Garr Reynolds' PowerPoint Tips

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This is a presentation that attempts to visually portray Garr Reynolds' tips on presentation design. Here is a link to Garr's tips:

Transcript of Garr Reynolds' PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint Presentation

Garr ReynoldsPowerPoint Tips

By: Taylor Drake

KeepItSimple not fill your slide up with text. People came to the presentation to hear you speak, not read your slides and then hear you read them.2 TextUse simple numbers and then you can describe what they mean. If you list all of the statistics, no one will listen to you.3

Limit Transitions not use transitions on every slide, and do not use the very elaborate ones.4

Use High Quality Graphics look crisp. Low quality graphics that are stretched look cheesy.5 Using PowerPoint TemplatesThe audience has seen them before. Fresh, new backgrounds for slides will keep the audience engaged.6USE APPROPRIATE CHARTSDo not put too much info into charts. Make it simple with as little data as possible.7

UseColorWell evokes feelings, so people will stay engaged.8

Choose your fonts well communicate subtle messages.9Use Audio or Video

Scott DrakeVideos give concrete examples.10

Spend Time in the Slide Sorter can see how your PowerPoint is progressing and can decide if any changes need to be made.11