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We ran the Shaping Attitudes for the workplace workshop on June 16th 2010 for students at George Monoux College. They were put into 4 groups and each produced this report as a reflection of their day.


  • 1. Shaping attitudes B y S a i m a K h a l i d , M a n yi E y o n g a n d Ab u C h o u d h u r y What happened? Viv, the lady run- went through talking scenarios and an- ning this program, about our attitude swering questions introduced the aim towards different about what we of the day, which things i.e. forgive- thought the charac- was to understand a ness, saying sorry, ters in the sce- quote by Winston relationships, narios should do in Churchill, which money, politics, so- those situations. read Attitude is a ciety etc. We also She then summa- little thing that had to complete rized the day with makes a big differ- group tasks which useful tips on how ence. To be able to consisted of reading to have a good atti- understand this, we through different tude towards things. What did we learn? I enjoyed listening to everyones responses to the scenarios we were given and their different opinions. I now know that not having the right attitude can impact the way you perform at work and how people view you. It was a relaxed yet challenging experience. Viv really knew how to make us understand how important attitude is. She made me think about things I never really thought about, for instance, how attitude influences our perspective things and our opinions. It really is a small thing that makes a big difference. What a day! I enjoyed learning more about my peers and discover- ing how much we all have in common when it comes to our atti- tudes. Ive identified areas I need to work on in order to be success- ful in life. This day was useful because I learnt something new.
  • 2. Newsletter Date S I R GE O RGE M O NOUX AC A DE MY O F FI N AN CE ATTITUDES IN A WORK PLACE!!! Work Shop Preparing Careers Academy Students For Placements As part of the careers academy of the skills and experience finance; students are being pro- gained in these work shops vided a work internship placement and apply it to their work both by the academy as well as the placements and the situa- college, Students have to undertake tions that may arise. It is an an interview as part of the course; opportunity that many oth- preparation for the interviews is ers are not offered; these competed through assignments students grasp the knowl- within the units of the course and edge in hope to apply it to many other activities are assigned their internship roles and for students to attend. All of which through the world of work., This is used fa- progress! is preparation prior the internship cilitate them to train and progress them to stage. The internship is an opportu- achieve their career goals. Every individual nity for the students to sell them- student is being given a chance; a chance to selves as well as gain networks and attend many work shops that have been experience to use if they choose to planned by the coordinators of the course progress to higher education or enabling a chance for every student to use ATTITUDES WITHIN WORK PLACEMENTS BEING IDENTIFIED The main concept of the day was by the individuals attitude. Students worked forth. However many of to help students identify what types in teams reading out each scenario, asking these were negative atti- of attitudes are permissible in any each other questions and later presenting it tudes and the students work place. Using this knowledge as each team leader is appointed as a pre- were able to identify that and input it in their internship senter. Questions were then asked around they are not allowed in situations. by the members of the other groups to share work places. It was a fun opinions and views of the scenarios. The aim packed day and the aim Students were ask to define the of the day I believe was achieved successfully. was achieved successfully! term attitude and then step by A wide range of the students left knowing step scenarios were given to out- the definition of attitude; why people atti- line in what situations people will tudes differ from each other due to upbring- be in and the decisions that they ing, ethnic background, social media and so will have to take that is determined
  • 3. Attitude at a workplace... What we have learnt on this day On Wednesday 16th June contributed an showed our class have had a work- our views to one another. shop, run by Divine. This As we were given different was a effective day which scenarios and had to re- has helped us all as we solve the conflict within have been taught and have the scenario. learnt interview skills, CV From this session Divine practice and other aspects had made clear to us that of getting into a job. How- we all have to have the ever we have never been right attitude in order to told what is expected from progress and be success- us in terms of our attitude ful, this could be any- towards a workplace which where including a work involves any workplace. place. Now that the day is over At the end of the day Di- our class have learnt differ- vine had us a sheet and ent ways of attitude that informed us to all give have a impact on a work- ourselves a gift by writing place, this does help us goals which will be with our internship place- achieved in 6 months, ments as we all will face this. Therefore it was im- This day was very useful portant for us to have the and will help everyone knowledge. with controlling their atti- tude and always being The session was very inter- positive. active, this means we all What we have to say... I now have a better understanding Divine had helped me to under- of different attitudes that can arise stand different attitudes. The at a workplace. This day has helped day was very good as she had me with my internship as now I used scenarios for us to have a know how to deal with situations in a better understanding of what good manner. I believe the day went attitudes can occur during work really well. By Fatiha Laidi and helped us how to deal with it. It was an interactive session therefore it was interesting to here other peoples views and On this day I had learnt a ideas. By Rukhsar Hussain lot about different attitudes. This has helped me for build- ing my confidence in working in a working environment. By Tanya Mkandi
  • 4. Shaping Attitude In A Work Place 21st June 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1 Inside this issue: Inside Story 2 Inside Story 2 Inside Story 2 On Wedne