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Transcript of Gabriela bonilla and melissa prat

  • 1. TAIWAN Melissa Prat & Gabriela Bonilla Period: 4
  • 2. Introduction Population: 23,061,689 Religion: Buddhism Confucian and Tacist Language: Mandarin Location: The location of Taiwan is near China. Taiwan is west of the United States.
  • 3. Interesting Facts Winking is inappropriate. Gifts wont be opened in your presence. Food is a good gift.
  • 4. Business Appearance of Natives Women: Skirt and Blouse Men: Casual style, due to younger staff.
  • 5. Behavior in Business Elders make the decisions. Translate all written documents. Give and receive gifts with both hands.
  • 6. Language and Business Greeting Mainly speak English. Business relationships are based on respect. Direct presentations to the senior ranking individual.
  • 7. Customs that are Offensive Dont touch anyones head. Do not touch or point at anything with your feet.