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    The Gable Hall School Newsletter Issue 4 - Summer Term Thursday 15 June 2017

    Diary Dates

    Thursday 15th June

    Arts Awards 6:00pm

    Thursday 15th June

    Arts, Textiles and Photography Exhibition A level 5:00pm - 6:00pm

    Friday 16th June

    Arts, Textiles and Photography A Level Trip to Goldsmith University Art Exhibition

    9:00am - 3:00pm

    Monday 19th June

    Year 10 Exams start

    Thursday 22nd June

    Sixth Form HE Fair at the University of Essex

    Monday 26th June

    Year 8 Exam Week

    4th & 5th September are Non-Pupil Days

    Year 11 Students Revising Hard

    We are very proud of our year 11 students pictured here at 8.30am in the canteen, revising

    before their first GCSE exam. All of the students were so dedicated and focused!

    Gable Hall Votes Shows That We Are A ‘Bellwether’ School!

    (WoW : A bellwether is one that leads or indicates trends; a trendsetter.)

    Students in the main school, Sixth Form and Staff all voted last week in a mock election and

    the results were, on the whole, representative of the UK population demographics.

    The main school students from year 7-11 demonstrated left wing views as almost 40% of

    them voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and 13% of them voting for Lucas & Bartley’s

    Green Party. There was still some support for the UKIP party with 16% of students voting for

    them, but a vast drop on the last mock election run at the school.

    The Sixth Form students came out in droves to vote for Labour as did the population of

    young adults who were influenced by Corbyn’s pledge to abolish university fees. This truly

    illustrates the ‘Bellwether’ trend of 18-21 year olds across the UK:- Meanwhile, the staff at Gable Hall illustrated the representative views of the UK voters aged

    30 plus. The majority for Theresa May’s Conservative Party (46% of staff) reflects the

    Country’s desire to negotiate a successful Brexit, though the Labour votes of 35% indicate

    that it would not be enough for the Conservatives to have a majority. Therefore in

    conclusion, once again the demographics at Gable Hall school illustrate the ‘Bellwether’

    trend and are representive of the UK population.


    A MASSIVE THANK YOU goes to the ladies in the Library, Mrs Trevelelyan, Mrs Georgiou and Mr Rate for organising the Mock Election and analysing the data.

    See Full results of the vote on our back page!

    Gable Hall Students have their vote!

  • Morgan Calder has recently undertaken a Junior Coaching Course with her Jujitsu Club -

    Stanford Warriors. As a current brown belt she attended a 6 hour course, as well as completing a written module, learning about safeguarding and teaching techniques, and a practical assessment. She has now been presented with the level of Junior Coach, allowing her to assist and take groups during classes.

    We would like to congratulate Morgan on this fantastic achievement!

    The following pupils took part in the first round of the English Schools Athletics Championship on Thursday 18th May at Blackshots Athletics Stadium. The team managed to achieve a tremendous 304 points total which was enough to qualify for a Regional Final at Woodside Stadium in Watford on Friday 9th June. All pupils worked exceptionally hard on the day and managed to achieve above their targeted distances or times.

    Students involved: Tumi Ajayi, Natasha Hildrew, Katie Bennett, Lucy Morgan, Demi Eves, Annbelle Amoah, Amy Vamplew, Sophia Wheddon, Ruby Cornwell, Mia Lempreier, Gracie Nicholls, Emma Cox and Emmi Poskitt

    Congratulations to the pupils who took part in the English Schools Regional Final at Woodside Stadium on Friday 9th June. All pupils performed to their best, resulting in once again beating their targets. Well done for all working so

    hard throughout the athletics season! The PE department look forward to the success that can be

    repeated next year!

    Well done to all the athletes who represented the school at the Thurrock Schools District

    Athletics finals on Friday 28th May.

    A special mention must go to the following pupils;

    Year 7 Girls Team – Thurrock Champions

    Emma Cox

    Sian Hurley

    Ellie-May Daivs

    Rosie Spring

    Emma Coombes

    Jayne Elvin

    Natasha Hildrew

    Francesca White

    Neha Fleet

    Annabelle Amoah

    Isabelle Dowson

    Poppy Procter

    Individual Winners:

    Jayne Elvin - 1500m Champion

    Rosie Spring - 800m Champion

    Ethan Pyne - Javelin champion

    Josh Obilade– 800m Champion

    Ellie-Mae Davis – Shot Putt champion and 3rd in 200m

    Bradley Short – 2nd Javelin

    Tyrese Williams 2nd 200m & Discus

    Year 8 & 9

    Tumi Ajayi– 100m champion

    Demi Eves – 800 & 1500m Champion

    Claudia Lane-Gardener 3rd 200m

    Jarrod Wright – 2nd Hammer

    Year 10 & 11

    Hayley Instance – 800m & 1500m Champion

    Evie Croom – 100m Champion

    Joe Fogarty – 3nd 800m

    Tokumbo Sotoyinbo – 2nd Javelin

    10 & 11 Boys Relay team 3rd Place

    Harry Tomlinson

    Tokumbo Sotoyinbo

    Daniel Bridgehouse

    Jai Jhita

    Oluwaseyi Alonge

  • STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS….. In January this year, Hannah Argent joined Billericay Riding Club and her first competition for the club was to compete in the junior team at the area combined training qualifiers. Hannah was in the winning junior team of the day giving them their place in the National Finals.

    On Friday 20th May 2017, Hannah and her horse ‘Alfie’ travelled to Nottinghamshire to take part in the British Riding Club’s Festival of the Horse National Finals representing Essex. There were hundreds of horses and riders, just being there was overwhelming but Hannah took it all in her stride. Friday evening the girls took their horses for a quick ride around the showground to get them use to the flags flapping in the pouring rain. Once the horses were bedded down for the night the team then walked the show jumping course ready for the following morning.

    Hannah and Alfie were first to ride at 9.08am. Their first task was to complete a dressage test. Hannah and Alfie rode a brilliant test and were awarded a fabulous score of 133.5/170, a fantastic start! A quick change of saddle and it was the show jumping element to complete. The pressure was on, not only did she need to clear the course without any poles falling down, she also had to go as quickly as she could against the clock. Hannah has not been Show Jumping for very long so we all stood nervously outside the ring as Hannah and Alfie set off. As she came over the last jump everyone cheered; she had gone clear! This was a fantastic achievement! The team then had a long wait to find out if, by any chance, they had been placed.

    There were 223 riders making up 50 teams and at 6pm the results were announced. Hannah and her team had done fantastically well, each being placed as an individual rider with Hannah receiving 4th place. The girls then received a team result of 4th place. It was unbelievable, to go to a National Championship for the very first time and get such excellent results – ‘Proud’ was an understatement!

    Since qualifying for the Festival of the Horse, Hannah has ridden twice more for Billericay as part of their junior team and competed in the following: The Junior show jumping area qualifiers in Tendring. The team won and as such have qualified for the NAF National Finals in September in Lincolnshire. The area dressage at Ashfields Carriage and Polo Centre in Takely where the team finished in 2nd place. Hannah won her section and as such qualified for the National Finals as an individual rider which is also held in Lincolnshire in September. Hannah has also been selected to compete for her pony club in the area qualifier of Land Rover Dressage competition later this month in Cottenham.

    We all would like to wish her the best of luck!

    Do you have (or know of someone with) talents you

    would like us to shout about? Please contact

    your child's Form Tutor or email us at:

    [email protected]

    Twelve Gable Hall students recently took their first Lamda Drama exam at Ursuline School, Brentwood. The pupils prepared two pieces of verse and per-formed to an examiner on their own.

    They were all nervous but worked so hard to perform their pieces to the best of their ability. They were a credit to the school and I am extremely proud of the work they put in.

    A huge well done to all the students: Hayden Heighway, Maven Street, Olivia Lumer, Alfie Barlow, Amy Vamplew, Poppy Teague, Anna Vincent, Bryan Bernard, Rosie Dean, Taylor Knight, Daisy Seaman and Madison Ryan.

    Lamda Drama Exam

    On Monday 5th June a group of Gable Hall students started a week long Fire Break Project at

    Corringham Fire Station.

    This course gave students an opportunity to work in teams and build their self-esteem and

    confidence in a structured environment and also gave them the opportunity to try skills and

    activities they would not have experienced before.

    The week culminated in a passing out parade at Corringham Fire Station and you can see from the photo that our pupils did really well and we are all

    very proud!

    Student Achievement – Food Technology

    Luke Barnard and Conrad Griffiths –Year 7 Luke and Conrad made 6 delicious scones between them. They used a milk chocolate bar which they cut up into small pieces to make a sweet scone. The scones were expertly cut with a pastry cutter into 6 rounds and baked well. The end result was golden brown scones which tasted delicious!

    Well done boys!

  • Parent Surgery Monday 19th June 6-7.15pm Monday 26th June 6-7.15pm

    Please wait in the old reception only if the new reception is closed. Thank you!

    Introducing the new sQuid mobile app

    All sQuid account holders should have recently received an email from sQuid introducing the new mobile app, which enables parents to pay for trips via mobile devices in addition

    to lunch top-ups.

    Details on how to download the app were provided in the email. If you did not receive these instructions, the app is available from your usual app provider by searching “sQuid”

    Contact us

    Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinators [email protected]

    (Miss Jeffrey) [email protected]

    (Mr Walding / Miss Norman) [email protected]

    (Mr Decruz) Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinators

    [email protected] (Mr Squires)

    [email protected] (Mr Walker)

    Official Results of Student Vote..

    Party Yr7 Yr8 Yr9 Yr10 Yr11 Yr12 Yr13 Total

    BNP 2 2 1 3 3 0 0 11

    Conservative 41 27 14 12 14 2 4 114

    Green 13 19 13 11 5 2 1 64

    Labour 52 29 9 33 29 12 23 187

    Lib Dem 3 3 3 4 5 1 1 20

    UKIP 25 16 5 22 4 1 4 77

    Spoilt 2 4 1 0 1 0 0 8

    Total Votes 138 100 46 85 61 18 33 481

    All Persons 270 270 252 248 238 72 63 1413

    % Turnout 51.1% 37.0% 18.3% 34.3% 25.6% 25.0% 52.4% 34.0%













































    Gable Hall Pupil General

    Election Result Year 7-11.

    Gable Hall Pupil General

    Election Result Sixth Form

    Gable Hall Pupil General

    Election Result Year 12 Form

    Gable Hall Pupil General

    Election Result Year 13

    Gable Hall Pupil General

    Election Result Staff

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]