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PropsBy Luke Newcombe

MDMA pills(paracetamol) MDMA pills will be used throughout my opening sequence as this is the main focus of the footage. They will first be shown to the viewer inside the antagonists house while the protagonists are stealing them from Wajj. The use of ecstasy pills will also help set the scene and show clearly to the audience the reasons for the character breaking into the house in the first place. Throughout the opening sequence the footage will show the characters taking these pills during various scenes as the overall film is based around the use of ecstasy, the characters which will be shown taking these are the three protagonists. The form in which the pills will be taken will vary as specific scenes will show the characters taking the pill as a whole, whereas other scenes will show the characters crushing the pill in order to snort it.

Cocaine(flour)Cocaine will also be present during my opening sequence, however, the majority characters wont be using this drug and it will instead by used in order to help set the scene. Cocaine will mostly be shown in the opening seconds of my sequence inside Wajjs house as it will further enhance the footage and also make it more believable that Wajj is a drug dealer. Although cocaine will be present in my opening sequence only one character will be shown using the drug and that will be Brad Smith. During the scenes where the protagonists first break into Wajjs house a line of cocaine will already be pre set up along a coffee table (presumably for Wajj to take himself) ,while the other two protagonists are frantically searching for ecstasy pills Brad will be shown snorting this line.

20 noteTo further help set the scene and add to the realism of my opening sequence there will be numerous 20 pound notes. These will first feature at the beginning of my opening sequence and will be shown to be rolled up. During this the three protagonist will be carrying out a heist and the notes will be seen scattered around in various places around the living room in order to give the impression people have been using them to sniff lines of drugs. To add to that, the character Brad Smith will also use the 20 not during the scene which shows him snorting a line of cocaine. Throughout the opening sequence the 20 note will be used for multiple reasons such as sniffing drugs and it will also be used to show the protagonist, John Wood, buying drugs. Within the opening sequence all three characters will be shown at different intervals using a 20 note either to sniff or buy drugs.Credit CardDuring my opening sequence at some point all three protagonists will be shown sniffing lines of drugs. In order to make it seem realistic and help set the scene the main characters will use a credit card to both crush and split the drugs up during separate scenes which shows them taking ecstasy. Credit cards will also be shown at the beginning of the opening sequence while the three protagonists are inside the antagonist, Wajjs, house. By doing this it will also further support that Wajj is a drug dealer and also make it seem more realistic for the audience that the house is used to store drugs as credit cards can be linked to various uses with drugs, for example splitting large amounts of drugs into lines.

KnifeA kitchen knife will also be another prop that will be used in my opening sequence. The knife will be contaminated with white powder in order to reflect that the knife may have been used to cut drugs for example. During the scenes which show the three protagonists being chased by the antagonist Wajj, the antagonist will be giving chase with a knife. The main reason for this is because it adds a sense of realism to the scene and also indicates to the audience why the protagonists are running from Wajj instead of having a confrontation with him. Throughout the opening sequence the knife will only be shown in scenes where Wajj is giving chase as it has no significance to the other characters, as Wajj will reveal the weapon while giving chase to the protagonists.