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    General Furnishings & CollectablesGeneral Furnishings & CollectablesGeneral Furnishings & CollectablesGeneral Furnishings & Collectables SaleSaleSaleSale

    Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday 9999thththth AugustAugustAugustAugust Commencing 10am On View Monday 7th/Tuesday 8th August Brightwells Fine Art Department Easters Court, Leominster, HR6 0DE Tel: 01568 611122 | Email:[email protected]

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    LOCATION Brightwells Antiques and Fine Art Saleroom is situated at the northern end of the by-pass, off the A49 at Easters Court.

    TERMS: PAYMENT ON THE DAY The Auctioneers wish to remind purchasers that ALL LOTSALL LOTSALL LOTSALL LOTS must be paid for before removal from the premises, potential purchasers unknown to the auctioneers will need to pay either by CASH or BANKERS DRAFT or arrange for their own Bankers to issue a Written Status Report, giving the date of Sale, to the Auctioneers’ Bankers who are as follows: - Barclays Bank plc, Herefordshire Business Centre, 31/34 Commercial Street, Hereford (Tel 01432 272244), Sorting Code 20-39-64.

    BUYER’S PREMIUM The Buyer shall pay a Buyer’s Premium of 17.5% (+ VAT) in addition to the Hammer Price.

    COMMISSIONS The Auctioneers will be pleased to execute Commissions received in writing up to one hour before the sale, on condition the lots have been viewed by the intending purchaser or his authorised Agent. Lots will be procured as cheaply as is permitted by other bids. All Lots bought on commission must be paid for with in seven days of the date of sale, regardless of whether or not they have been collected.

    REFRESHMENTS Hot and Cold Meals, Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments will be available on the premises on View Days and Sale Days.

    CLEARANCE Purchased lots should be cleared on the Day of Sale or the day following. All Furniture lots remaining on the premises after 10 working days will be removed to commercial storage premises entirely at the owner’s risk and expense. Any charges made by that company shall be paid directly to that company before release of the relevant items subject to all associated accounts with the Auctioneers having been settled in full.

    CREDIT CARD FACILITIES Brightwells Ltd. offer Credit Card Payment with a 3% charge for the use of this facility on most major Credit Cards with the exception of American Express (currently not accepted). Debit and Switch Cards are acceptable with no extra charge. This Catalogue is intended as a guide to help identify the contents of each lot in the auction. Every lot must be taken to with all faults and errors of description (if any). Our general and special conditions of sale apply to this auction, copies of which are displayed by the auction office.

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    1 A large Afghan rug multi lozenge centre on a red ground, 9ft 4in x 6ft 6in approx

    2 A Chinese carpet floral design on a green ground, 12ft 6in x 9ft approx 3 A rug with geometric design on a beige ground, 6ft 4in x 3ft 8in approx 4 An Indian Kelim with multi-coloured striped design 5 A Meshwani runner geometric design on an aubergine ground, 8ft 2in x 2ft

    approx 6 A Suzui Kelim with multi bordered geometric design on a red ground, 5ft 6in

    x 2ft 4in approx 7 A Baluch rug with geometric design on a burgundy ground, 5ft x 3ft 2in

    approx 8 A Meshwani runner with geometric design on an aubergine ground, 8ft 2in x

    2ft approx 9 A Tribal Gazale rug with multi diamond design on a red ground, 3ft 10in x 3ft

    10in approx 10 Two rugs 11-14 Spare 15 Collection of plated ware including trophies, vases, candlestick, candelabra,

    etc 16 Five boxes, clock, barometer, animal figures, candlestick, various teawares,

    vases, ceramics, hunting print, etc 17 A box containing die cast toys, brushes, treen bowl, sewing accessories etc 18 Four boxes, table linen, kitchen ware, Masons bowl, lamp, faux fruit, trays,

    animal figures, vases, etc 19 Four boxes including cutlery, pepper grinder, trays, sewing box, various

    ceramics, straw hat, lamp, brass bell, etc 20 A box containing large plates, prints, copper, jardiniere, wooden duck, mirror

    etc 21-48 Spare 49 A quantity of ceramics including "Paragon" part tea service, "Aynsley" part

    tea service, a cut glass and plated claret jug etc 50 A collection of model dogs, cats etc 51 A "Royal Albert" Old Country Roses part tea service, a "Royal Doulton" Valley

    Green part tea service, etc 52 A collection of figurines including, Royal Worcester, Royal Doulton, Coalport

    etc 53 A quantity of plated Items including tea pots, milk jugs, muffin dish, caddy etc 54 Four green vases with leafage designs, two part tea services etc 55 A pair of brass candlesticks, brass weigh scales, a cased cutlery set, a

    collection of spoons etc 56 A collection of model animals and birds including Beswick Greenfinch, Royal

    Worcester Chaffinch, Sheep dogs, etc 57 A quantity of metalware including, pewter plates, teapot, coffee pot, jug,

    brass egg timer, brass jug, etc 58 A mantel clock, three Royal Doulton figurines, opera glasses, a Crown Devon

    biscuit barrell and a quantity of silver plated 'Kings' pattern cutlery etc 59 A painted metal post tray, a sewing box, a small plated floral decorated

    bucket, a lacquered circular box etc 60 Two Oriental ceramic figures, an Oriental vase and a large jar and cover 61 A pair of Victorian ceramic Poodles, A/F

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    62 A Japanese tea service 63 A Satsuma table lamp and two others 64 Two cut glass punch bowls and glasses 65 A red marble mantle clock 66 Four glass light shades and a brass light fitting 67 Three glass bottles, assorted tea and dinnerware, pewter tankard, pewter

    bowl and cover, a pair of ceramic seated cats, Susie Cooper coffee cans etc 68 A Masons blue and white meat plate, dinner plates, saucers, four glass

    goblets, a glass tray, three coloured glass dishes etc 69 A box of plated cutlery and Mappin and Webb fish eaters 70 A Limoges porcelain oval box with gilt mounts 71 A pair of cranberry glass vases, three seated figures playing musical

    instruments, a Beswick horse and foal and Royal Doulton figurine etc 72 An oak cutlery tray, a mahogany and brass floral decorated tray, barometer

    and thermometer, a canteen of cutlery, a horn gong, a silver hand mirror and small silver case etc

    73 Two jugs decorated with birds and flowers, a small ceramic wall pocket decorated with birds and flowers and a small collection of Goebel figures

    74 Ceramics including pink dressing table set with floral decorations, a blue and white Wedgwood bowl, Royal Doulton teapots, plates etc

    75 A cased Clarinet inscribed W D Cubitt, London with small picture showing men in uniform with a clarinet

    76 A set of fire irons 76A A Royal Worcester beaker decorated with swallows in flight 77 A pair of modern face Wall Brackets, a Limoges Caddy, a Burslem Comport, a

    pottery Vase, a tray decorated with fish etc 78 A pair of framed prints "Eastnor Castle" and "Hampton Court", a pair of

    Wedgwood Vases, a Wedgwood plate and a quantity of cutlery, plated sauce boats, a modern clock and barometer etc

    79 A quantity of cut glass including, glasses, bowls, tray, biscuit barrels etc 80 An oak cutlery tray, a quantity of cutlery and saucers, covers, a stamp

    collection and two wooden and metal stands 81 A Minton Tea Service, assorted tea wares, and tea set in the form of houses

    etc 82 A glass Punch Bowl and glasses, a small collection of Christmas plates, and a

    large modern bowl and cover etc 83 A Collection of glassware including bowls, decanters, glasses, candlesticks etc 84 A large ceramic Jug decorated with flowers and a resin plaque, modern china

    trays etc 85 Six green glass bottles 86 A green and pink jug and bowl toilet set, a small collection of cranberry glass,

    a glass oil lamp, a small wooden box, decorated with birds and a mandolin etc 87 Two Belleek menu holders, a small Belleek basket and a Belleek shell shaped

    plate 88 Three small glass Chandeliers, a Crown Ducal bowl, three ivory decorated

    dishes, etc 89 A Minton toilet set decorated leafage and flower designs 90 A box of Royal Osbourne and Royal Grafton teaware 91 A quantity of tea and dinner wares including an Indian Tree part tea service

    etc 92 A part Spode Rockingham dinner service

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    93 Ceramics including six dinner plates decorated with floral designs and ivy decorated plate, a three-handled tray with grape design etc

    94 A brass log/coal bin, a plated tea set, a copper pan, five brass vases and a pair of cast metal Sphinx

    95 A quantity of ceramics including toby jugs, cups and saucers, cut glass drinking glasses etc

    96 A copper warming pan, a large copper jug, a brass wall light, a yard of ale glass, and a bread board

    97 A large meat plate decorated with flowers and figures, six Copeland Spode plates and two bowls

    98 A mahogany box, a mahogany bracket, a small wooden caddy, in the form of a barrel, a wooden staff, a small milking stool, a mirror etc

    99 A Royal Worcester "Bermina" part tea service, a Coalport part service etc 100 Two Imari style Charges, a Royal Doulton Toby Jug, a Doulton Tankard, cut

    glass decanters, bowls, jugs etc 101 A small collection of glass paperweights 102 A quantity of ceramics including, dinner plates, gilt and floral decorated

    Saucer Dishes, cups, saucers, vases, three duck figurines etc 103 Ironstone kitchenware, six paragon plates decorated with birds and floral

    decorations, an Aynsley tea tray etc 104 A large quantity of glassware including decanters, salts, flask, goblet, bowls,

    vases, comport, drinking glasses etc 105 Four plated wine bottle coasters, an egg cup stand with egg cups and basket,

    and an oak and plated basket 106 A white, green and gilt decorated part dinner service including meat plates,

    dinner plates, tureens, ladles, etc 107 Plates and metal items including mirror, toast racks, spoons, coasters,

    comport, tureens etc 108 Two boxes of watercolours and engravings 109 Four boxes of Art reference books and art related books 110 A box of Millers Antiques guide books 111 A box of children’s books, puzzles etc 112 A brass top table, fender and a pair of hames 113 Two boxes of car and rally related books 114 LEE Sidney L., Stratford on Avon from the earliest time to The Death of

    William Shakespeare, illus Edward Hall, pub Seeley & Co, London 1885, HAMERTON Philip Gilbert, The Sylvan Year, 2nd edit, 1876, and two others (4)

    115 BIRD, J. The major seaports of the United Kingdom. Hutchinson, 1969; CAMERON, J. Titanic. Boxtree, 1997; FRERE-COOK, G (ed). The Decorative Arts of the Mariner. Cassell, 1966; and 6 others on ports and shipping. (9)

    116 A collection of 41 ANNUAL REPORTS of the nationalised waterways authority (in paper covers, as issued, unless o/w noted): BRITISH TRANSPORT COMMISSION. Report & Accounts for 1950. BTC. Sixth Annual Report & Accounts, 1953. 2 vols. BTC; Annual Report & Accounts, 1961. Vol 1 only; BRITISH WATERWAYS BOARD. Annual Reports for 1963, 1964, & 1965, bound together in stout buckram, retaining orig covers; BWB. Annual Report & Accounts. 1964, 1965, & 1966 (i.e. 3 separate issues); BWB. Annual Report & Accounts. 1968 to 1983 (i.e. unbroken run of 16 issues); BWB. Report & Accounts for the 15 months to 31 March 1985; BWB. Summary of Report & Accounts 1984/85; BWB. Report & Accounts 1985/86; BWB. Report & Accounts. 1986/87; BWB. Report & Accounts. 1987-88. [29 items plus 12 duplicates]; together with ROYAL COMMISSION ON TRANSPORT. Final

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    Report on the Co-ordination and Development of Transport. HMSO, 1931; KARMEL, D & BEDDINGTON, R. The Transport Act, 1947. Butterworth, 1948; Water Act 1973. HMSO, 1973; Treaty Setting up the European Coal & Steel Community, Paris 1951. HMSO, 1965 (pencilled notes); Treaty Establishing the European Coal & Steel Community. British Iron & Steel Fedn, 1954. [The EC&SC was, in essence, the forerunner of the EEC and EU]. (46)

    117 Three boxes of art related and art reference books including "British Watercolours", "Sargent", "Victorian landscape watercolours", etc

    118 Three boxes of books including Millers guides, Wisden, Collectables, autobiographies etc

    119 Four boxes of books including "Galloping Shoes", "The Engineers Sketchbook", "Punch", children's books etc

    120 TWO BOXES: World War II Air Warfare volumes (2 Boxes) 121 BOX: Encyclopaedia Britannica (Box) 122 BOX: Art related, chiefly modern (Box) 123 Three car covers 124 Four volumes of Music including Songs of the North Vol 1, CORFE JOS, The

    Beauties of Handel, Vol 1, and two other volumes music, bound (4) 125 BOX: Railway Books, pamphlets, photographs and other related ephemera

    (Box) 126 TWO BOXES: Crime related titles, assorted authors including Ronald Maxwell,

    Paul Begg, MacLaughlin & Hall, and BERRY James, My Experiences as an Executioner, a David and Charles Reprint (2 Boxes)

    127 FIVE BOXES: of The Railway Magazine April 1907-1993, incomplete run, some bound and unbound (5 Boxes)

    128 CROMPTON Richmal, various titles and JOHNS Captain W.E., Biggles, some paperback and some hardback

    129 BOX: including Mrs Beeton, Welsh Bible, History of Great War, etc 130 Assorted leather bound volumes, chiefly Religious, Sermons,the british critic

    literary reviews etc, by various including Doddridge, Butler, Stillingfleet, etc, many with William Peel's name inscribed

    131 BOX: Assorted general titles, including fiction, Bird related titles and general interest and Assorted modern hardbacks, many first edition, including Lynda La Plante, Stella Rimmington, Georgette Heyer, etc (Box)

    132 BROMYARD BUGLE - A run of Parish Magazines and Monthly News Paper, Series 1 and part of Series 2, between 1977 and 1993, a few editions missing

    133 Four boxes books - general interest 134 Box of books - dictionary of English literature etc 135 THREE BOXES: Air Warfare related volumes, of general interest from 20th

    Century (3 Boxes) 136 Box of books inc China and Japan titles 137 Boxes of books modern novels, chiefly hardback, and various humorous titles 138 Box of books social life and social issues, various 139 Four boxes of books including Railways, Birds, Reference etc 140 A box of books, including children’s books, Coronation, Jubilee etc 141 Six boxes of assorted books, children’s books, etc 142 A large box of art reference books and four further boxes - mostly

    biographies (5 boxes) 143 A box of Records 144 Five boxes of books 145 Eight Brian Aldiss hard back books in dust jackets 146 Three boxes of Cigarette Cards

  • 7

    147 Three boxes of Cigarette Cards 148 Seven boxes of "Octane Magazine" 149 Nine volumes of Trade Catalogues for Buck & Hickman, Rycrofts, Alfred

    Herbert, Coventry, Davis, Newey and Eyre, etc (9) 150 Three boxes of Books on model cars and railway, etc 151 BOX: Railway related titles with some Aircraft, World War II volumes (Box) 152 BOX: Railway related titles chiefly (Box) 153 Four boxes of Books on cars, classic cars and Spitfires 154 BOX: A quantity of Theatre Programmes from 1920's, 1930's etc, and various

    small Autograph Albums (Box) and an Album of Kensitas humerous Henry Cards in folder, three Albums of Postcards including World War I silk cards, topographical, etc (3) and a quantity of Cigarette Card Albums, cigarette cards in plastic sleeves, etc (Box)

    155 MEE, G. Aristocratic Enterprise. Blackie, 1975; APPLEYARD, R. The History of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (1871-1931). IEE, 1939; RANSOM, P. The Archaeology of Canals. World’s Work, 1979; HUME, J. The Industrial Archaeology of Scotland: Vol 1: The Lowlands and the Borders. Batsford, 1976; READER, W. To Have and To Hold (life of Frederick Bandet). Hunting Gate Grp, 1983. Aeg, slip case; and 12 others on industrial and company history. (17)

    156 "Pole Position: BRDC Diamond Jubilee. Motor Racing Pubns, 1987; JENKINSON, D & VERSTAPPEN, P. The Schlumpf Obsession. Hamlyn, 1977; BRENDON, P. The Motoring Century: the story of the RAC. Bloomsbury, 1997; BIRD, A. & HALLOWS, I. The Rolls-Royce Motor Car. Batsford, 5th edn, 1984; CLARK, C S. The Lanchester Legacy Vol 1: 1895-1931. Coventry University, 1995; and 17 others on cars and road transport. (22)"

    157 UNDERWOOD, L. Figures in Wood of West Africa. Tiranti, 1964; CASTEDO, L. A History of Latin American Art & Architecture. Pall Mall Press, 1969; KENDALL, R (ed). Monet by Himself. Macdonald, 1990; ISAACSON, J. Claude Monet: observation & reflection. Phaidon, 1978; and 15 others on art and art history; and ALCOCK, N. Old Title Deeds. Phillimore, 1986; GREYSMITH, B. Tracing the history of your house. BCA, 1994; STEINBERG, S. Historical Tables 58BC 1978. St Martin’s, 10th edn, 1979; ROYAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Handbook of British Chronology. 2nd edn, 1961; and 4 other historical reference. (27)

    158 Four boxes of Art Reference and art related Books 159 HUTCHINSON Walter, Britain Beautiful, an illustrated account, pub

    Hutchinson & Co, London, 4 vols, and Our Own Country, descriptive, historical, pictorial, pub Cassell, Peter and Galpin, n.d., Vols I & II only; and WHISTLER Laurence, Rex Whistler the Konigsmark Drawings, reproduced in facsimile in Sepia and Colour, pub The Richards Press, London 1952 (7)

    160 Two boxes of Railway titles, Locos of LNER, Transport Act 1947, The Model Railway Handbook, etc and assorted Railway Pamphlets (2 boxes)

    161 Two boxes of Books including children's books, mystery books, etc 162 Four boxes of Books "The Art Journal" and "The Magazine of Art" 163 GLADWIN David, A History of the British Steam Train, Vol 7 parts I & II, pub

    by Adam Gordon, limited run of 400, 1910 (2) and a box of Railway titles including The Wrexham Mold Railway, West Country Passenger Steamers, York, Terminals in Chicago, etc (Box)

    164 Three boxes of Books including Sporting, Ships, Sailing, Reference books, Hunting, Countries, etc

    165 A box of Scrap Books and Albums 166 Four boxes of Books, art reference, art related, furniture reference books, etc

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    167 Two boxes of Watercolours and Engravings 168 Two boxes of Books including Sporting, "British Battles on Land and Sea",

    "The Wind on the Moon", etc 169-180 Spare 181 A 19th Century rosewood and mahogany crossbanded circular Centre Table

    with ewer inlay, mounted upon four arched supported casters 182 An antique hanging Corner Cupboard with single door lacquered with

    tortoiseshell decoration with heavily worn ivorine decoration, 2ft 8in H x 1ft 10in W

    183 An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood crossbanded set of sheet music drawers

    183A A walnut framed Victorian Nursing Chair 184 Tidmarsh-Harvey & Co cast iron Safe 185 Seven modern, abstract, and traditional oil on board paintings 186 A Victorian rosewood Card Table with D-shape fold-over top on turned

    column and platform base 187 Modern Collectors Cabinet with three banks of drawers 188 Floral upholstered Armchair mounted upon mahogany square cut supports

    and casters 189 Steel framed and bamboo Laundry Trolley 190 A Victorian mahogany framed green upholstered button back Armchair 191 19th Century mahogany dropleaf Dining Table 192 Oak and glazed Smoker's Cabinet, oak dome topped Stationary box, small

    Chest of drawers 193 19th Century mahogany Writing Desk with leather inset top 194 An antique oak gateleg Dining Table with oval top on bobbin turned supports

    and squared stretchers 195 Two carved oak Victorian green upholstered easy Chairs 196 Oil on board of Lord Nelson and a Georgian style framed bust 197 Box of assorted Cutlery 198 Victorian walnut Chest of two short and three long drawers with leafage

    carved handles 199 Pair of Bretby blue glazed cylindrical flare rimmed Vases 200 Enamel Bread Bin 201 Brass dolphin door knocker and another lion mask knocker 202 A 19th Century Bracket Clock with arched brass dial with silvered chapter

    ring, subsidiary chime/silent and slow/fast dials, three train striking and chiming on eight bells, repeater mechanism in ebonised case having ormolu floral mounts, mercury finial and scroll feet, 22in

    203 Reproduction yew wood veneered bookcase, oak Spinning Chair, folding Cakestand

    204 A black lacquered Table Base with gilt chinoiserie landscape on cabriole supports, 27 x 19in

    205 Five assorted Chairs, Wall Mirror, tripod table base 206 Antique oak gateleg Dining Table 207 High Chair, green painted mirror frame and two loose mirror plates 208 Two cast iron corner Feed Troughs, two wrought iron Fire Guards and a pair

    of Step Ladders 209 An antique oak three panel Blanket Chest 210 An antique oak Cricket Table and three antique pierced splat back Dining

    Chairs 211 A 19th Century mahogany and rosewood crossbanded fold over Tea Table

  • 9

    212 An Art Deco walnut veneered Reading Lecturn and Lamp 213 An antique carved oak three panel Coffer 214 A 19th Century mahogany Dining Chair with leather seat and a mahogany

    Towel Rail 215 An oak Chest of three long drawers on later stand with square legs and

    undertray, 2ft 8in 216 An antique geometric parquetry inlaid Jewellery Box fitted two drawers with

    bone knobs and a parquetry inlaid Writing Slope 217 Mahogany single door hanging Corner Cupboard 218 Two oak corner fitted Cupboards, an oak Corner Table, an oak Coffee Table, a

    reproduction mahogany nest of three Tables and a Standard Lamp with shade

    219 A six branch Electrolier 220 A box of glass Light Fittings, Shades and Drops 221 A walnut Occasional Table on shaped supports fitted frieze drawer 222 An oak wall hanging Corner Cupboard with shaped shelve interior 223 An antique oak Corner Chair with a pair of urn shaped splat supports 224 Metal and wood Lamp Base 225 A cast iron French Stove 226 Three 1/24 scale Tamiya Mini Kits and boxed Brooklands diecast Models 227 A Hardy 'Victor No.2' greenheart Fly Rod, Allcock's split cane Fly Rod and six

    other Fly Rods (8) 228 A mahogany Sideboard with raised gallery back with craved floral decoration 229 Watercolour of a Church, another of shepherd by a thatched cottage, and a

    framed print "Miranda and Dorathea" 230 An oak Desk 231 Three boxes of Fly Tying feathers and materials 232 A mahogany tambour fronted Stationery Cabinet and an Art Deco walnut

    veneered Desk Tidy with inset clock 233 A 19th Century mahogany Pembroke Table and six Victorian mahogany

    framed Dining Chairs with floral stuff over seats 234 Donna Crawshaw, oil on board of saddleback pigs, two pencil sketches of

    horses 235 A 4 channel digital Video Recorder 236-237 Spare 238 A pine octagonal Cricket Table on painted base 239 Pair of grey painted Bedside Chests 240 A metal Tool Box and a box of Cine Film 241 A pair of octagonal composite stone Planters 242 A marble topped grey painted two-tier Stand 243 A brass topped Table, tin Helmet, Magazine Rack, Oil Lamps, Chargers and

    other metalware 244 A G-Plan light oak Compactum Wardrobe 245 A Victorian walnut Davenport 246 A carved Victorian button back Armchair with pink upholstery, two-bedroom

    Chairs and a set of six ladderback Kitchen Chairs 247 Salter's Scales and a copper Coal Scuttle 248 A pair of Chimney Pots 249 An antique Captain's Chair 250 An antique hanging Corner Cupboard 251 A wicker Log Basket, Plate Stand, Pot Stand, leather Doctor's Bag, pair of

    pine Doors

  • 10

    252 A reproduction oak Dresser Base 253 Two boxes of Table Linen 254 An oak Gateleg Table 255 A box of framed Pictures and Prints 256 Stained pine blanket box 257 Box of paintings including oil on board of reed bed, assorted prints 258 Box of Prints, oil paintings and watercolours 259 An 18th Century oak Mule Chest with hinged top above four fielded panels

    and three drawers below 260 A painted wooden storage box and a tin trunk with folios of the Irish Sea 261 An antique oak Plank Chest with two plank lid, 4ft 262 A 19th Century mahogany bow fronted Chest of two short and three long

    drawers 263 Two lacquered Chinese influence Table Lamps 264 Box containing Army & Navy Stores mounted Otter Mask, three Hare Masks

    and a Fox Mask (all A/F) 265 Quantity of tweed Thows, quilted Throw, two Cushions, Cape, Skirt,

    Handbags and assorted textiles 266 A Victorian carved walnut Sideboard 267 A Lloyd Loom Tub Chair and Laundry Basket, oval oak Occasional Table,

    Plant Stand, reproduction mahogany Coffee Table and a brass Standard Lamp

    268 A box of Military and other Coats of Arms 269 A cased ship Diorama, carved ethnic Figures, water vessel, copper Jelly

    Mould, tribal Knives, carved bamboo Vase, etc 270 A walnut Coal Box 271 A brass Standard Lamp with pigskin shade 272 A Victorian oak Extending Dining Table with spare leaf and ten Dining Chairs 273 A quantity of Lego Bionicle 274 A reproduction Queen Anne style mahogany veneered Bureau 275 A gold Curtain 276 A Victorian pine Extending Dining Table and four Chairs with button backs

    and stuff over seats 277 A box of Postcards and Ephemera 278 Four Gun Cases, Cartridge Loader, Coal Scuttle, brass Ornaments 279 An oak framed Tapestry, Firescreen, nest of Occasional Tables, Piano Stool

    and a Barometer 280 Wood Burning Stove 281 A Victorian mahogany and marble Toilet Mirror 282 A grey painted Chest of two short and two long drawers 283 Three antique pierced splat back Chairs with drop in seats 284 A Victorian mahogany framed red upholstered button back Armchair and a

    folding Nursing Chair 285 A 19th Century mahogany bow fronted Chest of two short and three long

    drawers 286 A Victorian carved oak fall flap Hall Table with gallery back 287 A mahogany framed claret upholstered Rocking Chair 288 An antique carved oak two panel Mule Chest 289 A Victorian carved oak Elbow Chair with green upholstered button back and

    stuff over seat 290 A white painted Tripod Table, stick back Kitchen Chair, two other Chairs and

    a pine Pembroke Table

  • 11

    291 An antique oak Gate-leg Table with oval top on bobbin turned and square supports, 3ft 6in

    292 Box of Curtains 293 An oak barleytwist Occasional Table, an oak solid seat chair and an

    Edwardian mahogany Occasional Table 294 Two oak Letter Racks and a walnut Letter Rack 295 A box of Fishing Flies, two display boxes of Flies and a Landing Net 296 A carved oak Blanket Box 297 Oil on canvas, seascape, fisherman and girl and a kingfisher 298 A Dunlop "Maxplay McEnroe" Tennis Racket 299 An oak Occasional Table, oval mahogany Occasional Table, ceramic Table

    Lamp and a Stick Stand 300 A Victorian pink upholstered button back Armchair 301 A 19th Century satinwood circular two tier occasional Table, the top with

    painted portrait of a Lady 302 Four Volumes on Oriental Art, three other books and a folio of pictures 303 Mahogany and inlaid glazed two door display cabinet 304 Two unframed oil paintings and a quantity of prints 305 Three oval mother of pearl inlaid Trays 306 Victorian oak extending dining Table with two spare leaves 307 Box of Artist's paints and paint brushes 308 Three rolls of leather 309 A reproduction oak three plank Refectory Table by Stuart interiors of bath,

    approx 10ft long 310 A set of six reproduction oak dining Chairs with panel backs and solid seats

    by Stuart interiors of bath 311 A pair of Victorian ebonised Easy Chairs with cane backs and seats 312 Cast iron pub table base 313 Victorian mahogany framed button back Armchair with floral upholstery and

    a set of six balloon back Chairs 314 Collection of pictures and prints 315 Silver topped walking cane, red parasol and a Crocodile skin handbag 316 Gilt framed oval wall mirror 317 Antique pine Tavern Table on cross frame supports 318 Two boxes of Walkie Talkies, including Motorola and two blackberry phones 319 Pine box, vegetable box, copper tray, tankards, silver photo frame, WMF

    pewter goblet, book ends, Art Nouveau photo frame, coffee pot 320 A 19th Century mahogany Tripod Table 321 Pine box containing Badminton Frame 322 A 19th Century mahogany toilet mirror on serpentine box base, another toilet

    mirror, gilt framed mirror and a carved oak tray 323 A 19th Century gilt framed wall mirror with urn surmount, A/F 324 A black leather and polished steel storage Chest with shelves 325 An oak and ebonised octagonal Occasional Table 326 Marble effect Mantel Clock A/F 327 An oak tambour fronted Desk 328 A gilt framed overmantle Mirror 329 Mahogany inlaid bookcase 330 Oil on canvas of dinghy on a river, Watercolour and ink of the Wye, various

    prints 331 Two luggage Cases

  • 12

    332 19th Century pine marble topped two door Cupboard with swag detail decorations.

    333 Nest of three G-Plan Tables and pine step ladder 334 Scalextric boxed set 335 Set of oak bentwood Wall Shelves 336 A 19th Century mahogany Table with leather inset top and cheval base 337 Pair of brass fire dogs in the form of dolphins 338 Bamboo and lacquered occasional table and a rustic stool 339 Modern pine Dressing Table 340 Pair of brass fire dogs 341 A Continental Mahogany Bidet with removable lid, fitted interior on four

    turned splay supports, 2ft 10in W 342 Nine Classic Car number plates 343 Plated ware including wine bucket, wine coaster, egg cups, brass curtain rail

    and an opaque light shade 344 Quantity of framed prints and watercolours 345 Tunbridge inlaid Sewing Box, Coal Scuttle and Jardiniere 346 Box of framed prints, pencil sketch of grouse, modern oil painting 347 Work Bench 348 Tin Trunk containing Smock, Big Top Game, etc 349 A mahogany framed gold upholstered Armchair 350 Three framed French prints "le pottage", "les poissons" and "le cafe et le

    fromage" 351 A Georgian mahogany Bookcase with dentil surface fret carved frieze above

    pair of astragal glazed doors and pair of solid panelled doors, 5ft 6in, originally larger

    352 A 19th Century double mirror door Armoire 353 A gilt framed Indenture 354 Carved stripped walnut single mirror door Wardrobe 355 Framed print 'Lightning Reaction' 356 Two reproduction Halbards 357 Brass Clock under glass dome and a ships wheel Wall Clock 358 A mahogany Dresser and Rack 359 A large framed Turner print "Folkstone from the sea" 360 A large mahogany and rosewood framed wall mirror 361 A quantity of framed pictures and prints 362 Spare 363 Modern mahogany stacking bookcase with sliding glass doors 364 Mahogany bagatelle board 365 George III mahogany standing Corner Cupboard on ogee feet 366 Quantity of oil paintings and prints 367 Quantity of prints 368 Two metal office filing cabinets 369 Two framed prints including "A winning team" 370 Quantity of feed buckets, box, tools including spades, scythes, etc 371 Modern Desk, office chair, filing shelves 372 G Willis-Pryce, oil on board of Leominster priory. 373 A large Edwardian mahogany overmantle Mirror 374 Twelve framed Car Prints 375 Gilt framed Wall Mirror 375A A mahogany overmantle Mirror 376 Two cast iron sign hanging brackets

  • 13

    377 Three framed hunting prints 377A A large quantity of framed and unframed pictures and prints. 378 A Victorian mahogany Bookcase enclosed by a pair of glazed doors above

    chiffonier base 379 Maple framed oil on canvas of a girl with dog 380 L J Wallis, Oil on board of beach scene with fishing boat and baskets 381 Framed London Illustrated News print of Plymouth 382 Two prints of harvest scene and Birmingham scene, and an oil on board of

    highland path 383 Walnut Overmantle Mirror 384 Victorian satin walnut dressing Table 385 Moulded oak two door Hall Cupboard 386 A 19th Century mahogany and inlaid bedside Chest 387 Antique oak hanging Corner Cupboard 388 A 19th Century oak and mahogany crossbanded Chest of two short and three

    long drawers upon bracket feet 389 A Victorian stained pine Bookcase with two glazed doors above cupboard

    base 390 Glazed earthenware jar and two green and blue glazed storage jars 391 Wicker Laundry Hamper 392 A George III oak Dresser, base fitted three drawers above three fielded panel

    cupboard doors 393 Plaster statue of a woman dressed in classical dress 394 Quantity of pictures, prints and needleworks 395 Carved oak Bookcase and an oak Cupboard 396 Modern metal Sculpture mounted upon board 397 Box including watercolour of farm, other prints etc 398 Large fruitwood continental Dresser with carved floral decorations 399 Large quantity of picture frames, mounting boards, paper, artists chairs and a

    shooting stick 400 An antique green painted curved back Settle with elm seat upon three square

    cut front supports, 7ft 2in W x 5ft 10in H 401 Two framed posters for art exhibitions 402 Spare 403 A Chinese rosewood two door Wardrobe 404 A burgundy upholstered Knoll Sofa 405 A reproduction yew wood veneered D-end dining table, eight chairs, a wall

    unit and nest of occasional tables 405A A pair of mahogany balloon back Chairs with pink drop in seats 406 A 19th century mahogany Artist's Easel on tripod base 407 A brass framed fireguard with leaded glass scene of kingfisher diving 408 Two Robert Taylor prints of a Mosquito and Lancaster with Leonard Cheshire

    pencil signatures 409 An antique Longcase Clock with brass arched dial having silvered chapter

    ring, the arch with father time, inscribed Nathan Seddon, subsidiary seconds dial and date aperture, 8-day movement, in tortoiseshell effect lacquered case with relief scene of temple, birds, tree, and figures, 7ft 1in H

    410 Spare 411 Framed portrait of a lady 412 Two lances, sword, arrows and walking stick 413 A leather pig

  • 14

    414 A 19th Century mahogany Chest of two short and three long drawers on ogee bracket feet

    415 Spare 416 Gilt framed oil on canvas of traveller on path 417 An early Victorian Upright Wall Mirror carved acanthus scrolls and anthemion

    to the frieze and side pilasters, a ball-mounted cornice over, 3ft 6in high 418 Midland Railway cast iron Sign 419 Quantity of framed pictures and prints 420 Cast iron Safe Box with coat of arms and key 421 Royal Albert "Holyrood" dinner and tea service 422 Coalport Coffee Service, figurines, pair of cut glass knife rests 423 Plated ware including tea pot, sauce boat, toast rack, sugar sifter, etc 424 Carved tribal items, coloured glass vases, atomiser, etc 425 Collection of glassware including drinking glasses, bowls etc 426 Continental dessert service 427 Pair of Staffordshire figural spill vases, A/F, Prattware pot lid, seven Coalport

    gilt and floral plates and a Royal Doulton "Susan" figurine 428 Stoneware Chemist's Bottle, four Witches Balls, two bowls, stoneware tea

    service hearts and flowers pattern 429 Three-part tea services 430 Twelve Wedgwood figures and quantity of trinkets and Limoges trinket

    boxes etc 431 Commemorative mugs, teawares, oriental vase, etc 432 Plated ware including tea service, baskets, pot pourri, etc 433 Cranberry and gilt dressing table bottles, vases and two opaque pink glass

    vases 434 Set of nine Chinese Soup Bowls and spoons, two sets of coasters, figures 435 Glassware including decanter, sundae dishes, bowls etc 436 Commemorative plates, coffee jug, goblets, toast rack, etc 437 Jugs, plates, oil lamp, plated tea pot and hotwater jug, carpenter's plane etc 438 Six pairs of brass candlesticks, two hot stands, meat plates, jugs, beaker,

    prints 439 Plated Spirit Kettle on stand, ewer, juggling batons, glasses, etc 440 Mahogany and inlaid two door table top Cabinet and a Canteen of cutlery 441 Two Denby tureens, spirit stand, teapot, stands, framed painted panel 442 Coalport tea and dessert service 443 Plated Entree Dish, pair of Candlesticks, two oil Lamps, Galle style vase 444 Collection of Wine and drinking glasses 445 Turquoise coffee service, various teawares 446 Pair of balance scales, two measures, and a lidded pot 447 Box of Bartholomew’s Maps 448 Two glass decanters, dressing table items 449 Plated condiment set stand and bottles, jam pan, basket, with plaster fruit,

    toleware tray, door stops, bean slicer, etc 450 Three table lamps, candlesticks, horse brasses, coffee grinder, boxes, etc 451 Collection of drinking glasses, vases, perfume bottle, etc 452 Slipware, lustre and other jugs, wash set, coffee pot, pair of candlesticks 453 Assorted plates, tureen, bowls, vases, etc 454 "Chinese Tree" tea service, assorted tea cups and saucers, jug etc 455 Staffordshire dogs, vases and figure groups, Hummel figures, etc 456 Collection of lustre teawares and plates

  • 15

    457 A raku hare, Plichta pig, A/F, tureens, Royal Worcester "Engadine" dinner wares, Wedgwood "Clementine" coffee cups and saucers, animal figures

    458 A composition headed doll and a bisque headed German doll A/F 459 A Buescher Aristocrat 200 Saxophone in case and box of sheet music etc 460 Brass and copper wares including Warming Pan, jugs, candlesticks, tray, etc 461 Quantity of cut glass drinking glasses 462 Paragon "Athena" Coffee and dessert service, Wedgwood jasperware, vase,

    jug, trinket boxes and dishes 463 Glassware including comport, decanter, ewer, bowls, paperweights, vase, etc 464 Three graduated stoneware jugs, blue and white lidded jar, Duchess "Ascot"

    tea Service, etc 465 Collection of ceramics including figurines, plates, vases, match striker, etc 466 Collection of cut glass drinking glasses 467 Collection of storage Jars and a Soda Syphon 468 Epergne, Masons Comports, glazed hexagonal dish, tankards, vases 469 Collection of figurines and character jugs 470 Art Nouveau style lamp, another table lamp, clock under glass dome, plated

    coffee pot and chocolate pots, bronze beaker, carved bird figure, etc 471 Collection of jugs, teapots, plates, etc 472 Geranium decorated dinner service 473 Suite of cut glass wines and liqueurs 474 Plated wine cooler and glass holder, three decanters, cake stand and flare

    rimmed vase 475 Four Art Deco style jugs, one Burleighware decorated bees, another with

    flowers 476 A brass Hose Nozzle and a Bell 477-480 Spare 481 Four various silver napkin rings and two others 482 A pair of George V silver Photograph Frames, Chester 1912, 10 x 8in, one A/F 483 Small casket of jewellery containing; bracelets, Scottish brooches, silver fob

    watch, charms etc 484 A Mont Blanc roller ball pen 485 An Edwardian pendant and a lady's 9ct gold cased watch A/F 486 A silver buckle, bangle and a silver cigarette case 487 A Victorian Seed Pearl Brooch, a Mourning Brooch enclosing woven hair, a

    paste set Bow Brooch, a Bee Brooch set crystal and an oval Brooch set blue glass

    488 A lady's Omega wristwatch in gold plated case 489 A collection of stained bone fish counters, snuff bottle etc 490 Three Murano glass necklaces 491 A small collection of marcasite brooches, posy holder brooch etc 492 A collection of modern amber and ambroid jewellery set in white metal 493 A collection of white metal contemporary jewellery set rose quartz, mystic

    topaz etc and a gentleman's quartz wristwatch 494 Pendant set green and white stones and a pair of earrings set CZ 495 A Gucci watch in gold plated case on associated expanding bracelet 496 A small collection of Moghul style miniature portraits 497 Small red jewel box containing; butterfly brooches, rings, cameo bracelet,

    silver gatelink bracelet etc 498 Collection of silver and white metal watch alberts, lady's Continental fob

    watch, bangle etc

  • 16

    499 A 15ct gold Ring set rubies and diamonds, two 9ct gold Rings set red and white stones

    500 A pair of 9ct gold Earrings set cultured pearls, cameo ring, stick pin, amethyst pendant, mourning brooch etc

    501 Black jewel box of modern jewellery 502 A brass cased carriage clock with enamel chapter ring 503 An Edwardian casket of jewellery including; locket, enamel pendant,

    brooches, bead necklaces, pocket watch etc 504 A pair of silver plated Corinthian column candlesticks 505 Harrods leather jewel box containing cameo brooch, eternity ring, beads,

    silver golf tee etc 506 Collection of penknives, torches, spoons etc 507 Collection of humerous postcards, two Victorian photographs and a Victory

    'Geographical' jigsaw puzzle 508 A Japanese drawstring Purse with seed pearl decoration, a leather drawstring

    Purse, an Indian beaded Purse, a Miser's Purse and three various beaded Purses (8)

    509 Silver and plated cutlery, pierced silver bowl, pepperettes etc 510 Gold plated hunter and half hunter pocket watches, small chest of pocket

    watches and watch movements 511 Silver mounted celery jar, vesta cases, pocket watches, alberts, cufflinks etc 512 Continental silver chain-link bag, sterling silver cigarette box, various spoons,

    plated ice bucket, pair photo frames etc 513 Silver items including; teaspoons, coffee spoons, napkin ring, condiment set

    etc 514 Collection of mostly Britain’s cast metal farm animals, figures and implements 515 Red jewel case of mostly diamante jewellery and a tin of Scottish brooches

    and hardstone necklaces 516 Wooden box containing miscellaneous jewellery and an oval box of necklaces 517 Large green box of costume jewellery including; silver and marcasite

    brooches, earrings etc 518 A three-layer chest of costume jewellery, earrings, beads, necklaces, rings etc 519 Large quantity of cigarette cards some in in albums 520 Two large trays of costume jewellery 521 Stamp album, train ticket album, angler's journal and various model aircraft 522 A pair of George V silver five-bar Toastracks, Birmingham 1931, a George III

    silver oval Milk Jug, Sheffield 1799, repaired, a floral embossed Jug, London 1796 and a pair of Georgian Sugar Nips

    523 A pair of Staffordshire flatback cows 523a Red and white bone chess set in wooden box 524 A modern silver oval dish with engraved scalloped rim 525 Wooden box of Continental coins 526 A silver Christening mug and a brass 'Bank' money box 527 An Edwardian jewellery casket containing; silver fob watch, heart locket,

    beads, diamante, and other jewellery 528 A pair of small hunting prints and four framed French plaques 529 A silver coffee pot 530 A pair of painted portraits on copper 531 A silver topped cut glass claret jug and three silver bottle tickets 532 A silver topped Malacca cane, another with white metal top embossed

    regimental crest and two other walking canes 533 A collection of fishing reels

  • 17

    534 Embossed metal box and small jewel casket containing; enamel brooch, portrait and other brooches, lady's silver fob watch, name brooch, green enamel locket etc

    535 A Bavarian wooden Chalice and cover with glass liner with carved ivory decoration

    536 A vintage crocodile handbag, pair of binoculars, postcards etc 537 Six silver dinner forks, six silver side forks and six silver spoons 538 Reproduction plaque for 1936 Berlin Olympic Games 539 Two silver lidded glass scent bottles 540 Porcelain monkey band figure, restored 541 Dinky model 269 motorway Police Jaguar, Corgi model 'E' type Jaguar and a

    Spot On model Jaguar XK SS 542 Small collection of British and foreign notes and coins 543 Four various silver Cream Jugs, two embossed and two plain and a Georgian

    Sauce Boat, repaired 544 Silver backed dressing table set, silver candlesticks, trumpet vase, egg cup,

    card case, plated wares including 'bead' pattern cutlery, preserve jars etc 545 Jaguar and other car mascots 546 Box of pre-decimal coins, commemorative crowns etc and a tin of buckles

    and military buttons 547 Small quantity of lace and crocheted edgings 548 Three alligator bags, leather collar box, dressing case and glove case 549 Box of modern Corgi model lorries, buses etc 550 A crate of modern costume jewellery, mostly earrings 551 A crate of modern costume jewellery, mostly earrings 552 A crate of modern costume jewellery, mostly earrings 553 Collection of British and World coins including modern Swiss Francs, small

    quantity of world banknotes 554 Tin containing: hip flask, matchbox cover, vesta, flatware, lighters, inkwell etc 555 Artists paint boxes, palette, pens, drawing instruments etc 556 Blood circulator, pen knives, letter opener etc 557 A quantity of Triang 00-gauge model railway 558 Quantity of Thomas the Tank Engine toy railway 559 A Singer portfolio of models c1936 with photographs and an instruction book

    for a Standard 9 560 Collection of prints of French Automobiles entitled 'La Belle Époque' 561 Silver teaspoons and spoon, pusher and napkin ring set 562 Collection of coins, watches, silver frame, spoon, comb etc 563 Seven silver teaspoons, various plated cutlery 564 Silver, white metal and costume jewellery 565 Collection of assorted 'Cococub' lead animals and a badge 566 Box of wristwatches 567 Red box of rifle shooting medals and cloth insignia, etc. 568 Silver propelling pencil, other pencils and pens 569 Five military helmet plates 570 Quantity of costume jewellery 571 Collection of British and World coins including 1797 cartwheel two pence and

    1887 double florin 572 Edward VII silver letter rack, four silver lidded jars and a comb 573 A Georgian diamond Pendant set rose-cut stones 574 A 9ct gold Ring set graduated half pearls

  • 18

    575 Small collection of pre-decimal coins in album 576 Quantity of wristwatches 577 RAF badges and button, army belt, quantity of lapel badges; Russian, British

    military, etc. 578 Box of pocket watches, movements and parts 579 Silver and tortoiseshell lidded jar, silver specimen vase, three silver frames,

    plated wine coasters, berry and sifter spoons, etc. 580 Large quantity of costume jewellery, simulated pearls, etc. 581 A silver mounted part manicure set, pepperette, vase, etc. 581A A silver caster, condiment set and a silver berry spoon 582 Small cloisonné items, netsuke, buckles, etc. 583 Pair Japanese vases, embroidered panel, carved figure, etc. 584 Silver plated cutlery, teapot, hip flask, silver handled tea knives, etc. 585 Victorian scrap album, various books, postcards, Confederate Dollar notes,

    etc. 586 A collection of British and World coins including; worn Charles II crown, 1922

    US peace Dollar, quantity of India 1932 1/12 Anna coins 587 Pair of bone handled boot pulls, travel alarm clock and two modern quartz

    wristwatches, another by Leonard, Geneva and a bracelet 588 A German air rifle 589 Two sets of four Beswick Hounds 590-599 Spare 600 An oval gilt wall mirror, four Christopher Hope humorous prints including

    Shoot Lunch, Roz Goody Labrador print, Grand Canyon photographs, quantity of pictures and prints

    601 Pair of wrought iron window boxes 602 An oak two door wardrobe with simulated drawers 602A A mahogany single door wardrobe 603 Seven folding garden Chairs 604 Large quantity of pictures and prints 605 A composite stone Pedestal 606 Two engravings; The Highwayman and wedding in Westminster Abbey 607 Piano Stool, dressing screen frame 608 Mahogany overmantle mirror, bed end, oak and glazed bookcase 609 Framed watercolour of a girl with dog, another of cottage by a lake, study of

    two exotic birds and two prints 610 Hornby "The Duchess" train set 611 Mahogany music cabinet 612 Gilt framed wall mirror, three other wall mirrors 613 Mahogany and glazed Bookcase base on claw and ball feet 614 Gilt framed overmantle mirror 615 Two modern framed oil on canvas landscapes and a print of flowers 616 Three framed paintings of Arabs 617 Spare 618 A 19th Century Sheraton style satinwood Cabinet with acorn pendant frieze

    above pair of astragal glazed doors having urn and leafage inlaid medallions, pair of doors beneath with cross-banding and false ovals enclosing twenty-two short drawers having inset brass handles on splay feet, 3ft 9in wide.

    619 Reproduction wall unit and corner cabinet 620 Spare 621 Pine kitchen dresser and rack with shaped frieze 622 Framed watercolour of sheep watering and a quantity of prints

  • 19

    623 A 19th Century steel Fender 624 A 19th Century rosewood Sewing Table fitted single frieze drawer on

    silhouette X-frame end supports united by turned stretcher, 2ft 5in H x 1ft 10in W

    625 Antique oak Chest of two short and two long drawers 626 Gout Stool, foot stool, nest of three occasional tables, plant stand, cabinet,

    pair of mahogany torcheres and an oak tea trolley 627 Framed watercolour of a thatched cottage, another highland landscape 628 Set of four oak dining chairs, reproduction Hi-Fi Cabinet, circular occasional

    table 629 Antique pine dome topped trunk 630 Reproduction oak single drawer side table and drop leaf occasional table 631 An 18th Century oak hanging Corner Cabinet with pierced swan neck and

    wheel pierced frieze above dentil cornice, the single door with two glazed panels and single fielded panel beneath, 3ft 9in H

    632 Collection of walking sticks 633 A pair of large 18th Century iron cup Fire Dogs, 27in 634 Two brass and wirework Fenders 635 A 19th Century rosewood three tier Whatnot with pierced foliate and

    scrollwork raised gallery back, the centre section with fitted drawer, all united by turned supports on bulbous fluted legs and brass casters, 3ft 5in H x 1ft 9in W

    636 Two antique painted bow front Corner Cupboards painted figures in interior scenes to the doors and enclosing shelves, 3ft 1in H

    637 Mahogany Canteen of cutlery 637A An Adam style painted Console Table with shaped frieze on reeded square

    tapering legs having rosette capitals on block feet, 6ft 6in W 638 Heart shaped trinket box, bowl and ceramic cottage 639 A 19th Century Biedermeier satinwood Sofa Table on octagonal column,

    concave platform base having ebonised paw feet, 4ft 3in full extension 640 A.Coleman. A watercolour depicting a Figure in a punt on a river; two

    watercolours by H. Lawes depicting landscapes; and a watercolour by another hand depicting figures by a river; four (4)

    641 A 19th Century mahogany fold over tea table 642 Mahogany and inlaid plant stand and armchair 643 High chair, CD rack, Cigarette crates, three prints 644 Walnut cased longcase Clock 645 Oak Settle 646 Two copper coal scuttles and a warming pan 647 A mahogany and inlaid oval tray and a wall bracket 648 Reproduction oak dresser base 649 Quantity of Spode Plates 650 Box of OO gauge railway 651 Reproduction oak dresser base 652 A 19th Century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers 653 Modern dolls house 654 A large antique oak Gate-leg Table with oval top on baluster turned and

    square legs united by square stretchers, 4ft 7in x 6ft 655 An Edwardian six-branch Chandelier with hexagonal baluster column, 2ft

    diam 656 A six light brass Chandelier with leafage scroll branches and central spiral

    column, 3ft, originally gas

  • 20

    657 Mahogany framed dressing mirror on box base and a shelf mirror 658 A 19th century mahogany side table fitted two drawers 659 Brass fender, coal scuttle and fire iron holder 660 A 19th Century mahogany corner washstand and occasional table 661 Framed watercolours of linnet and whitethroat and a framed print of a girl 662 French green painted dressing table 663 A five branch Chandelier with spiral branches, frieze of baguette, pear and

    prism drops, 2ft D 664 Two painted towel rails, watering can, a tulip standard lamp, white painted

    and gilt standard lamp 665 Fur coats and assorted hats 666 Mahogany Sutherland table, elbow chair and drop-leaf table on pad feet A/F 667 Two framed school photos 668 Antique oak coffer 669 Antique oak crib, and wrought iron telescopic oil lamp 670 A rush seated elbow chair 671 Spare 672 Victorian oak chest of two short and three long drawers 673 Mahogany and glazed corner cabinet and oak dropleaf occasional table 674 Box of framed needleworks and prints 675 A hardwood display unit with glass shelves 676 A large framed wall mirror 677 A Regency gilt framed Pier Glass with ball applied frieze, rectangular plate

    flanked by spiral pilasters, 36 x 19in 678 A 19th Century mahogany Chest of two short and three long drawers flanked

    by surface fret carved pilasters on bracket feet, 3ft 6in 679 A gilt framed oil on canvas of a River Scene 680 A box of Pictures, woodland scenes and harvest scenes 681 Two boxes of Vintage Clothes, Blankets, etc 682 A late Georgian Longcase Clock with arched brass dial inscribed Jn Dalgleish,

    Edinburgh, silvered chapter ring, subsidiary seconds dial and date aperture, 8-day movement in mahogany case, the hood with burr panel, turned pilasters and swan neck surmount, 6ft H

    683 A stoneware flagon, a large blue and white Jug, another floral decorated Jug and a garden ornament

    684 A Regency mahogany Secretaire Bookcase with glazed upper section beneath arched surmount, on splayed supports, 7ft 11in H x 3ft 4 1/2in W

    685 Quantity of carp rods, bite alarms, rod pods, bags, terminal tackle, bait, etc 686 Ethelwyn Sheil; two still lifes of flowers 687 Thirteen various bird prints, two prints of Caernarvon Castle, small

    watercolour of lake scene, Medici print, print of sailing vessel "East Indian", print "Stormy Weather", Raymond Ching book of "The Bird Paintings", pair of modern watercolours, relief map of Wales, reproductions after Reynolds, F.Rousse etc

    688 Brass standard lamp, shades 689 Victorian pine topped dining table with mahogany base 690 Pair of silvered metal table lamps, three other table lamps and a quantity of

    floral decorated boxes 691 David Shepherd print of Snow Leopard 692 Four boxes of pictures and prints 693 Two pairs of curtains with pelmets 694 Two boxes of prints

  • 21

    695 Red quilt and a quantity of blankets 696 A large modern pine extending Refectory Table 697 A George III mahogany bird-cage action Tripod Table with circular tilt-top on

    baluster column with waisted socket, downswept legs with pad feet and casters, 2ft 6 3/4in diam

    698 A Georgian mahogany small square enclosed washstand, A/F, cupboard, oak occasional table, luggage rack and stool

    699 Mahogany oval occasional table, oak occasional table, cane bar back chair and an antique oak tripod table with cut off feet

    700 Metal and glass trolley, pair of folding occasional tables with glass tops, towel rail and firescreen

    701 Victorian mahogany breakfast table 702 Oil painting of stream, portrait of a gentleman, various other pictures 703 Footstool and a mahogany canteen of cutlery 704 Victorian ebonised and tapestry upholstered prayer chair 705 Pair of mahogany Peacock backed elbow chairs 706 Antique oak and glazed corner cabinet 707 Pine trunk containing soft toys, etc. 708 Pair of reproduction gilt and green marble topped oval occasional tables 709 Antique pine two door cupboard and a wine rack 710 Carved frame with Religious scene, folio of pictures and prints, sheet music,

    etc. 711 A 19th Century gilt framed and glazed Screen 712 Eighteen ladder back dining chairs with drop in seats 713 A pink and cream floral upholstered Armchair 714 An oak framed floral upholstered Elbow Chair 715 A metal garden Chair with wooden arms 716 A floral upholstered Armchair with cream cover 717 An oak Welsh dresser and rack and a reproduction oak Chest of four drawers 718 A pair of cast metal ewers decorated with mask and scroll details 719 An oak Bureau fitted drawer interior with brass drop handles 720 A box of framed and unframed pictures and prints 721 A pair of kitchen Chairs and a mahogany barleytwist single Chair 722 A mahogany extending Dining Table and a set of carved back Dining Chairs

    on claw and ball supports 723 Six Chairs including a walnut swivel chair, oak carved back single chair,

    rosewood chair, cane back chair, etc 724 A cane seated painted Elbow Chair with floral rosette designs 725 A pink upholstered walnut framed single Chair 726 A stained pine child's high chair 727 A set of six stained pine dining chairs 728 A pair of button upholstered wing Armchairs 729 A pair of Heals Armchairs with blue floral pattern upholstery on turned bun

    feet and casters 730 An antique three-piece Lounge Suite 731 A modern shop display cabinet 732 A tribal Spear 733-736 Spare 737 A walnut kidney shaped Dressing Table