Fundamentals There are no Crystal Balls  All Thoughts on the Future are Opinions  Your...

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download Fundamentals There are no Crystal Balls  All Thoughts on the Future are Opinions  Your Opinions are as Good as Anyone's  Their Opinions are as Good

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Transcript of Fundamentals There are no Crystal Balls  All Thoughts on the Future are Opinions  Your...

  • FundamentalsThere are no Crystal BallsAll Thoughts on the Future are OpinionsYour Opinions are as Good as Anyone'sTheir Opinions are as Good as YoursCardinal Rule of PreppersNever Tell Anyone What You HaveTry Not to Reveal What You Have to AnyoneWe're In This Together

  • IntroductionsGlenn OrganizerGoogle Web Site WebmasterLong Time PrepperBeginning FarmerDeborah AdkinsCo-OrganizerPartnerBetter Half

  • Quick History of AVPCPalmdale Preppers was begun about 2012 by Amanda Farrell and Ended in 2014A Lengthy Search for Amanda was FruitlessAmanda Had Paid for the Meetup Site and Had an Outstanding Web Site Locking in the Name AV PreppersGlenn Olson Began AVPC in 2015, First With a Meetup Site Then a Google Web SiteFacebook Page Being Considered

  • AVPC Prepping Re-ScopedSurvivalism Typically Confined to WildernessTraditional Prepping Typically Confined to Disasters, Man Made and NaturalNon-Traditional Prepping Includes Personal Safety Under Ordinary Conditions, Lifestyle, and Life PlanningAVPC Will Include All of These With a Focus on the Antelope Valley

  • AVPC OfferingsPresentation MeetingsField TripsNoticesReference MaterialsMay Spin Off Special Interest Groups such as Gardening, Storage, Self Defense

  • Associated AV OrganizationsAVPC is Not the Only AV Organization Dealing With PreppingLancaster Stake Emergency Preparedness AV Community Emergency Response TeamCity Emergency Response Planning and TeamFire, Police, FEMA, 4H, Scouts, EtcOther Organizations (Meetup, Classes, etc) Within Driving DistancesUnlike Many, AVPC is Individual Oriented

  • Open DiscussionWhat Are the Primary Risks in the AV?HealthEarthquakesPower, Water, Sewage, Food, Transportation, CommunicationsWeatherChemical Spills???

  • Overview of Prepping, 001Rule of 3's - You Can Live:3 Milliseconds Without Your Head3 Minutes Without Air3 Hours Without Shelter3 Days Without Water3 Weeks Without FoodBe Alert, Be Aware, Have a PlanPersonal Disaster Can Happen Anywhere, Any TimeBe Aware of Your Surroundings, Have an Escape RouteAssess Your Risks, Have a Plan

  • Overview of Prepping, 001 (cont)Personal Approaches to PreppingPlannersCollectorsMacGyvers

  • Things Not Always ConsideredPets/LivestockPeople With DisabilitiesMedications (30 day supply)Will/Power of AttorneyWritten Phone List on Your Person

  • Open DiscussionWhat are the Minimum Needs for 3 Days?

  • FEMA 3 Day Emergency SupplyWater (1 gal/day/person)Food (non-perishable)Radio, Flashlight, Whistle, Can OpenerFirst Aid Kit, Dust Mask, Moist Towlettes, Plastic BagsWrench to Turn Off GasLocal Maps

  • FEMA 3 Day Emergency SupplyPrescription Meds, Infant Formula, Pet FoodFeminine SuppliesImportant Family Documents To-GoFirst Aid Book, Local Maps, Chlorine BleachSleeping Bags, Blankets, ClothingFire Extinguisher, Matches, Disposable Kitchenware

  • Open DiscussionThe Movie San AndreasWhat Did They Get Right?What Did They Get Wrong?What Disaster Movies/TV Shows Would You Recommend Watching?

  • Coming AttractionsJune 27, National Amateur Radio Field DayTerra Bonita Park, NE corner, NoonJuly 22, AVPC Presentation Meeting, HerePossible Speakers, Lancaster City, Amateur Radio Club, CERTAug 26, AVPC Presentation Meeting, Here

  • HomeworkWe Need Recommendations/Suggestions OnSpeakersLocations for Field TripsMagazinesWeb SitesOther

  • Homework (cont)There are Many Interesting Web Sites and TV Shows About Prepping to View. Instead of Watching 'Sex and the City' Reruns Find Something More Educational. Just Coming to These Meetings Should Pique Your Interest But By Themselves They Won't Make You An Expert.Practice Something Every Week About Prepping, Even If It's Just Checking To See How Old Your Water Storage Is.Wiki The China Study