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Global Health- 7th grade

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  • 1. The Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation By Kari Savoie

2. The BasicsGives out $26,194,000,000in grants annuallyGives out $15,271,000,000in grants for Global HealthHas 2 types of programs-Agricultural Development(includes water, sanitation,and hygiene), and GlobalHealth 3. Mission of FoundationThe goal of the GatesFoundation is to "increaseopportunities for people indeveloping countries toovercome hunger andpoverty." 4. Bill GatesBill Gates was born onOctober 28th, 1955 inSeattle, WA. When he was13, we knew he wanted to bea computer programmer.He started Microsoft andbecame one of the richestpeople in the world. 5. Melinda Gates Melinda French was born on August 15, 1964 in Dallas, Texas.In 1987, she joined the company called Microsoft and eventually married Bill Gates and became Melinda Gates in 1994. 6. Interesting Facts2.5 million people live on less than $1 a day3/4 of 1.1 billion people living on less than $1 aday live in rural areas1 billion people live in chronic hunger 7. Agricultural DevelopmentFarmers in rural areas face fourchallenges. They lose the nutrients of their soilfrom overuse, they lack farmingtools, their crops are threatened bydiseases, droughts, or pests, andthey usually live a fair distance awayfrom any market. 8. Water, Sanitation, andHygienePoor sanitation kills 1.6million children annually.In many poor countries,people use the restroom outin the open or in drinkingwater.What does the Foundationdo to help? 9. Global HealthTries to make advancements in technology to support healthon poor countries.Tries to fight diseasesHas three main programs- Discovery, Delivery, and Policyand Advocacy 10. Bibliography