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  • 1. Genre Reviews
  • 2. Opening Scene:
    • Writing the definition of film
    • 3. White and black background
    • 4. Two characters in the middle of frame
    • 5. Food, diner location
    • 6. Cup of tea
    • 7. Female and she is wearing a top, jeans, short hair
    • 8. Male shirt on top of t-shirt, jeans, rough stubble, messy hair
    • 9. Dialogue between the two characters
    • 10. Mid shot of the two characters
    • 11. Close up of the waitress
    • 12. Close up of female charcter
    • 13. Mid shot female charcter
    • 14. Mid shot of male and female and shot reverse shot
    • 15. Move into a close up of the male characters face
    • 16. Waitress speaks to the male character
    • 17. Close up of male and female character which then moves into shot reverse shot
    • 18. Close up of a gun
    • 19. Close up of them kissing
    • 20. Long shot of them sitting at the table
    • 21. Camera moves up with the male character
    • 22. Female character is out of the shot
    • 23. Moves to a mid shot
    • 24. Music is the soundtrack
    • 25. Non diegetic sound
    • 26. Leads into the credits

    Quentin Tarantino has kept it very simple. He has only focused on two characters and the audience can see that these two are important. The mise en scene reflects everyday life. As the location is a diner in America, the characters are dressed in everyday normal clothes such as jeans, t-shirts. So therefore they look like everybody else but when the audience starts to hear the dialogue between the two characters then they realize that they are criminals. The shots used between the two characters are vey simple and there are not many different shots that have been used. It tends to be close ups, and shot reverse shot. This is so that these two characters are the main focus in the shot.
  • 27. Representation in the opening scene
    Slight panning, centred the road in the middle with the mountains in the distance.
    Road splits the from by coming up from the bottom and ending near the end of the frame
    Loneliness due to it sounds like someone is playing the harmonica by themselves and is quite soft music
    Mountains look rocky
    Trees but no crops
    Hear the sounds of other music coming in when it is a black screen
    Transition shot
    Representation of World and People
    That women get put down by there husbands or male partners e.g. Thelma and her husband as he always brags about going to work and always says that she just stays at home
    Thelma is always quite tensed around her husband as if she puts her guard up to protect herself
    Her house is quite messy and that reflects her personality
    She is still in her dressing gown i.e. disorganised
    Serving her husband e.g. putting the bracelet on him
    Only feels free with Louise
    Cant live freely if her husband is around

    Louise and Thelma
    Crowded in the cafe/ diner
    Music in the background which is quite loud
    Music is country/western associated with the Southern state of America e.g. Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma etc...
    Level shot of the people working e.g. the waitresses
    Camera is tracking Louise as it has followed the actress so shows that she is our main character
    Keeps up with her movement
    Audience feels involved
    Main character is in the centre of the frame
    Follow her, then a close up
    She is professional and efficient
    Enclosed place
    Compromise of time
    Cut to the next shot
    She is in the kitchen due to cooking in the background the mise en scene
    She is having a cigarette even though she gives advice why you should not be smoking hypocritical
    Is using the telephone where the second character is introduced Thelma

    Thelma is messy due to shouting , running around
    Louise is more controlled than Thelma
    Thelma is worried that her husband Daryl would find out
    Close up on Thelmas face, to show her expression when she is talking to her husband
    Setting is in there kitchen at home, represents where she should belong as men use to think thats where a womans place is when she is talking to her husband
    Daryl is rude, arrogant, angry
    His red sports car is composition for his lack of masculinity

    Thelma and Louise
  • 28. Opening scene:
    Dark colours
    Water/ storm blue colour wash
    Eerie music- tensed
    Dream like
    Water is sliced in half
    Weather signifies something bad is going to happen
    Complex and swirling
    Robert de Niro walks straight toward the camera
    Music is playing lightly in the background
    Body parts are shown separately e.g. the eyes, teeth etc...
    Bird of prey/ silhouette / foreshadowing
    Reflections of water / distorted image
    Image shows torture which then reflects the blood in the opening scene
    Picture goes from red/ negative (psychotic)/ colour
    Extreme close up of eyes then close up of the face as if she is confessing or recalling something
    Religious person due to he has a cross on his back and the scales for justice
    Pictures in the mise en scene of Jesus and Stalin reflects his image
    Prison is behind him reflects his past and also could be his present
    The family are in bright colours and he was silhouetted
    He is the focal point in the cinema
    Music has created tension at the end
    The girl is wearing white, could represent that she died
    Had red wash before so there is a contrast
    Its like a diary My reminiscence
    Rain is falling behind her
    Framed dead centre
    Talking to the audience
    Juxtaposition one shot to another
    Maid is Spanish
    Happy shot and warm atmosphere
    Creative shows freedom
  • 29. The Talented Mr Ripley
    The main character is shown.
    And he starts by telling the audience a bit about what had happened.
    Moves onto a lady singing at a party.
    Man and his wife have interaction with the main character
    He works quite a lot of jobs
    The protagonist is quite shy and reserved
    Wants to maybe pursue a career in music
    Getting paid $100 to go to Italy
    Borrowed a jacket of someone
    Maybe thats was reference to the beginning
    Everything is in equilibrium
    Has met a woman who just introduced herself
    She comes from a family business of textiles and travels under he mothers name Randall
    The protagonist has just met the other main character who he has to take back to America due to his father paid him
    Has met another female character
    Incident- should have never borrowed the jacket. Problem mistaken identity
    Progressive Complications- Main character goes to Italy and meets Greenleafs son and his girlfriend and sees him with another girl .
  • 30. City of God
    Extreme close up of a knife being sharpened
    Suggests violence/ danger fast pacing music
    Could hear it being sharpened
    Spanish, Latin American
    Medium Shot of whats going on around
    They are cooking due to images of carrots
    Looks like a celebration or party due to music, food, drink.
    Medium shot of chicken and it escapes by loosing the tie
    Close up of main character which moves to a extreme close up of him
    Gives orders to people to get the chicken
    He is in charge
    Long shot/ crane shot of the streets shows location, urban, close tighter sequenc