Gardner’s multiple intelligences

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  • 1. By: Bethany Thompson

2. Gardner developed a theory of multipleintelligences, instead of asking, how smart areyou? ask, how are you smart? (1999). 3. Gardners theory is based on a minimum ofeight different intelligences, Musical Bodily kinestheticLogical-mathematical Linguistic Spatial Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist 4. Skills in tasks involving music.Ex: Yehudi Menuhin, at age 3, his parentsfrequently smuggled him into the San FranciscoOrchestra. Menuhin was an internationalperformer by 10 years old. 5. Skills in problem solving and scientificthinking.Ex: Barbara McClintock, describes herbreakthrough after thinking about a certainproblem for 30 min. Won the Nobel Prize inmedicine. 6. The ability to identify and classify patterns innature.Ex: People that can distinguish between largenumbers of similar objects, like people wholived in prehistoric times, and hunters, usedthis intelligence to determine what they coulduse for food. 7. Skills involving spatial configurations, such asthose used by artists and architects. artists, rarely get lost, imagine things veryvividly, use metaphors, and "look at the bigpicture" when solving problems. 8. The knowledge of the internal aspects ofoneself; access to ones own feelings andemotions. Philosopher, Writer, Theorist, Scientist.Virginia WolfA Sketch of the Past 9. Skills in using the body or various in thesolution of problems or in the construction ofproducts or displays, exemplified bydancers, athletes, actors, and surgeons. 10. Skills involved in the production and use oflanguage. Poets, writers, and public speakers. 11. Skills in interacting with others, such assensitivity to the moods, temperaments,motivations, and intentions of others. politicians, leaders, or clergy 12. Psychsmart - McGraw-Hill