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The future in retail....new shops, new technology, new shopping habits.

Transcript of Future retails trends

  • 1. Concept THE FUTURE OF RETAILFUTURETRENDS by Claire Davies01#Bringing thestore to youBrands are meeting consumers on neutralterritory by offering consumers products ,and services in their neighborhood or home,companies hope to find consumers morerelaxed and predisposed to buy.
  • 2. FUTURE RETAIL CONCEPTSAether promote mens new fall collection from airstream Mikel Luzea brand uses webcams for hair consultations.NEW YORK / L.A. SPAIN velopresso-pedal-powered-bike-coffe-shopVelopresso brings hot coffee & tea to cold shoppers. Boden encourages mums to sell their brand at home partiesLONDON UK BustaurantThe styleliner truck brings fashion to your door step. The World fare bustaurant follows facebook communities.USA USA
  • 3. 02#CrossMerchandisingIs about curating shopping experiences by offeringcomplimentary lifestyle products to provide the shopperwith a deeper brand connection. Sfaar in Estonia pulls together food, clothes, accessories and wine under one funky roof. J.Crew mixes seasonal fashion with really great art, photography, design books and bar The US A Southen Season is designed like a racetrack, cross- merchandising complimentary goods around the track , so customers always find core product at the centre.
  • 4. FUTURE RETAIL CONCEPTS THE FUTURE OF RETAIL03#Shopper toShopper TechnologyStores will introduce web cams where customers can share the buying experience withtheir online community . Diesel in Spain, Kfem in Stockholm and Prada in Milan are already using interactive technology in their changing rooms.
  • 5. Concept THE FUTURE OF RETAIL 04# Pop ups Pops ups have been around for the last decade, but they have really flourished in this economic slump. A new commercial strategy based solely on connecting with the consumer . Their spontaneous character , grab a bargain when you can appeal are what make them attractive alternative for many consumers and brands.
  • 6. 05# Independent stores as community hubs Small independent stores are offering expert service and are running specialized courses to foothold into the local community.Henrys claims to best camera store in Canada, runs courses for US Breakaway Bikes has become a hub of the biking communityall ages and ranges of expertise getting involved with anything on wheels. US store the Cheese Course sells artisan cheese and offers Alvaro Rojas combines tapas and makes buying wine educational customers chance to attend specialist cheese courses . by treating customers to specialist wine knowledge .
  • 7. 06#Consumer groupswho lobbyConsumer collectives with a social conscience are on the up,wielding their spending power like votes they lobbyretailers for change.The Carrot mobcampaign is a globalcommunity whorewards businesseswith their custom inexchange for socialand sustainableactions Instead ofboycotting orthreatening businessit uses positivereinforcement thecarrot technique toencourage companiesto change. TheCarrotmobphilosophy hasextended acrossAmerica and theworld" New York Times
  • 8. THE FUTURE OF RETAIL 07# Let me entertain you In order to compete for sales with digital media, stores will need to make the shopping experience more entertaining for shoppers. Many Brands are looking at technology to upgrade their shopper connectivity . Sony Ericsson when you buy a product, invites you to support their Spread the Smiles campaign. Adidas brings window shopping to a new level with an interactive digital window concept. Neurodesign entertains with lessons in art and science, with the added element of imminent purchase. Stew leonards turns food into an experience, offering fun interactive experiences on your journey through the store. Stocks are displayed according to events not product groups.
  • 10. 14Visual Merchandising 2020 trendsOpinions from the Creative Community 01 Sarah Bailey, Course Director, London College of Fashion The growth of online sales will provide a challenge to visual merchandisers in capturing customers into the store. There will be an emphasis on using technology creatively to entertain, educate and create new product presentation. 02 Helen Burke, UK Account Manager, ABC Italia I think discerning retailers will continue to seek a creative point of difference, to make their brand stand out. Excellent design will always stand out. 03 Claire Davies Creative Director, Fabra Davies Agency, Barcelona Window displays will flexible, interactive and reactive to audience attention. The success of a store will depend heavily on the skills of the creative department to engage and draw customers inside. 04 Glen Foley, Head of Visual Merchandising, T.M. Lewin Fashion shopping is about tactile experience and the fun of purchasing something new. Visual merchandising will become more important as retailers will have to excite and entertain customers who are being distracted by other media. 05 Denise Foley, Creative Director, New York As an indirect response to technology and globalization the eco consciousness of the green movement will continue; with a focus on the creative arts. 06 Lorna Hall, Senior Retail Editor, WGSN, London A stores currency will be rooted in entertainment, providing spectacle and wonder. The visual merchandiser will be at the heart of that. 07 Laura OConnor Company window display manager, Harvey Nichols, London A resurgence towards old school style windows which show case the individuality of certain brands. This will appeal to customers who want to buy this, over more mass marketed corporate branding 08 Prof. Ronald Knoth, Laboratory Institute Merchandising, New York, USA Realistic mannequins some robotized mannequins windows will incorporate filmed images instead of mannequins eco sensitive product and merchandise that appears hand- made.
  • 11. Whats Next?09 Logan Sahnnon, Retail Visual, The Timberland Company, USA VM will be fully integrated with technology by 2020. My hope is that there will be a backlash and stores will take a more hand crafted, less techy approach to merchandising.10 Jamie Souli, Head of Visual Merchandising, Nicole Farhi, London In a world of fast moving technology, the creative will become even more important and enticing, finding the texture and beauty and communicating your brand message with clarity.11 Paul Symes, Head of Visual Presentation, Fortnum & Mason, London There will be more visual technology replacing boring graphics. There will still be a place for skillfully styled mannequins ,creative thinkers and us visual people!12 Erin Thompson, Head of Visual, Selfridges, London I think we might see a combination of digital and old school techniques, we are always going to be tactile people. Customers will have seen products online, our job becomes more about entertainment.13 Janet Wardley, Visual Merchandising Director, Harvey Nichols, London Customers want experiences to be more real and less cold and technological. Technology will form part of the future of window displays. We may have walls that can change colour and connections to stores around the world14 Faye Mc Cleod Creative Director, Luis Vitton, France Brands will be elevating the visual in store experience, as everyone will be used to engaging digitally Visual merchandising will take on an entertainment role, enticing , educating and interacting with clientele in ways which are not possible via touch screen. Visual Merchandisers will be highly creative and mix traditional display methods with technology. People will still want to touch and feel and experience textures and smells. Brands will rely heavily on Merchandisers to transmit their brand values. As a contrast to the digital world there will be a great appreciation for all hand-made and natural. Consumers will be much more knowledgeable about the products they are buying. They will no longer believe in traditional advertising campaigns, digital communities will sway their decision making process. Consumers will have a greener conscious and will expect goods to provide information about point of origin and sustainability. New Technologies will create innovative visual merchandising tools and applications. Window displays in the future will be digital, allowing merchandisers to change backdrops and put up eye catching films. Products within the window display will connect interactively with passers- by. Based on a Johnathan Barker Project, a sincere thanks and also to the talented professionals who kindly contributed with their trend predictions.
  • 12. www.fabradavies.comChildren design theirnew schoolWhen it comes to creativity age is not an issue. ,
  • 13. For the past six months weve been workingwith children from The Olive Tree School inSitges, Barcelona on the design of their newschool. Alongside the head teacher we ranworkshops to give children a sense ofownership and confidence in their newbuilding. The kids were able to brainstormtheir own environments and also participate increating them.The process provides opportunities for pupilsto learn and develop highly transferable skillsthat help them succeed, not just in creativethinking, but in other aspects of daily life. Skillssuch as team working, problem-solving andcommunication improve their self-confidenceand self-esteem. As one 8-year-old pupil said:Ill be feeling very proud of my involvement.Its like: Wow, look what Ive helped with, thisschool rocks. Design inWe ran the childrens project as part of our Educationconversion project of converting a small The Sorellfactory into a school. Foundation, runsWe ran messy days inviting the parents similar &community to come in paint up their childrens complimentarydesigns. programmes calledWithout doubt one of the most rewarding Joined up Designprojects Ive ever worked on, designer Vic for Schools whereSneir. children workwww.olivetreeschool.net alonside designers. www.thesorrellfound ation.com
  • 14. www.fabradavies.comNew conceptstoreBloomhouse in Barcelona is thefavourite destination for the cities styleconscience shoppers.A great example of cross merchandising, this retail format, bringstogether flowers, home-ware and accessories.
  • 15. Premium disfruta con responsabilidad disfruta con responsabilidad Premium SWEDISH CIDER disfruta con responsabilidad SWEDISH CIDER ENCUENTRA LA GENTE QUE SABE VIVIR, FIND sidraskopparberg.com SIGUE EL SENDERO DE LA PUESTA DE SOL , FIND ENCUENTRA LA GENTE Premium sidraskopparberg.com sidraskopparberg.com SWEDISH CIDER QUE SABE VIVIR, FINDwww.fabradavies.comCatching theZeitgeistAn interactive fan wall entices fans to share each others coolmoments with the Kopparberg community FIND KOPPARBERG
  • 16. Wheras the Ukcampaign centresaround finding the edgycool night scenes,theSpanish market is moreabout sharing theperfect moment withfriends. A friends wallon the web allows fans tolink up and share coolthings. Fans can alsocheck into the insidersguide written by otherfans of the best insiderplaces to hang.Foursquare lets themknow where to head to.Fruit ciders in thewarm Spanish climateis drunk more as arefresment. Its a socialdrink to cool down afterthe beach or sip on aterrace.
  • 17. Social habitos sociales habits youth population Juve ntudSEVILLE city guide guia ciudad youth influences influencias
  • 18. I bet you didnt know...01# IF YOU DON T SHARE YOU DONT EXIST Youth look for reassurance from online peers, addicted to social media.02# WE ONLY TRUST INTERNET. El 90% of under 30s use the net daily, 70% go online to ask advice.03# SPANIARDS DON T DO SOLO Spaniards drink to socialise, people who drink alone are considered friend free losers04# BEING DRUNK ISN T COOL IN SPAIN Knowing your alchohol limit is considered a right of passage to man hood. People who get drunk are losers05# PEOPLE LEAVE HOME AT 28 Economic factors and indulging parent mean most people are too poor or too lazy to fly the nest earlier.06# SCARED TO BE DIFFERENT In comparison to other countries , sartorial originality isnt highly prized. Uban youth culture is very tame most people look similar.07# MOST NUTURED GENERATION EVER This generation have recieved the most child centred education ever . They are equipped with different values & skills.08# GO OUT LATER AND STAY OUT LONGER The majority of people go out at the weekends. The norm is to go out around 10 and come home at sunset.09# YOUTH DON T INVITE FRIENDS HOME You go out to socialise, in squares or terraces.10# MALES HAVE MORE FREE TIME Spanish mums expect their daughters to do more house work than their sons. www.fabradavies.com
  • 19. www.fabradavies.com Asian BridesPronovias Spainsbridal fashiongiant reportsgrowing sales inAsia. W W W. P RO N OV I A S. E S CO N C I E RTA U N A C I TA E N N U E S T R A W E B O L L A M A N D O A L 9 0 0 1 0 0 0 75 C AT LO G O CO L ECC I O N E S 2 0 1 1 D I S P O N I B L E E N TO DA S N U E S T R A S T I E N DA S Emerging middle classes are snapping up top of the range European style bridal dresses. Choosing both the most expensive and most popular gowns to celebrate western style weddings as status symbol for their new acquired wealth. For this collection we worked with the Pronovias in-house marketing team. The challenge was to create a style which would appeal to Asias new middle classes who have a taste for luxury and also European customers who have a more restrained style. We came up with an imaginary penthouse apartment and went all out on gold and chocolate textures and bespoke fittings to create a new ultra-sumptuous feel. It was quite a brave departure from previous years, which tended to use either neutral white or more traditional interiors. The gamble paid off and sales are up on last year! www.pronovias.com
  • 20. www.fabradavies.comReinventionFrom fly screens to designer curtainsIn less than a decade, this tiny company called KriskaDecor has gone game of alchemy mixing iron oxides to get the colours for each link. Afrom making humble fly curtains to bespoke screens for famous sort of paint by numbers on a massive scale.designers like Patricia Urquiola in the worlds most glamorouslocations.This is the new homeware collection designed exclusively for The curtains are a mix of technology and craftsmanship. Call themKiskadecor by Claire Davies. what you may : Screens, curtains, installations which create engagingThe initial art work, was a mixture of hand painted acrylics and digital art atmospheres they give spaces new meanings , distributing light in a these stunning canvases then had to be pixelated each pixel would magical way. Art which define spaces or simply create visual mazesrepresent a link and be reproduced in metal. Then followed an intense or a private corners . www.kriskadecor.com
  • 21. www.fabradavies.comSustainableluxuryAsian consumers are prepared to pay a premiumfor handcrafted European design.Pom dor is the dandy of the bathroom The company went on to sell in 72world, known in the sector for its beautiful countries, with a growing demand in Asia ,handcrafted finishes and sustainably especiallyamoungst Indias new wealthysourced materials. In so much as quality middle classes .The company has recentlythese guys are the real deal. acquired by the Roca group , positioned asFor many years Claire Davies from Fabra the deluxe brand in the manufacturersDavies oversaw the creative direction of portfolio.the company. Foreseeing a decline in www.pomdor.comEuropean housing market sheencouraged the company to get aheadof the game by upgrading its brandimage and product collections in order toattract more international luxuryconsumers.
  • 22. www.fabradavies.comDesign with soul cansell anywhereWe put products into the type of spaces that people dreamed ofliving in. See opposite some of our favourite set designs. pomdor
  • 23. JackThis colllection of bathroomaccessories is targeted at 30+ men.We created our own bathtime heroa modern day James Bond . Toallow the chrome products to shinewe set them off against an ultraminimal spa like ambience, Usingonly different shades and texturesof black and white.K-2 Oro K-2 OROThis rather gentlle manly COLLECTIONaccessories range ahs been SOPHISTICATED DESIGN BY ANTONIO BLANCHre-invented in sexy mat gold andebony wood finishings. We createda darkly seductive cedar wood andleather dressing room. The lightingis low, allowing the gold to shine out. DISEO RACIONAL ACABADO EN ORO MATE Y MADERA. DISCRETO Y MUY SOFISTICADO. SLEEK RATIONAL DESIGN FINISHED IN MATT GOLD AND WOOD. UNDERSTATED AND VERY SOPHISTICATED. 60 61MicraThis sweet collection was actuallyinspired by the Cinquecento car;small, well rounded fun andversatile. Our setting pretends tofollow suit. Vintage green shinyformica and black rubber seemedthe most appropriate choice offinishingsGalleryA collection for the renaissanceman who has a passion for classicalproportions architecture and art.This bold furniture range has beenhand crafted by cabinet makers inItaly. Negro y E banoConcert CONCERTThis colllection follows on from theconcert in glamourous balck and COLLECTIONgold. We created a penthouse style SENSUALpartment with modern lines, subtle LUXURY DESI G N B Y B RUNA RAPISARDAlighting and a seductive night vibe. G ALLERY MUEBLE PAR ED 100 (IZQUIERDA ) NE GR O S ATINADO / PL ATA WALL B ASIN CA BINET 100 (LEFT) S ATIN B LACK / SI LVER LAVAMANOS R OND VELVET NE GR O WASHB ASIN ROND B LACK VELVET ESPEJO 70 X 70 PL ATA MIRROR 70 X 70 SI LVER ESPEJO 200 X 70 PL ATA MIRROR 200 X 70 SI LVER 76 66 89
  • 24. Find us meet us 00 34 609 788 785 [email protected]