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  • 1. K-pop: Hip Hop/Rap By Chantelle Anonuevo
  • 2. Origins: K-pop K-pop is an abbreviation of Korean pop which is the musical genre made in South Korea. Its cultural origins are from the 1990s The genre is made up of a great variety of audiovisual elements which is exposed through their music and music videos being very expressed. It doesnt only provide pop music but the wide variety of music, covering R&B, dance-pop, pop ballad, electronic, rock, hip-hop, jazz, classical, folk, dance. Hip hop however was introduced to Kpop by 1990 being the turning point of kpop, as they become more conforming to western culture and applied this to their music, introducing rap, rock, techno and hip hop.
  • 3. Key artists in the development of the genre / at the moment (who has the biggest profile?) G Dragon - Rapper He is a well known rapper to be fitted into the genre of k-pop. He is the leader of the boy band Big Bang which is also a well known international k-pop band which was once featured and won the international music awards. He as an individual is a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, lyricist, producer, model, endorser and a fashion icon. Besides being a in a boy band, he has also gained achievements as a solo artist from releasing his first solo album Heartbreaker and his recent one Coup detat With his solos, in January 2013, he embarked 4 dome tours in japan and 1st solo world tour. With such great achievements he has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning Missy Elliot an American musician. PSY He is well known for his international 1 billion hit single Gangnam Style which went viral in the year 2012. He helped open eyes to many countries on the whole genre of K-pop. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer and television personality. With his success with the single, he was recognised as the king of youtube and global superstar. This allowed him to release new songs and be publicised else where but korea.
  • 4. Audience The hip hop/rap genre is directed towards the younger generation from to young adults as a majority because their more open to the explicit language and portrayals. However throughout the whole genre of kpop the majority are orientals, most likely because other oriental countries like China and Japan are closer to korea and concerts are likely to be held at other oriental countries rather than world wide. Due to the improvement of world wide communication and publicity, Kpop is an international known genre.
  • 5. Hip Hop Rap Oriental culture Op Girls Dancing Hip Hop The moodboard consists of imaged of both fans and artists and the majority countries that the genre is popular in. The genre is famous for being apart of oriental culture, giving up-beat music to dance to and for the having a lot of groups. K-pop is the name summed up for many other genres like hip hop, pop, rock, indie etc. so the variety is very wide. Boys
  • 6. Sub-Genres The other genres link K-pop are known as Cpop (China), J-pop (Japan) and Mandopop(China). These are the music genres located in other oriental countries that link to one another. Kpop links to J-pop most likely because K-pop artists expanding their audience also make Japanese albums or short versions of their own Korean songs into Japanese.
  • 7. Public Perception It isnt the type of genre open to all cultures, it is gradually becoming known to the western society more and more by the day or so from being added to music awards shows nominations, newspapers or magazines and social networking. It is becoming a mainstream genre to be listening to however still at the niche side
  • 8. Record Labels YG Entertainment is one of the well known labels because they contain the artists that are known worldwide e.g Psy, BigBang/Gdragon and 2NE1 who all have international contact and friends. SM Entertainment is another label that is a publisher of Pop music. The groups that go under this label as Super Junior, SNSD, Shinee, f(x), EXO.
  • 9. Competition They include famous featured artists such as 2NE1, SNSD, MBLAQ etc. with sell lines advertising love advice interviews, movies and the top hits and music producers etc. They aim to relate to the public in a certain personal way and their music taste.
  • 10. Cross Media K-pop is covered with other medias such as TV Shows in Korea or in other oriental countries however they also are mentioned internationally through YouTube, fan based blogs, websites that feature the new news of music artists e.g Allkpop, Eatyourkimchi (youtube channel)
  • 11. Predictions for genres development I think this genre is at the stage of great development with PSY kicking in, K-pop as been worldwide known. With Youtube and social networking it can be heard through at a wider scale rather than just asia. The genre will develop widely as perhaps American artists plan to collab with one of the korean artists with their songs itll open more doors to the genre and south korea itself. Especially with K-pop adapting western culture e.g rap, hip hop etc. it allows the people at the favour of those genres to gain an open mind set to listen to k-pops version of that genre. It is heading at a positive direction towards more success as well as more recognition.