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solid mahogany wooden four post beds,TV stands,slot chairs,three legged stools,dressing tables,mirrors,jewelry boxes,wooden trays,vases,chest of drawers and other wall accessories

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  • 1. African Women Home Decor. Big Foot-Table. Comb table. Engraved Round Tables. African Dancers Home Decor
  • 2. Rwanda Mask 2,500.00 Wavy photo frame. 3,500.00 Animal assorted Masks 1,180.00 each Wooden Chester's. Wooden Home Dcor (TV stand.)
  • 3. Wooden Queen Size Beds. (assorted designs.) Home Wooden Dcor Meza.
  • 4. WOODEN HOME DECORS. Mirror wooden comb. 11,250.00 Meru Women comb. 8,750.00 Triangle mirror. (8,750.00) African Home Decors (2,250.00 each)