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Gendered Bodies:Gender Codes and their EffectsDo the forthcoming images convey a message?

How do these models hold their bodies?

Do you see a difference between women and men, in terms of body stance? Attitude?

Is there a feeling that the photos exude?Is this a normal posture? Is it a comfortable way to stand?

Look at some of the contrasts between ways that women and men are (differently) posed and portrayed:Who has clothes on? Who touches themselves? Who stands sturdily on two feet, looking ready to take on the world? Who cocks their body, crooks elbows, cants knees, looks off-balance? Who is aggressively taking on the world?Who is reclining, kneeling, inviting? What message(s) (do)es body positioning and other visual markers convey?

Is there a social and psychological effect when such imagery becomes normalized, even conventional?