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Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra Gayatri Mantra

Transcript of Gayatri Mantra

Collective Sadhana of writing

Om bhur bhuvah swah tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodyatMay the Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path(Rig-Veda 3/62/10, Sam-Veda 1462, Yajur-Veda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3)

Mahashivratri the 2nd March 2011, To Ramnavmi, the 12th April, 2011.

All World Gayatri Pariwar

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Hidden Powers of Mantra

Origin of Universe

Vedic affirmation of the eternal omnipresent Omkar

Power of Mantra

The power of chant of a mantra is purely spiritual in nature. It is a kind of conscious energy that influences body, mind & inner self (attitude) Generates specific vibrations in the subliminal environment & cosmic domains of consciousness

Importance of sonic pattern

Specific compilation of syllables and sonic patter of a mantra are of crucial importance. The syllables used in a mantra are like coded representation of sonic energy latently stored in it. Enunciation or chanting specific combination of specific syllables in specific order generates specific quanta of energy that could be of manifold higher order than nuclear energy

Do you know ?? Mantras were invented by the rishis the scientists of Shabda Brahm-Nada Brahm- as the coded formulae and subtle sonic devices to generate and use specific effects of the sublime power of Shabda.PDF Creator - PDF4Free v3.0

Hidden Powers of Mantra

Dual Effects

Jap of a mantra instantaneously generates dual effects one in inner world and other in external Fire burns whatever is inside it and heats up the fireplace and its surrounding area. Similarly, continuous chanting of a mantra not only titillates specific extrasensory energy centers, nerve bundles and ganglions inside chanters body but also generates specific vibrations in the surrounding space that spreads in all directions and influences the subtle environment and other conscious beings too

Subtle Vs. Gross

The power of sublimated/subtle elements is always enormous as compared to that of gross. Power of steam (subtle) is far more than water or ice (gross). Then what to say about sublime powers of supreme energy of Shabda. This is what make the mantras so unique and endowed with infinite power to vibrate and transmute the spiritual as well as physical realms of life.

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Hidden Powers of Mantra

Cyclic motion

As verified in scientific labs, continuous cyclic motion produces enormous power. By resonance, sound produced by march of a troop can even break a bridge. Similarly, The energy generated by chanting of mantra in a specific rhythm at constant amplitude is also quite intense. This conjugated with the impulsive force of focused consciousness and vital energy stimulates the otherwise latent extrasensory hormonal glands and power-nuclei in the body

Rate of Progress

The attainment of supernormal bequests depends on the mental and spiritual makeup of the chanter and his engrossment in disciplined mode of chanting. For ex., a radio catches only those frequencies for which it is tuned. The continuity & quality of reception would correspond to unperturbed linkage & sensitivity & perfection of internal components

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Why Chant ? How to Chant ?


As body & clothes get clean after rubbing with soap. Similarly, chanting is the process of cleansing /refining our inner self/attitude. To awaken hidden divinity within and inculcate divine virtues by simultaneously meditating over them

4 stages

Repetition Retention Recall Recognition (to put into practice & change ones lifestyle

Transformation of Ego

The chanter while chanting any mantra should meditate upon the meaning of the mantra and believe that divine qualities are being kindled within him and he should try to bring a transformation in his lifestyle by believing that he is not an ordinary soul and there is no room for any undesirability within him.

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How to Chant ?

Not just bead rotation

The process of chanting should not be only limited to just bead rotation and mechanical chanting. To reap full and real benefits of chanting, meditation is a very important aspect which is generally ignored by chanters who just worry about finishing a fixed number of rounds of bead. Mechanical chanting although will yield results of its own but those are insignificant as compared to chanting with correct mindset.

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Why Gayatri Mantra ?Om bhur bhuvah swah tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodyatMay the Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path(Rig-Veda 3/62/10, Sam-Veda 1462, Yajur-Veda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3)

Supreme of all Mantras

This eternal mantra is said to be the genesis of the Vedas. The seers, spiritual saints and scholars of all ages affirm the divine preeminence of this mantra.

Unique composition

It has remarkable configuration of 24 syllables (carriers of Sabda Sakti) Unique pattern of sublime currents of spiritual force which is derived from the deeper science of Sabda brahm Naad brahm

Spiritual aspects

Enables the chanter to reduce/ remove the effects of past karmas (deeds) Chanter develops a divine ego which enables him to remove the undesirability which have rooted themselves deep into the unconscious mind over a period of many births .

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Why Gayatri Mantra ?

Scientific aspects

Unperturbed enunciation of this mantra for a continuous stretch of time would also generate powerful currents that could induce divine effects by vibrating all subtle glands, ganglions, nerve bundles, neuronal passages and extrasensory energy centers in the physical, subtle and astral bodies. Scientific experiments reveal that chanting of Gayatri Mantra stimulates emission of supernormal brain impulses that generate specific aura around the chanter The sound waves that are created, when Gayatri Mantra is said, is of the shape of a ring. It rises up with great speed, through the medium of ether and goes towards Sun, and after touching the surface of the Sun, it returns back along with the powers of Sun, like Heat, Light, electrical and other powers which are very subtle. Thus the Mantra combined with all the powers of the Sun re-enters the subtle body of the Practicer. The stronger the will-power and emotion attached with the Mantra, the Stronger is the attraction of these powers of the Sun. If the Mantra is said with the full concentartion of Mind, it can make impossible, possible. *

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Why Gayatri Mantra ?


Theosophist scholar Mr. Leadveater attributes distinctive significance to the collective chanting of Gayatri Mantra in his book Man- Visible, Invisible . The sonic waves along with the sublime currents of Sabd sakti produced by the chanting of the mantra propagate upwards in a spiral shape and expand up to the heart of Sun (the deity of Gayatri Mantra). The echo of these is reflected back and bestows the supernatural energy and flow of prana and divine brilliance of Sun on the body, mind and inner self of the chanter. Arthur Koestler, a renowned thinker, philosopher in an interview to Blitz magazine said commenting on the nuclear war The great Gayatri Mantra is more powerful than thousands of atom bombs. If all of India collectively chants this mantra, the power aroused thereby would annul all hazards of nuclear warfare and protect the globe.

Om bhur bhuvah swah tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodyatMay the Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path(Rig-Veda 3/62/10, Sam-Veda 1462, Yajur-Veda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3)

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Individual Vs Collective Effort

Importance of United efforts

United efforts bear unique importance. Tiny tips of dry grass knitted together form a strong rope Sunrays are bearable when spread on earths surface; when focused together at a point via convex lens, they kindle fire instantaneously Gathering a group of wickers makes a broom

1+1 = 11

Power of collective endeavors is far more significant in the fields of consciousness and spirituality. Grouping of inert object with another gives two objects whereas join venture of two active, talented persons may work like that of 1+1=11 or even more Enthusiasm & joy generated by combined faith of pilgrims is truly remarkable. Organized move of larger congregation of people of compatible ideologies motivated for a common aim creates intense ambience of greater influence

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Significance of Collective Prayer


Psychologically, prayer is said to inculcate inducing instructions that gradually invigorate the potentials of mind. Intensity & impact of these inner inscriptions of prayer rise in proportion with the piety and depth of the devotees intrinsic faith. These have reach in the hidden folds of mind and thus are effective in eradication of psychiatric complications, mental weakness, tension, worries, illusions etc. Unity, conjugation and superposition always multiply and magnify compatible effects. Same holds true for collective prayer. Namaj of Mohammedans,