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  • 8/14/2019 Gd-pi s.p Jain,Siib & Sibm


  • 8/14/2019 Gd-pi s.p Jain,Siib & Sibm


    Free Mock Test Series

    S.P Jain

    Group included 7 ppl

    4 ppl in the panel - 1 student, 3 other guys.

    Duration - 1hr 15mins

    1. Your 10, 12, grad and CAT / XAT %iles?

    2. Tell me about your background.

    3. Why MBA?

    4. Why finance?

    5. What is the logical connect?

    6. Your career goals?

    7. How did the Sensex fare today?

    8. Yesterday / day before?

    9. We dont want engg in finance. Im giving you a chance to change your

    specialization. Would u like to do it?

    The SPJain interview went like a charm. Should say it was a 'feel good' experience.The seniors in the admissions committee said that the first round is generally to see

    if people can make managers. No specific number as regs shortlisting for the secondround...but can expect it to be about 1:10.

    We were 6 people in the group interview...3 of each gender seated alternately. The

    panelists as usual included 2 profs and 1 2nd year student. Here are the
  • 8/14/2019 Gd-pi s.p Jain,Siib & Sibm


    Free Mock Test Series

    much as I can recollect...

    Boy 1 (Me):* Tell us something about yourself.

    * What kind of sports do you play?* What languages do you know? Japanese?? Can you read?? Can you translate??

    * Why do you want to quit ISRO?* Dont you think you have a lot in you to contribute to the country by working at


    Girl 1: (finance)* What are your general interests? (no introduction asked).

    * Current affairs? Whats been in news in the last 1 week...any significant news..(shesaid budget).

    * What do you think should be the focus of the FM for the budget? (redirected the Qnto Boy 2).

    * Some questions on her personal & academic background (she was an economicsstudent).

    Boy 2: (operations)* What do you think should be the 1 sector to focus on...this budget?

    * Some questions on his personal background.

    Girl 2: (final year student) (marketing)

    * Some questions about her university and college..and her interests.

    Boy 3: (finance)* What makes u choose finance? (He had done aerospace engg...worked in an IT

    company and now wanted finance). Some discussion on the lack of a focus in careerplanning in his case.

    * Asked him what kind of profile he wanted in the future...and remarked that suchprofiles are not offered at such companies come...(he finally said if they

    dont come, he would find a job himself)

    Girl 3: (marketing)* Tell us your interests (she replied painting)

    * What kind of painting?

    * Whats the difference between oil paints and water colours?* What is the canvass made of?* If you have to explain a canvass to an uneducated shopkeeper, how wud you go

    about it?

    After covering all the students once, 1 of the professors said he was goingto give us a topic to fight it out "Women are stronger than Men"...boys had

    to counter it and girls had to support it...specifically said that he didnt wantany diplomacy...just fight it out. This went on for about 5-7 mins.
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    Free Mock Test Series

    After that, each of us were asked to relate an incident where we had to take the

    strongest stance of our value system (the same Qn in the questionnaire)...askd eachof us...I and girl1 repeated what was in the questionnaire...most of the others got a

    bit confused the question with responsibilities and commitments.

    Then we had an open discussion about "what is call-center culture? and is it a goodtrend or bad"...the discussion went sequentially...starting with me...I later requested

    if I could add 1 more point and said how it was westernising family values...andmaking youth insular etc etc.

    Should say that overall, the SPJ interview was really cool...nothing at all about the

    chosen specialization and reasons for doin so...seems like some industry expertwould come for the 2nd round...for each specialization and thats the reason for the

    gap between the 2 rounds.


    There were 8 candidates and 3 panel members in my group. One panel member was

    a student of SP Jain.

    The following were the questions.

    1. Give a brief introduction about yourself. Also talk about an incident in which one of

    your strengths was displayed and highlight the strength. Each candidate was askedfurther questions based on the introduction.

    2. Two problems which India is currently facing.3. Discuss among yourself about sustainable growth and lopsided growth.

    4. Sum up the dicussion in one sentence and suggest a solution in one sentence.

    There were 2 people who had opted for marketing as their specialization. They wereasked what they would like to do after 2 years.

    The person who had opted for finance was asked questions about some financialterms.

    They ended the interview by asking whether the candidates had any queries. 3

    candidates asked some questions about corporate governance, DOCC etc.

    No questions were asked from the questionnaire even though they had copies withthem.

    The whole process lasted for about 40 minutes. The panel was very informal and

    were doing their best to put everybody at ease.=============================================

    1. First of all they asked each one for a self introduction.
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    Free Mock Test Series

    2. There were two people from TCS and so they asked them to talk about thecommonality between TCS & SP Jain and others were asked to comment on it.

    3. A guy had his hobby as driving and so was asked to compare life and journey andthen I was asked to comment on it.

    4. Each one was asked to summarise on the last film (movie) they saw.5. I was asked the difference between MOSFET and BJT.

    6. Also I was asked to name a leader who won name by his humour.7. There were questions on hobby.


    SIIB CASE STUDY (Bangalore: Feb 2006)

    (There wont be any distinction between MBA-IB & MBA-ABM candidates. Seniors will

    present about SIIB just after the registration. Seniors asked us to make the GD not afish market. Alas! My GD mates fought each other)

    (I vaguely remember the case. There were several typographical errors in the case


    Tine given to read & think - 6 min

    Time for Discussion 17 min

    Batch strength 12 (10 IB + 2 ABM)

    A plant has a good reputation in the area in which it is located in. The plant deals

    with packaging food items and transporting them. The plant depends uponlithographic lines. The operations undergoing the packaging are expensive and cover

    60% of selling price.

    The plant procures a product called laquer, a byproduct which is helpful for packing.

    A huge order is ready to get dispatched. The workers worked overtime and the orderis now ready to get dispatched the next day.

    A worker came running to the plant manager. He said that laquer was not mixed in

    correct composition. As a result, by the time the product reaches the customer, thefood inside gets contaminated.

    The plant manager calculates the loss incurred to the company. $10,000 is not a

    small amount. The error is a human made one.
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    Free Mock Test Series

    The plant manager knows about the worker who mixes the laquer in right

    consumption. That worker is not working properly these days and has become lazy.The plant manager too did not take any action against him for several months even

    after noticing.



    (THIS PHASE FOLLOWS THE GD. Unlike SCMHRD, these phases are not elimination


    We walked into a large room. A professor & a senior guided us. We were given planeA4 papers. A chest number (some code) will be given and you should put it on your

    shirt/sari/dress. They will give you a clip.

    Group Task (as announced by the moderator):

    Take A4 papers from my desk, if you have not received. Stand at that rectangular

    table in the order of your chest numbers.

    The task is Design an aero plane individually in 3 minutes using the papers.

    You can fold the paper as you have done it as a school student

    Pay attention to the instructions.

    1.GT tests your soft skills

    2.You must complete the task within the given time

    3.Never look at me

    4.Dont copy others designs

    Your time starts now.

    Essay Writing

    There will be an essay writing for 10 min. In these 10 min., you have to fill your all

    details, think and write the essay. Be very fast.

    The essay was all about Ethics & Morals (difference between them according to me)
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    Free Mock Test Series


    Source: Received via e-mail

    Contributor: Pankaj Kumar

    I had my SIBM GDPI on 31st January, 2007 . The process consisted of Essay writing,Group Task, Case GD and Personal Interview.


    The Importance of Newspapers in Commerce

    Time Limit - 10mins

    Personal Interview

    Panel of three people: Two ladies (L1, L2- L2 was basically an observer), Prof (P)

    L1: You had 74% in XIIth and it came down to 51% in graduation. Explain thedecrease in marks.

    P: You have stated Over Enthusiasm as a weakness, what do you mean by that? Any

    situation where you have shown this?

    L1: There seems to be some problem with your eyes. May I know what is theproblem?

    P: What have you been doing for past one year?

    L1: Which calls have you received?

    L1: You prepared for one year but still you couldn't manage to get calls from IIMs?

    L1: What was your SNAP Score? What do you think how is it?

    P: What is the headline of the day? (I replied S&P upgrading India to investment

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    Free Mock Test Series

    P: What is sovereign rating?

    P: What is the reason behind this upgrade? Which other rating agencies haveupgraded India in past?

    P: Size of Indian Economy? When was S&P founded? Which Indian agency it


    L1: What are you reading these days? (I replied Snapshots from Hell)

    L1: Who is the author? Which B-school is he talking about?

    L1: Tell us something about the book.

    L1, L2, and P: Ok Mr.Pankaj, you may go now, Thank You.

    Case GD

    Aman is a journalist with a local newspaper. One day a poor family (family had lots

    of problems, some incurable disease and etc.) approached him to cover a story oftheir fund raising drive. Aman agreed as the story had all the factors that are

    required to make news story (human emotions etc.)

    After some days another family with same kind of problems and fund raising drive

    approached Aman.

    Should Aman say Yes inspite of the fact that this might lead to flooding of suchfamilies and stories and it will be difficult to manage all?

    Can he bluntly say NO to the other family when he had said yes to one?

    What Should Aman do?

    Group Task

    Task 1

    We were 10 people in the group. We were blindfolded and were made to stand apartfrom each other. A rope was thrown in the room and we have to search the rope andform a square from it.

    Task 2

    All the 10 people were divided into 5 groups of two people each. At a time one

    person from a group (captive) has to touch the Professor and the other person ofsame group (restrainer) has to stop him from doing so. Once the person touches the
  • 8/14/2019 Gd-pi s.p Jain,Siib & Sibm


    Free Mock Test Series

    professor or fails to do so, the roles are reversed. It was clearly instructed that eachperson has to take care of the safety and security of the other person in the group.

    After the task was over each person was asked which role he liked the most.

    Source: Received via e-mail

    First of all we had an essay to write. Topic of the essay was "Whistle blowers areguardians of our democracy". We were given 10 mins to write an essay.

    Next we had a group task. We had 11 people in our group and there were two peoplein the panel. There were two group tasks given to us. In the first one, our eyes were

    blindfolded with a handkerchief and we were given a long rope with which we had tomake a square. Other group task was related to the trust of two partners. The panel

    also mentioned that the safety and security of the person is most important. Twopeople had to participate at a time. First person had to hold the other person from

    back. First person had to move forward to cross a line drawn there and touch thehand of one of the members of the panel. The second person had to stop the first

    one in doing so by holding him. First person who had to move forward was calledcaptive and the second person was called he restrainer. Then the roles reversed and

    first person became restrainer and second one the captive. The panel then asked allof us which role we liked the most and why.

    Next we had a case study. There were again two people in the panel. The case wasconcerned with an honest and polite but uneducated driver of the M.D. of acompany. Everyday the driver was supposed to drop the car either at M.D.'s

    residence or his company. One day M.D. had to go out of station for 4 days. Thedriver dropped the M.D. at the airport at 11 o'clock at night and instead of leaving

    the car at M.D.'s residence or office both of which were 20 kms away, he took thecar at his house. In the morning on his way to the company, the driver happened to

    run over a girl who eventually died.A court case took place against the driver. Thedriver told the court that the girl came running on the road and eventually the court

    did not find him guilty but at the same time imposed a penalty of Rs.15000 on him.

    Now what should the company do with regard to the future of the driver in thecompany.

    Though we started with some situation analysis and problem identification but the

    moderators stopped us in between and asked us to directly come to the solution. For

    4-5 mins it became a fish market and a very chaotic discussion. Then they againstopped us and asked the individual opinion of those 3-4 people who didnt speak

    during the discussion. Then again they individually asked all of us our solution for thecase.

    Next was an interview which lasted for around 10-12 mins. There was no extempore
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    Free Mock Test Series

    this time. There were three people in the panel. First question they asked me was"tell us something about yourself". Since I have been working in my father's business

    for about one and a half years, they asked me about what kind of business is it allabout. I was also asked the negatives of working in my father's business. They asked

    me why do an MBA and then work for few years and then again come back to yourbusiness. They said isnt it better to be in your father's business only. I answered

    that and in short also mentioned my long term and short term goals and how anMBA will help me to achieve them. Then in continuation of my previous answer they

    asked me to differentiate between managerial qualities and leadership qualities. Theyalso asked me how would I serve society. I was asked which specialisation I would

    like to take on. Since I had also worked with an equity research firm for about oneand a half months and having done my B.Com (Hons.) from Shri Ram College of

    Commerce (which they mentioned while asking this question), they asked me aboutCapital Asset Pricing Model of which I was not aware and I mentioned it politely.

    Then the last question they asked me was what is Portfolio Analysis, which Ianswered satisfactorily.

    My GD/PI for SIBM was on 1st Feb. Firstly we had essay writing for which the topic

    was "The ethics of making profit". The duration was 10 mins.

    Next I had interview. They first asked me to tell something about myself. Then theyasked me about my weakness and asked me why I think it is my weakness and what

    am I doing to overcome it. Then they asked me whether girls are more sincere than

    boys or not. Then they asked why do I want to do MBA. While answering this Imentioned about Malcom Baloridge Business quality Model. So they asked me why itwas introduced, when and where it was introduced. What are the parameters

    involved. Also which Indian company is currently using this model. What are thescores given like and when do they give away the award. I answered almost all of

    them satisfactorily. As I am from an engineering background(computers) , theyasked me that SIBM doesn't provide specialization in IT so why SIBM? Then it was


    Next we had a case study wherein we were given a case of a person having 2

    restaurants -Class A which was an elite category restaurant and other one Class Bwhich was a clumsy looking snackbar. He was thinking of mobilizing most of his

    resources in Class A restaurant to make a mark in that aresa. Now for the last fewweeks college students are visiting the snackbar quite often and it has become a

    happening place. So now what he should do to maximize his profits. The GD was for

    10-12 mins. There were two panelists and those who were not speaking the panelistsasked them to speak.

    Next we had a group task. We were blind folded and were asked to locate a rope and

    then form a perfect square in 7 mins. Then the candidates were divided into teams of2 in which one was made a captive and other person restrainer. The restrainer had
  • 8/14/2019 Gd-pi s.p Jain,Siib & Sibm


    Free Mock Test Series

    to pull back the captive while the captive has to cross a line. The main point herewas to make sure of the safety and security of the other person. After this each

    person was asked questions related to the task. Like which role you liked? Why theteam couldn't complete the task in the alloted time? and so on.

    Source: Received via e-mail

    Contributor: Srikanth BalasubramanianEdu. Qualification: B.E. (ECE)Work ex.: TIME (14 months, Infy 24 months, Allsec 6 months)

    ProcessEssay followed by Case Study followed by a Group Activity Followed by PI

    Essay: If I were a businessman

    Case Study:

    The driver of a MD knocks down a gal fatally and the personnel manager is supposedto decide the future course of action. He has already been slapped a fine of Rs.

    15,000 by the court.

    Group Activity 1We were blind folded and asked to make a human square. We were given a rope to

    achieve the same and there were 12 of us in my group.

    Group Activity 26 Pairs of 2 in a team were formed and asked to play the roles of a captive and a

    restrainer. Captive is held tight by the restrainer and given a target of moving aheadby about 10 feet. Then each pair had to change roles and at the end each one of us

    were asked to justify which role we liked.

    PI:1. Why from Infy to T.I.M.E.? (The candidate is working with T.I.M.E.)

    2. Why not Engineering College?

    3. What specialisation ? (I said finance)4. Why not HR?

    5. Whats my Role in TIME ? What I did beyond work?6. Stocks that i invested? (Based on my appli. form.) Asked abt Jaicorp.

    7. Why is ur negative so special?

    8. What if I give u only HR?9. Changes required in Indian education system?

    10. One thing in India that I like to change?11. Green Revolution and white Revolution?

    12. Some questions on M. S. Swaminathan and Verghese Kurien
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    Free Mock Test Series

    The PI lasted for 20 min .

    There were basically four tiers of evaluation.

    1) Essay writing

    The candiadates were asked to write an essay on a given topic. Time duration - 15

    mins. Preparation Time 0 Mins. The topic given to our group was "On being asalesman". Topics given to other groups included "Trial by media".

    2) Group Discusssion / Case Study

    The GD group consisted of 10 candidates, duration roughly 15 mins. Ours was a casestudy, the situation being an ethical case study. A cricket player who is a twelfth

    man of a popular and successful team is suddenly called in to field. At field, he findsthat his team mates indulge in ball tampering. What should he do? Our group was

    okay at least in the first half of the discussion. We started moving forward with the

    topic, until one particular person went back on his earlier stated stance and claimedthat the player had too much at stake and should just keep mum about the whole

    thing. From then on, the discussion started turning ugly, with just arguements andone to one debates. When finally we strated making sense again, the inviligators

    called up on candidates who had not spoken till then to sum up.

    3) Group Activity

    All ten candidates of the same group were taken to a room and blindfolded. We werethen told that there is a rope somehwere in the room. We were to find it out and

    then all ten of us were to form the shape of a square holding the rope. Our group diddecently well considering the fact that we formed at least a rectangle in the five mins

    allotted. After the first session, we had a secong group task, where we were dividedinto pairs, one person in the front (captive) another in the back (restarainer). The

    captive was suppossed to pull forward and touch a line in the front, and therestariner pull back a touch another line in the back. Later roles were interchanged

    and the same activity carried. This was followed by a question answer session with

    the invigilator asking questions like "which roles did u like- captive or restrainer?","how will u rate the group performance? (in the first task)", " how will u rate urperformance?" etc.

    4) Interview

    Most candiadates had a very easy going interview, except for a very few studentswho were dumb enough to write "investing in equity funds" as hobby and not know

    anything about it. Typical duration was about 7-12 mins. My interview too followed
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    Free Mock Test Series

    the general pattern.

    Few of the qns were: -

    What is the meaning of your name?

    What was the nature of work at L&T?

    What are the software tools used in project management? (related to work ex)

    What is PERT, CPM, Gant Chart? ( related to work ex)

    What are your leisure time activities?

    How do you rate your SNAP score? (Mine was 97.5)

    Which are the other B-School from which you have received calls?

    Source: Posted on T4E

    Contributor: Neel

    Interview Date: 02-01-2007

    Interview Centre: Pune

    No. of participants scheduled to attend GD: 12

    Actual Attendance : 11

    Case Study: Case Study - in a growing manufacturing company, there are two tradeunions. An efficient person with lesser experience has been given promotion.

    Because of that the other union is not happy. What should the manager do.

    Case Study Duration: 15 min

    Group Task: From a A4 size paper, a cross has to be cut out with a single straight

    cut with a scissor

    Group Task Duration: 15 min

    Essay Topic: Being a salesman

    Essay Duration: 10 min
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    Free Mock Test Series

    Second Group Task/Case Study/GD: A team of two members - one acts as a

    prisoner & the other as jailor. The prisoner is trying to reach a line on floor & thejailor has to pull him back. At the end it was asked - which role motivates you & why

    Second Group Task/Case Study/GD Duration: 15 min


    Duration: 5 min

    No.of panel members: 3

    1. You are from a good college, 2+ years work ex in an MNC ... so why SIBM ?

    2. Have you heard about SIBM placement ? what is your view on that ?3. You talked about structured thinking as a positive quality. Tell me in a structured

    way in 1 min. why should I take you in SIBM

    Contributor: Rajan Hatekar

    Interview Date: 31-01-2007

    Interview Centre: Pune

    No. of participants scheduled to attend GD: 12

    Actual Attendance : 11

    Case Study: In a pesticide company there is a project to make environment friendlyand profitable pesticide. There are two contenders for project manager post. One is a

    bright officer and other is a sharp R & D fellow.In the first committee meeting they present their project proposals. Everybody

    thinks that both projects are technically equally good. Committee members decide to

    convene second meeting after some days.During this period the officer starts lobbying with the committee members and also

    asks R & D fellow to do the same.Being a better communicator the officer gets majority votes in the next meeting.

    Only one member sends a dissenting note to the MD of the company explaining the

    unfair means adopted by the officer. The MD still awards the project to the officer.

    There was no question at the end of the case. So we discussed about the issuesinvolved.

    Case Study Duration: 20 min
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    Free Mock Test Series


    Duration: 5 min

    No.of panel members: 3

    1. What you want to do after MBA2. Why do you want to do an MBA?

    3. You are already in a good job . why do u want to leave it?4. Extra curricular activities (one of them was writing stories)

    5. Recite a poem for us