and hasbeen continuously and securely in policecustody. Every day, between then and now,the case has been made stronger and

    stronger, and we have been prepared should he have been able to post bond onthe Richfield incident that were going toput a hold on him with our investigation.

    Groves added that the evidence recov-

    ered from Woodlawn Unlinked Bartelt to the Richfiestatement, Groves noted thgerprints were recovered froresidence.

    He added that as the c

    ber of Hartford, as a fathermy thoughts and my prayeBlodgetts.

    Hartford Mayor Joeadded that my heart goes ofamily our entire commuthem in their thoughts and p

    This tragic incident is abad things can and do where. Every citizen needssafety and security in mindDautermann said.

    Dautermann noted that the first one in the city in 15 the third homicide in Har tfor

    Dautermann encouragebe looking for suspicious actit to law enforcement activiti

    Immediately after theappearance, Gary Schmaurepresenting Bartelt, said Bare shocked and devastategations.

    ...Bail set at $750,00From page 1

    The following rep