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Photo essay for ART 122Y.

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  • 1. Emma Rochesters art forces the viewer to change perspectives to experience it completely. Installation pieces like this allow the viewer to see the work fromvarious angles and frame it as they see fit. In this way the viewer is not merely a spectator, but a part of the art itself. The ropelike fabric on the ground createsa continuity to the piece and draws the viewer from the hanging figures, across the room, and down a flight of stairs to

2. ...a basement installation where the work continues. The viewer becomes a part of the art by walking around the room and even through the work itself. Theseballs of yarn are evocative of the hanging figures from the previous room, and they could possibly be metaphors for cocoons holding more figures. 3. An inside out carton of juice is retrofitted with a simple motor and a hot dog like attachment. The hot dog spins continuously, creating motion and sound whichenhances the work and makes it more interesting and fun. A still image fails to do the piece justice as the spinning dog seemed to elicit confusion and laughterfrom viewers. 4. A print of clouds sits high above the gallery, flush against the ceiling. The placement of the piece can cause it to be easily missed, but its distance from theviewer also makes for a dramatic display. The clouds feel at place high above the viewer, and the drama this creates can only truly be appreciated in person. 5. In a room with unmarked artwork, it was no surprise that these dimmers were mistaken as a work of art by a friend. It looks like a framed piece of art that wasmeant to be there. This led to a discussion of how we define art and the role a gallery plays in that definition. This photograph has now become a piece of artitself. 6. Viewing art in person naturally engages the spectator in a discussion. Here, different conversations about the same works of art eventually blend into one. Thetall man in the middle had never been to an art gallery before and stopped in on a whim. His inexperience in the art world brought a fresh perspective whichstimulated the conversation. 7. These life size prints would not be nearly as striking had they been viewed on a computer or in a book. It is almost as if the subjects are merely trapped behinda glass window, ready to walk out of the work and into the room with the viewer. 8. An obvious nod to Marcel Duchamp, this piece by t. Rutt explores the devastating use of infinite time and the Black-Scholes formula in the stock market.(1)Discussions with the artist allowed for some insight into the background and foundation of the piece. It is a valuable experience for both the spectator and theartist to converse about art, ask each other questions, and give feedback. 9. The atmosphere of the art gallery is conducive to creating a lively discussion about the artwork. Opening and closing receptions give viewers the opportunity toconverse with the artists directly and to discuss art with their peers. With a little wine and some snacks, it is easy to engage and meet new people who sharean appreciation for the arts. 10. Citations(1) Kiersz, Andy. "An Artist Was So Angry With Wall Street's Formula For Pricing Options, He Created This Brutal Exhibit."Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 05 Mar. 2014. Web. 23 Sept. 2014.